Sunday, December 30, 2007

The most anticipated event of the year 2008 in indian aerospace

The most anticipated event of the year 2008 in indian aerospace is the launch of Chandrayaan-1, insist first mission to the moon!!!

Are you ready for it? 9th april 2008 is the launch date for the event!!!!

And click here to see what has happened in year 2007 for the chandrayaan-1 mission!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy New year to the AMAeSI fraternity

As Air Cmde Raghubir Singh (Retd) recently pointed out in his latest
mail...... I liked the sound of it............AMAeSI fraternity !!!!

That's sounds so good. Here's wishing that next year brings this aesi
community much nearer and efforts of Bishnujee and Air Cmde Raghubir Singh
bear fruits!!!

Happy New Year folks!!!

Enjoy and have a blast !

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Do you know when is the launch of Chandrayaan-1 ?

Do you know when the launch of Chandrayaan-1 is?

Yes Chandrayaan-I, india's first mission to the chanda mama (the moon) is
scheduled for launch in April 9, 2008!!!

Yes the next year this is the mission that we all will be talking about. It
will be a two years mission and Chandrayaan will take 5 days to reach chanda

# end

Saturday, December 15, 2007

AGM of The Aeronautical Society of India is on February 1 & 2 , 2008

The 59th AGM of The Aeronautical Society of India is on
February 1 & 2 , 2008 Organized by The Aeronautical Society
of India, Chennai Branch & Co-Hosted by Department of
Aerospace Engineering, IIT Madras

Venue : IC & SR Auditorium, IIT Madras, Chennai

For more information click here

Friday, December 14, 2007

Questions in OURAeSI

A couple of weeks back, there were lot of posts on question of flights and aerodynamic design in OURAeSI. At that time, being busy, I couldn't answer them but now I took up the task of answering the ones I can.


But strangely, I think, people who are asking this questions haven't done a little research by themselves on net. Because wikipedia and all the useful resources accessed through the use of Google has all the answers they are searching for...


So folks don't be lazy. Try Google and wikipedia before submitting.


Anyway it’s good that OURAeSI club is being used for the questions. That is encouraging, it seems now not only job seekers but students are flocking to the club and are asking what matters to them the most.


Keep it up guys and also do share about how were the exams. What was good and what went wrong? Just a line and two can begin the discussion. So chip in.


And for the question someone asked about Fuselage Fineness Ratio. So here is what wikipedia has to say.....


Fuselage Fineness Ratio


Fineness ratio is a term used to describe the overall shape of a streamlined body.


Specifically, it is the ratio of the length of a body to its maximum width; shapes that are "short and fat" have a low fineness ratio, those that are "long and skinny" have high fineness ratios.


Aircraft that spend time at supersonic speeds generally have high fineness ratios, an example being the Concorde and missiles.


At speeds below critical mach, one of the primary forms of drag is skin friction. As the name implies, this is drag caused by the interaction of the airflow with the aircraft's skinning. In order to minimize this form of drag, the aircraft should be designed to minimize the exposed skin area, or "wetted surface", which generally implies the fuselage should be somewhat "egg shaped".


As an aircraft approaches the speed of sound, shock waves form on areas of greater curvature. These shock waves radiate away energy that the engines have to supply, energy that does not go into making the aircraft go faster. This appears to be a new form of drag —referred to as wave drag. In order to minimize the magnitude of the wave drag, the curvature of the aircraft should be kept to a minimum, which implies much higher fineness ratios.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Modular jet engine and Solidity factor of blade.


Solidity factor of blade.


Blade solidity factor is the chord length divided by the blade spacing,

Blade spacing is the distance between two similar points on adjacent blades.


The blade having solidity factor less than one facilitates manufacture of the impeller in one piece using a molding process.



Solidity factor


The solidity factor is defined as the total blade area of the rotor divided by the swept area normal to the wind. Low solidity factor is highly desirable as a blade with low solidity factor will intercept a large area of wind with a small area of blade.


Turbines with high solidity usually suffer from a large degree of aerodynamic interference between the blades which results in low value of both tip speed ratio and power coefficient (The power coefficient tells you how efficiently a turbine converts the energy.)



