Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tell us about yourself

This is the question with which most interviews begin at. So when I saw this rule of thumb at ruleofthumb blog, I couldn't resist posting it here for you.

"When asked the popular question, "tell me about you"; have a 3 or 4 sentence response prepared that talk to your leader ship skills, successful projects that you started, was a major player in, or successes that you take pride in. Submitted by: Dick Gehring, Consultant, NY"


As I have always maintained, this question paves your path in an interview. If you can get it right, your interview will go your way.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Procedure for Job search

A few weeks ago someone asked this question on ouraesi yahoo club and Mr. Shashank as usual had great thoughtful response.

I am relishing it here for everyone's benefit.

Thanks Shashank !!

Bala Sekar,

Searching for company that can hone you skills should be pursued in following ways:

(1) Post your job profile in various job websites.,,

(2) Keep a close watch on upcomming job requirements in newspaper. Also wherever possible, try alligning your candidature with job requirements by enhancing your skills-set.

(3) Remain in touch with various job-posting on trustworthy yahoo/gmail groups.

(4) Be connected with your seniors/friends, with whom you can get ready job-informations of their respective employers.

(5) Lastly, freshen up your subjective knowledge to crack the interviews/discussions.

Shashank Sharma

This post is part of gems of ouraesi club. Find more at

Good luck!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Skill is merely a route to self expression

Read the following quote and loved it so much that posting it here for
all of you.

"Any skill is merely a route to self expression; the greater the skill
the greater the potential to express yourself. coding is no different."

Does this resonate with you? Do you feel the same with the skills
that your are aquiring now?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thanks for the resumes and a tip if the resume doesn't fetch you an interview

Thanks everyone who has sent in your resume. If you have all three fortran, fem and structure mentioned in your resume, then it will definitely be at the HR desk.

Best of luck.

If your resume doesn't get you an interview then there are two things. Either the job requirement doesn't fit you or your resume is worthless.

Sending your resume to a requirement that doesn't match your skills is a false hope. Shun that tactic immediately.

If your skills match the requirements and still the resume doesn't fetch you an interview. Dump that resume. It's time to construct a new resume that bring results.

read more on how to construct a resume by visiting this link

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Golden opportunity for AeSI students to have full day interaction with their seniors.


Here’s an email…..

Hi All
Student members can also register for this event they have to pay Rs
600/- as applicable for AeSIAA members( As of now , later we may
decide some more discount for student if budget permit ). In the
address section they can mentioned their Registration no.

For student it is golden opportunity to have full day interaction
with their seniors.

Outstation candidate also can take part in this event.Out station
candidate can give bus pick up point as AeSI office.

Thanks and Regards
Anuj Kumar Jha

click here to Register Now

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Opening in Structures and FEM

RX42S-min2-f1There are 2-3 openings on the Finite Element Methods team at QuEST, needs min 1 to 6 years exp.

Knowledge of FEM, FORTRAN, and Good grasp of Structures preferred.

Please send me your cv, if they have any exp. on FEM, Fortran and coding

Email your updated CV to: sukhbinder.singh+myaesi @

AeroIndia Show 2011 video

Here we go…. following is the video of the aeroindia show that I visited this last Saturday on 12th Feb 2011.

Most of pics are taken by my friend kuldeep! It has Kaveri engine, chandrayaan, LCA mark2, GE-F404 engine and many more photos in it..






If you have your snaps or aeroshow, please do share them here..


Monday, February 14, 2011

Wait no more 3rd AeSIAA Annual Family Get Together is here

In January, whenever I visited any friends place, every bhabhi’s would always ask,”Hey, when is that AeSI Family get together”. This is a measure of how popular this family event is among the household of AeSIAA families.

So wait no more, the 3rd Edition of AeSIAA organized Annual Family Event is finally here.

