Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ask MyAeSI

Regularly I get questions from graduates and students of AeSI on very different things but they get buried in my email. So adding this form to collect all the questions at a central place and answer them.

Before typing your questions,please search the blog; maybe the question you are asking is already answered. You can do it from the search field located below or at

Also please don't expect instant response. It might take a day, a week or longer to respond. Sometime, if I don't have answers, I will try my best to forward the query to relevant person in my network who might help you.

Hope this page helps and each one of you will take full advantage of it. Thanks.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Important Information for Student Members of Section 'A' with registration numbers upto S-08-2600

Dear Sir,

Please find below mentioned information and kindly share it at MyAeSI & OurAeSI so that it can reach the maximum deserving candidates.

It has been decided to grant extension of one year (two exam sessions) i.e. December 2012 and June 2013 exam sessions to such student members who have passed five or more subjects of  section 'a' up to June,2012 exam session.

The student members desirous of availing the extension must apply in writing immediately latest by 10th October, 2012 along with an undertaking that they will not ask for any further extension after June 2013 exam session.

The same can also be accessed online at AeSI's official website

Himalya Bansal | Aeronautical Society of India

Thanks Himalya!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Four super simple tricks to help you in your interview.

I shouldn't call them tricks, they are just techniques that anyone can apply to get the maximum out of the interview.

Talk in statements. When asked to talk about yourself and other personal questions, best way to answer is talk in statement. State the facts without any reason or pluff attached to it. think bullet points and state them as that.

For technical questions. Think satellite. Give a general answer first and then go to the specific. For the technical question, get to the basics and built your answer from there. Interviewer will appreciate the thought process even if your answers slightly off mark.

Be good. Be good at one subject that the requirements expect you to be. By good I mean really know that subject. you should be so comfortable with that subject so that you can easily converse in that subject for at least 30 mins non stop. If you cannot, you are not good at that subject.

Be interesting. This is the toughest bit but its has the maximum impact. If you have a passion for something and you have created or done something that you can demonstrate convincingly, you will be interesting.

The good thing of being or thought of interesting is, you don't need to be interesting in only a specific domain or subject. It can be anything under the earth and if you can prove it independently, you can get that interstingness factor.

The first two can be acquired in a short time and effort, but three and four takes time and consistent effort. There is no shortcut. So get started today. Earlier you begin, the better.

How to learn anything

Richard Feynman was a nobel prize winning physicist and he had a trick to learn anything. Read the following post or

Watch this YouTube video.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

An Interview that will help you.


Someone I know is going through an interview process and he was kind and generous enough to send me the list of question he was asked in his interviews.

So for the benefit of all, here are the question. For privacy reasons, identifiable data has been stripped and changed.

Yesterday I gave an interview in ABC company  for the post  AB Engineer. I've cleared all the rounds including the one taken by the Managing Director and my final interview is on Saturday. I don't know what will happen but I'll try my best. I'm sharing the interview questions asked by me so that It can be helpful for others through My-AeSI blog. 


- I developed good professional relation with the H.R. through LinkedIn so my first round was easy. He just asked me about my educational qualification & career objective. 


- Tell me something about yourself ?

- You have done engineering through correspondence mode so how did you manage practicals ?

- Tell me about the projects you have done during academics ?

- What is your career objective  ?

- What is Avionics and what all subjects have you studied in Section-B ?

- You have not made any aircraft related project, all of your projects are of Embedded & Robotics. Why ?

- Tell me about your strength ? 

- What is the role of embedded system in Aircraft ? 

- Where do you want to see yourself in next 5 years ?

- Being an engineer, Why are you doing M.B.A. ? 

Round-3 (With the Managing Director)

- I'm giving you 5 minutes. Let me know about you, your family, education, projects and all in detail. 

- Why are you interested in engineering management ?

- Even though there are thousands unemployed engineers in Bangalore so Why should I recruit you ?

- I'll be investing lots of money on you, projects, clients and all... After 6 months or 1 year, you'll learn the technology and join any other company. Why should I give you this opportunity ?

- How you can contribute to the field and the company ?
- Okay I'm assigning you a task. Have a look on our website, understand what we do ? and so on... and then send an email (letter) to the H.R. on "How can you contribute to this company ?"  If I like your letter, I'll call you for final session and It'll be around 30 minutes discussion. 

I've sent him the forwarded email. I hope I'll get a chance to give final interview. I'm sharing it so that It can be helpful for others.

Hope this helps everybody and don't forget to mention and send your thanks and good luck to the thoughtful guy who shared this information in the first place through the comments. I am sure he will be reading them.

Thank you.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The Fly Your ideas competition is now open to students! By AIRBUS LTD

Dear All,

This may interest you. Please go through the content below.

Round 1 is now open for the Airbus Fly Your Ideas competition 2013. Teams of students worldwide have until 7th December 2012 to submit their ideas.
With the third Fly Your Ideas competition , Airbus is asking students to propose an idea to address one of the following 21st century challenges for greener aviation: Energy; Energy Efficiency; Affordable Growth; Traffic Growth; Passenger Experience; Community Friendliness. The final of the competition will take place in June 2013 when the top selected teams will present their ideas to a panel of Airbus and industry experts.
For more information and to see team registrations globally visit the web site: Here
 If the above link is not working follow the below link. 
With regards,

Thanks Siddhartha

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