Modular jet engines


Modern turbojet engines are modular in concept and design. The central power-producing core, common to all jet engines, is called the gas generator. To it are attached peripheral modules such as propeller reduction gear sets (turboprop/turbo shaft), bypass fans, and afterburners. The kind of peripheral fitted is dependent on the aircraft design application.


An example will be When GE collaborated in end of seventies and eighties with French Snecma on the CFM56 civilian engine build around a hot core of military F110, French had 50% of design work but worked on low pressure part and accessories and were forbidden to look on hot cores provided by GE (HP turbine and combustion chambers).


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Does anybody know when the AGM of AeSI is?

I have scanned I have googled aesi but there is no mention of AeSI's AGM this time? Does anybody know when the AGM of AeSI is? Last info that I had was that its scheduled in December and the venue was Chennai... Can somebody update me about this.


Last 3 AGM's were well publicized, why is this one so low? Is it because of the impact of the last one? I wonder!!! 


Do send your comments...


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Do you know voyager?

Do you know some man made objects can travel more than 61056 km/h !!! yes you read it right sixty one thousand and fifty six kilometer per hour!!!! This is what Voyager 1 , a spacecraft from NASA is traveling out there in space.


Read more here



Voyager 1's journey is 28's long and is in the final frontier's of our solar system.


Check out some cool images it has sent




Read more about voyager mission at NASA



One quick fact:


The Voyager spacecraft will be the third and fourth human spacecraft to fly beyond all the planets in our solar system. Pioneers 10 and 11 preceded Voyager in outstripping the gravitational attraction of the Sun but on February 17, 1998, Voyager 1 passed Pioneer 10 to become the most distant human-made object in space


Source: NASA Facts



Monday, December 10, 2007

My way of decompressing while preparing for the exams

Exams are nearing an end and hope things have worked well for all of you guys and gals. And i am certain all of you are now thinking of the time that you are going to spend at home. Well during my days, I anticipated this day a month before it actually came and used to do a reverse countdown. This not only reduced my exam anxiety but also kept me motivated in my studies.

So folks what are your ways of decompressing while preparing for the exams do write back!!!!

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Visit or for the examination results.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Long delay

Sorry folks…  I know it’s a long delay. Well I was on leave and didn’t have access to the net so couldn’t post anything for this long.



And moreover there were some changes in my life, so that occupied me. But hey this trip has made me realize and see that I can’t leave this blog alone. So I promise that this won’t happen next time.


By the way, lets get into business?
Aesi exams are going on, last semester Aero-1 was the exam that many were stuck, this time its over and from the reviews I got the paper was good and people have done well.  


And for the rest of the exams Guys and Gals best of luck!!!


One more thing, since now I am away from aesi from, students perspective, so can someone from Chennai help me document how were the rest of the papers and what is the general mood of the students after getting out of the exams……


It will be a great help. So someone from Chennai… do comment back and tell us how are the exams going on…..



Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Take pride in AeSI

Hi everybody


Once again I will be posting a mail that Bishnujee has posted in the aesi club. I liked the stuff and appreciate the work being done for the aesi folks. A big thank you to him and other for working towards that…..


So without much adieu here’s the mail. I have highlighted the portion I liked best and believe in.


Thanks for your highlighted problems.There has been numerous reasons behind very low pass percentage.Poor teaching and training centres and adequate facilities not at disposal to AeSI Students.I had been in AeSI Program after my fresh pass out after Matriculation and so had to pass AeSI Studentship along with Sec A & B.That has 5 subjects of AeSI Studentship along with Sec A & B.Those days in mid 90s IIT Chennai numerous Staffs from Aerospace Dept used to actively support teaching and training program for AeSI Coursework.So we used to have best of teaching stuffs.Things have changed since these professors retired from IIT Chennai and now AeSI students have to deal with new modified syllabus course work which cannot be completed in decent time frame unless teaching and practical facilities of University level is provided to AeSI Students.I don't know whether this was discussed by AeSI Governing council when they decided to go for new syllabus.Until this problem is resolved passing percntage will continue to remain low.


Also Students joining AeSI program should be recommended that they have certain pre-requisite course work upto certain standard level to pursue the program.Students shouldn't forget that the AeSI program and career they are entering into is application of Physics and Mathematics stuffs.Unless they are very strong in these subjects there success rate will be low.