3rdAeSIAA gettogether

Some Details

3rd edition of Annual Alumni and their Family Get Together for Alumni residing in and around Bangalore is planned with a contributory Lunch, the preliminary details of which are given below:

Any and every AeSI alumni and their family/friends as well as student members residing in and around Bangalore shall be considered to attend this.

The details are:

  1. Date : 5th March 2011
  2. Venue: Emerald Isle Resort

More Information  at this location.

Registration is Open… To register click this link. Online Registration Form or fill and submit the following form

Saturday, February 12, 2011

3 trends from AeroShow for AeSI Graduates

Today I went to Aero India Show 2011. Loved soaking myself in so much
aerospace products in a single day.

Was amazed to see so many cool stuff happening out there.

Well as I visited one hall to another, following are three things that
kept coming back to me.

1. Avionics, precision manufactring boom is coming.

2. So many campanies are in UAV business. Saw numerous good and
innovative designs, even from small players in Indian aerospace

3. There are more companies working in aerospace than we actually
know. Yes, they are not as well known or big as GE, but are doing
quite well in what they do.

Well have you visited aero india show 2011? How was your experience?
What did you take away from it apart from the pictures?

Share your views!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Are you following your industry?

Whatever stage you are in, be it in section b, or in training or in your job, following the news of your industry is a must for everyone.

Not following the industry is like being in a cricket stadium and not watching the match.

Want to be in action, want to know what the market is thinking? Want to know what is the current job situation is? What is the current salary range? What is in demand and what is not?

Read regularly about your industry.

You won't to find answer to this questions, they will just pop in. Keep a tab on your industry.

Read all news not just cricket and politics! Use you smart phones to read various aerospace blogs, aviation stories apart from it's other usages.

The aim is to have a well rounded view of the industry you are in!

Hey, AMAeSI December 2010 result is out!!

As Nitin Raj has informed me, as expected, AMAeSI December 2010 result is out!!

I am sure everyone by now must know this by now but if you missed thanks Nitin!!

Thank you Nitin for the update.

So how did you do in this semesters papers? Share your story.

Did you pass in all subjects?
Was the result unexpected?

And most importantly what is you plan of action for this semester?

And if you are still on mars, here's the URL to get AMAeSI aesi results at

Congratulation to everyone who cleared their respective subjects!!


Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Fresh graduate salaries go up 10-15% this year

For all recent AeSI graduate and graduates to this...Fresh graduate salaries go up 10-15% this year

Don't Just take peanuts......

Its all about demand and supply..... the current scenario is in your favor.

Hone your skills and keep your fundamentals right, you are worth more than you think you are...

Good Luck.


Update on AERO INDIA passes…

There’s a good news….. if you are still waiting to call Mr Anuj to get your FREE aero India passes, then call now…

We have additional 5 aero India passes to give away…….. so now AeSIAA is taking 15 students of AeSI to the Aero Show..

Call Mr. Anuj Kumar Jha 9611833143 now!!

More info here : Free Aero India 2011 passes available for SEMAA 2010 participants!!

And those who are already selected. please visit to see if you are already there at

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Free Aero India 2011 passes available for SEMAA 2010 participants!!

Hello guys and gals

If you have attended SEMAA 2010, then there's a treat for you.

The SEMAA group of AeSIAA gives you an opportunity to be at the
AeroIndia show 2011

Three cheers for AeSIAA but hurry, to get limited free passes for the
aeroshow, you have to register before 5pm today.

Go nuts!!

Good luck

Here's the formal announcement.