Even those AeSI Students who are passing out with less than 60% should have decent career option after same and this stuffs need to be reviewed by AeSI Officials with Universities under UGC in India and also with recruitement official of Indian Aerospace firms.I am sure that they could come up with some sort of decision which would help the students Graduating out to pursue decent career.


AeSI Students and Graduates along with AeSI Officials are requested to co-ordinate with each other to promote and have better future for AeSI Students & Graduate and these can only be resolved by mutual discussion and better co-ordination.There will be no progress by criticising each other and self destructive crticism of AeSI and its officials.AeSI Students and Graduates should bear in mind that there identity is through being AeSI Graduate and if they don't take pride in whatever they are doing with AeSI,then no one would be respecting them and they would never be able to grow.


As all of you must be aware that currently I am involved with Engineers Mobility Forum in UK & USA and Professional Licensing Board in USA to ensure that all Indian Qualifications are recognised at same level as any of the local US & UK Qualifications.Things have been going out in favourable direction and we hope the future should be better for new generation.


AM Qualification should be covered with concurrence Bachelor Degree in Engineering and this is urgent need of hour and AeSI Officials should look into this matter seriously and I am sure that there is no better person that Air Cmde Raghubir Singh to take up this issue with AeSI Officials.


I would actively request all AeSI Students & Graduates to support Air Cmde Singh in his mission for growth of AeSI program and I believe he understands all of you people concern better than many other people in Aerospace Industry and I would be glad to see him in AeSI Academic wing in time to come.




Monday, October 08, 2007

This is india's chandrayan


Friday, October 05, 2007

Do you want to hear the sound that marked the beginning of the Space Age

Yesterday October 4th marked the 50th year of beginning of space age!


"Beep… beep… beep...." That's the sound that marked the beginning of the Space Age fifty years ago. It was a simple radio tone transmitted by the first satellite, Sputnik 1, as it orbited Earth in October 1957.


Do you want to hear the sound? Click here to hear with your own ear!!



Other interesting first satellites signals available here


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ebooks for aerospace

Another gem of a post from OURAeSI and this again from Anupam Goyal.. Good work Anupam. For those who were searching foor good aerospace engineering ebooks. Please do see this post

Dear friends

Presently being at IIT KGP it gives me privilege to access whole lot of e-books which i guess are so very useful for all of us. infact specially for us AeSIans who donot have access to good libraries and had to run from pillar to post for the books. so here are some of the most famous books of engineering specially aeronautics which u can download from the links below. this include structure books like brhun , megson , aerodynamics books like houghton etc and so many other books which are very useful for all.

Mechanical & Aerospace Engg E-books

Mechanical Engg E-books

Click the below link and download more than 90 Mechanical Engg books

Aerospace Engg E-books

Click the below link and download more than 25 Aerospace Engg books.

More books will be uploaded soon.....

How To Download:

All files are uploaded in Raphidshare website, Click the link and select the Free option in the raphidshare webpage.In the next page you can see the 3 or 4 digit code enter the code in the box nearer to it and download.

Click the below link to download winrar software for extracting the zipped files

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Space age is 50 today !!

Fifty years ago this week — on October 4, 1957, to be exact — a 100-tonne rocket blasted off from the steppes of Kazakhstan, then a part of the Soviet Union, and placed in orbit the first artificial satellite to girdle the globe. It weighed 83 kg, was roughly the size of a basketball and its beeps, as it circled the planet every 98 minutes, signalled the dawn of the Space Age.

Coming as it did, at the height of the Cold War, it also triggered off what was to be become a bitterly fought Space Race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, that ended only when the Soviet Union itself broke up, leading the new Russia as well as the U.S. to join hands with other nations to create an International Station.

Read full article



Friday, September 28, 2007

Update about OURAeSI for AeSI people

  • Members: 960
  • Founded: May 8, 2002





























































































Last updated on: 9/27/2007 10:49:43 AM



I like statistics and enjoy playing and tinkering with numbers. Since this time Aeronautical society of India robbed me the please by withholding the pass and fail percentage, so I thought of tinkering with the numbers that I have from the OURAeSI club. So I gathered them at one place so that you can have a better nay a bird’s eye view of what’s happening in OURAeSI.


This is the raw data I gathered. So make your own conclusions.


We are 960+ strong community. Would like to see it cross 1000 mark soon. It’s been long that I am seeing this number.



Thursday, September 27, 2007

3 suggestions from an avionics engineer for AeSI students

As you might know, I am not an avionics guy. It's propulsion that I have craved and marked my distinction. So when I came across several queries on avionics related stuff. First thing I did was to send a mail to my seniors who I know are into avionics and working in reputed avionics firms doing avionics related.

So Kapil bhaiya is one of them and he is in HONEYWELL, for which I can safely say "Honeywell, a dream company for an avionics guy!" So he was kind enough to reply me on 3 things that he thought avionics students of AeSI should do.

In India, all companies related to Avionics are doing software related projects. So one must have a good c and c++ knowledge... As you might remember in my earlier post I also noticed this same fact. He also added " Avionics "Ada" language is also there but one can’t learn that out side. Development is very rare only in DRDO labs." So I guess he suggested that if you get training in this labs then its good to work on that ADA!

Second thing he noted is that Avionics is all about Navigation and Instruments. So, one should know these instruments. Read about them. Avionic books are filled with them so carry on with it.

Thirdly he pointed out that whatever be your stream, avionics, aerodynamics or propulsion. At the basic level you are leveled as aerospace engineer, so a good knowledge of principles of flight is expected from you. So keep your principle of flights book handy and carry. This is the place where most of the interview’s technical questions will come from....

Well this are the 3 things he said that one must have so folks, thought the advice is specific to avionics folks but every aeronautical society of India student can benefit from it. Right from your study day’s one can hone this things.

Good luck folks and big thank you to Kapil bhaiya for sharing his views. Thanks a lot!!

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Aerodynamics eBook

I wish I had this kind of material available online for my area of interest; Propulsion. Anyway rejoice aerodynamics folks this site is for you.

It’s an online book, dealing with good aerodynamic stuff. Even people studying Principles of flight can delve into this online eBook.

I was not able to check the length and width of this book, anyone who does that, do let us know if the site is really worth it and what are the things you liked and didn't liked.

Aerodynamics eBook

Okay then carry on... Visit it... and benefit from it

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wealth of knowledge in groups's file section

I don't know how many of you know about this or how many of you have explored this. There is a wealth of notes in OURAeSI files section. This is a section where the members post things that they feel are important for the AeSI folks.

You will find aesi’s question paper, study material, copy of AeSI syllabus etc at this place. Just have a look. You might get what you want!

So do check out the section

There you will find material regarding flights, performance, propulsions and many others

Please note you might need to be logged into the group to access the files section.

Do utilize it and upload any thing that you think will be helpful to the members.

More: Please look at these links for more info.

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What to write in your cover letter?

Tell me which one will give you better response.

Case 1:

You found a good article from net; you printed it out and gave it to your friend or roommate. Hey read this.

Case 2:

You found a good article. You printed it and gave you friends to read, but before giving it you told him what is in the article and what excited you to share this with him?

So in which case will you get a better response from your friend? The answer is obvious; the second one.

Let’s analyze why? Since you gave an intro, your friend got a direction to know what to look for; your introduction paved the path for him and when he noticed the point you mentioned, he got a hook on it. So that way he is before hand well informed about what to see in the article.

So you see, sending a resume without cover letter is just like that. A resume introduced through cover letter is much more effective in communicating and connecting you than a single bland resume.

This not only distinguises you but also paves a way for you to set the direction in which the employer should look when he sees your resume.

So a cover letter is must. Don't ever send a bare resume if you want a response.

So what are the things you should include in cover letter?

First of all, state for what position you are applying for. Include it with a sentence that shows why you consider yourself competent for the post.

Second paragraph should mention the skills that you want to highlight from your resume, to the employer. Put it in such a way to show how that skill is conforming to his requirement.

Thirdly point out the work experience if you have any that shows and is related to the work requirement. Emphasize in quantitative terms.

Lastly in the concluding remark state why you feel your skills and work experience fit the requirement.

While writing cover letter, always try to include something about the company, so that the recruiter knows that you know about the company and the work.