Dear fellow alumnus and student members,

On behalf of the organizing committee, I thank all the alumnus and
student members for participating in the SEMAA-2010, a one day seminar
(SEMAA-2010) on "Technological Challenges in Indian Aeronautics"
which was held on 23rd Oct 2010 at SR Valluri Auditorium, NAL,

As a part of the post SEMAA-2010 activity and also to encourage the
student's community, we planned to arrange a visit to aero show and
exhibition for the Am.AeSI student members of AeSI during AERO INDIA

Student members and unemployed AeSI graduates desirous of availing
this opportunity is requested to register by today evening. Passes
will be distributed through the AeSIAA at AeSI Bangalore Branch
tomorrow. We are sorry for this short notice however we will send
information through sms. Registration can be done through call on
these numbers. For further enquiries and registrations please call

Mr. Anuj Kumar Jha (9611833143)
Dr. Rajesh Kumar (9986018742)
Mr. Kuldeep Kumar 9744971193

This will be on first cum first serve basis and student members with
one or two paper left will be given the priority. Maximum of ten
passes will be distributed.

Thanking you once again and with warm regards

Thanking you,

With Warm Regards
Rakesh Kumar
Hon. Joint Secretary, AeSIAA

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Monday, February 07, 2011

AMAeSI December 2010 Results Of AeSI

Can anyone tell me when are aero society's December 2010 results are coming out!!

AGM is mid feb, so I expect they will come out before than.

Just checked No updates there!!

Any ideas guys!!

Sharpening your saw.

Whatever stage of career you are in, after a while you need to sharpen your saw. Your skills.

Whatever be your work, to keep the rust away you need to oil your skills.

In fact as I read somewhere it's like exercise.

It's exercise. No matter how out of shape you are, if you exercise a few times a week, you're bound to get fitter.

So exercise your skills!!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

AeSI graduate, what's your strength?

This was the same topic my friend was discussing last night. He is
taking interviews these days and was sharing his experience of facing
AeSI graduates in these interviews.

All AeSI graduates, he mentioned, were proud of AeSI and confident in
the fact that they are better in the fundamentals.

But that's not the point. You have to be confident in the fundamentals
rather than confidant of the fact that you are better than regular
college graduates.

Your strength as AeSI graduate is the fundamentals. You don't have the
marks that regular college graduates can show. Your 65% is no match to
90% that they can bring.

What separates you from others is your fundamentals? Make them strong.
Show them in the interviews.

If you are in propulsion, never falter at question "what is bypass
ratio?" or on entropy.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Best career path to follow after AeSI

A few days back Aditya posted this query in ouraesi yahoo group.


Hello Sir,

Firstly, Thank you very much for replying. So if I wanted to apply for unpaid training I will have to meet the scientist working in the organisation for the concerned field of interest, personally?

Can you suggest me the best career path to follow after AeSI ? I came to know that it will be best to first work in the organisations like NAL, GTRE, ADE etc. as a trainee engineer and then pursue M. Tech. or find a job. Is this right?


I wanted to reply to him but before I could some time to do do, Mr. Shashank Sharma, an AeSI alumni, gave a elaborate and useful reply.

So I thought of reporting his reply her so that it could be useful to the readers of this blog and doesn't get lost in the group emails.

Thanks a lot to Mr. Shashank!



I have tried preparing a 'priortized' list for the subject matter.
Based on individual's launch-conditions, the term 'best career path' can be any 1 or many out of the following:
1. Clearing gate and pursuing ME/MTech in Indian universities and finding job via campus, provided you have time, funding and brains.

2. Clearing GRE/TOEFL/IELTS etc. to pursue ME/MS in overseas universities (requirement remains same as in 1.)

3. Clearing DRDO-SET/CSIR for NAL/ADA/any such compatible exam to become Scientist-B.

4. Apply for Junior Research Fellowship-GATE i.e. JRF-GATE in NAL, Bangalore which leads to induction of candidate as research fellow. 2 years of contractual service sponsorship and eligibility for applying ME/MS (under NAL sponsorship). This even leads to sponsorship for PhD (60% in degree and a valid gate score, check NAL website for further details).

5. JR Fellowship with ADA, Bangalore

6. Pursuing training (paid/unpaid) leading to accumulation of strong analytical engineering experience strengthens ones candidature for private companies.
Experts can add further to this list.


Shashank Sharma


As always if you want to add anything to conversation, feel free to comment.

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