Don't over flow your cover letter with al the skills that you have; just use it to give him a hint of what’s in store in the resume.

A successful cover letter is the one which emphasizes the right skills and piques the interest of the employer to see the resume.

Best of luck

Write a successful resume!

Every thing on my-aesi regarding coverletters

Find opening in OURAeSI

Friday, September 21, 2007

Skills and tools for Avionics stream students of AeSI

I am not an avionics guy, and anybody knowing me would not contest on the fact that I like avionics in any remote way. Well to me it was stream many of my friends and acquaintance in AeSI choose, while I harped on to propulsion.

Here I write a simple list of skill sets that are required in avionics stream. If your chosen stream is avionics. Make sure you have exposer to these skill sets. To me most of them are Greek!!

I have gathered them from the emails I have received about job offers (which sometime trangely included avionics)! Please don't loose heart if you don't know all the skills. But be prepared and use internet to browse and learn about this skills and tools.

As my Mathematics teacher in standard ten always said "Having knowledge is always useful", so I present this info to just arm you, rest is for you to explore.

* Excellent skills in understanding and implementation of processes mapping to RTCA/DO-178 B Objectives

* Working level domain knowledge of Avionics systems such as Engine Control, Displays, Landing Gear, etc

* For Senior positions - experience in evolving Processes & Standards for safety critical SDLC will be an added advantage in selection

* Ability to analyze Systems & Interface Requirements, partitioning details and evolve the methodology for follow on SDLC phases

* Hands on experience in development SRD, SDD & ICD using Design tools. Knowledge of at least one Design methodology and associated tool will be essential

* Coding experience adhering to Safety standards.

* Experience in Unit, SW & HW Integration Testing, and use of associated Tools, IDEs, Target Processors, Rigs and Development high quality Test Plans, Test Descriptions & Test Cases.

* Avionics tools – SCADE, Teamwork, Matlab, DOORS, PVCS, Clearcase, Cantata, Ada Test, LDRA, RTRT, VectorCast or equivalent

* Experience in performing Reviews of Safety Critical Software will be an added advantage.

* Exposure to Protocols design and testing – AFDX, ARINC, CAN, MIL 1553 B BSP, devise drivers, Ethernet, TCP/IP desirable

Avionics is domain that relies very much in electronics and computers, so hone your computer skills. C is the language of the choice for all you avionics fellow. If avionics is your domain, then learn that language early in your student life. It will make a huge difference.

And Honeywell should be your target company!!

Best of luck guys and gals!!! Be sure to mention the skills and tools that I might have missed in comments.

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How to prepare for interview?

How to prepare for interview?

You have sent your resume and the resume has served its purpose and you got a call from the HR to come for a discussion. So what now? How should you prepare for the interview? What can you do? How to prepare? What to prepare?

Well here are some general suggestions that I can summon from my experience in this department. First this is you should go thorough your résumé that you had send them. Look what have you told or written in that resume. This is from where most of the questions will be asked. This is the place from where the interviewer will begin interviewing you.

Most of the questions will begin with him asking you to tell about yourself or tell about the projects you have worked on. So prepare this first question well. If you can give a good reply to this, you will gain the confidence in yourself and can tackle any question that you might get after this. First question paves the way for a better and positive result, so prepare it well. If you listed design of centrifugal compressor as your project, then know about it. Re-read all the basic theory that you have for the topic. And know the salient features of the project.

If you have mentioned some project, know about that project, if it's Saras you have worked upon. Know which engine it is using. If compressor is your work area, know its working principle so that you can explain it to a lay person easily.

Your resume will be your main showcase. So have consistent answers to according to the resume you have sent. Sometimes we send a resume, embellishing some facts here and distorting some to look good for our advantage. That's ok. Everybody does that, but know what you have written in your resume when you go for that interview.

Always keep the sent resume in mind before you answer any questions. After the resumes, most other questions come up from your answers you give. So reply in a tactful way. While answering steer clear of topics that you know you won't be good in answering. The interviewer will just need one word to catch you.

I have attended and listened to many interviews and from those I have seen that it’s not the interviewer who has the control of the interview. It’s the interviewee who has the control. He is the one who can lead it to any successful completion. So answer in such a way that the next question is asked on topics that you are comfortable answering. Lead the interview. In one of the interview, upon seeing my resume, the interviewer asked me to explain my project on axial compressor design and as I was explaining I mentioned entropy. He caught that word and then I had to answer 4 questions on entropy among which how many types of entropy caught me? So while answering choose your words correctly.

This are some of the points I could think of today. More some other time. So what are your experience, share them in the comments....

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Letter to IISC bangalore by Mr. Bishnujee



I can’t hold this open letter back. So I am posting this open letter by Mr. Bishnujee Singh to The Registrar Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. It concern regarding admission of AeSI professional graduates to IISc on the basis of AeSI degree alone.



Sub# Request for Admission for Aeronautical Society of India’s Engineering Graduates for ME program at IISc, Bangalore.


Honorable Lalitha John,

Sincere compliments of the day. It has been brought to my notice that your concerned reputed University has not been providing  admission to Professional Engineering Graduates from Aeronautical Society of India without additional BSc as basic qualification for ME Aeronautical Engineering program. It has been surprising to note that Aeronautical Society of India's Engineering Graduates have been admitted in Sheffield hallam University England for there MSc in Engineering Program ,Salford University MS in Aerospace Engineering program in England and AeSI has been listed as Approved University list from India on University of Miami,Florida,USA for MS in Aerospace Engineering program and all major Credential Evaluation bodies has given AeSI same status like any other Indian University in India. Boeing Company, USA accords AeSI Graduates as same status as ABET Accredited BSc in Aeronautical Engineering from USA University. AeSI Graduates in past have numerous laurels at IIT  Chennai last year Techfest 2006 and also recipient of First Ever Cayley Award 2003 in England by Royal Aeronautical Society, London.


I am aware that numerous staffs of IISc are on Academic and governing council of Aeronautical Society of India and rule being discriminatory against Professional Engineering Graduates of AeSI is ridiculous.


Currently on our kind request Vice Chancellor, Anna University has consented to admit AeSI Graduates for there ME program in Aerospace Engineering at Anna University, There is no need for applicants to have two Bachelor Degree's to be admitted for ME program at IISc and AeSI Degree alone is sufficient for ME program at IISc. Currently I am working with Engineers Mobility Forum team to get Indian Engineering Degrees to be recognized in USA and UK, European Union and PE Licensing Board. Till date no Indian Degree is recognized outside India by ABET, USA


I would be glad if you people in India could take necessary measures to correct the process of admission for Professional Graduates in Master's program and resolve this issue which has been pending for long time.


Kind regards



Compliments to Mr. Bishnujee for the efforts he is putting in.  


What do think on this issue? Please leave your comments.


"Can you offer a job to me?"

Yesterday someone emailed me this question, "Can you offer a job to me?"  Frankly when I received it, I politely asked the person what is his background and why he hasn't been able to get a job one, but this is what went through my mind after I shot my reply to him.


"Can you offer a job to me?"  The answer is NO? I don't have a company that I can you place you in. Even if I had, I am sorry I won't be helping you in the company. You know the rules. It’s not what you have or what you don't have, it’s not about the fellowship that you feel for your own kind. It’s not about both of us coming from AeSI. If I had a company, I will recruit only that person who is suitable for the job, and who can demonstrate that he/she brings something that I need for that particular position.


So fulfill that need and you have the job.


This is the mantra for all the job listing that you see and will see in future.


A friend of mine will be conducting interviews for requirement in his company. Now he is looking for competent propulsion guys and his main aim is to get one guy who fits the bill and brings what he wants. He can recruit you? But he might not? He might call you for the interview since you are an aesi guy!! You might get the first preference since this pleasure he can bestow on you being an AeSI fellow like him, but that doesn't guarantee your recruitment.....  However lenient and helpful he might be, and however genuine your needing-a-break is..... His work, project and client requirements are the first thing that he will consider once he and you are in the interview room. So don’t bet you chances on being an aesi guy or on sympathy. That only works for politicians.... For you, there is just one mantra.......   Show him what you are bringing to him and how your skills will help him develop his business. How little training you will need? And How much value you will bring to his clients and increase his productivity.



If you can do this my friend, you are recruited.


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