Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Its exam time

This time even I didn't notice that AeSI exams have began, its only a call from my friend from Chennai that reminded me of this. Thanks kul! so best of luck guys and gals!! All the best! Just carry on. For whatever you study you do have a future in aerospace, so just carry on. And a tip for the exams, don't panic or get over excited, being anxious is ok but never get over excited in anyway. Keep your cool during the exam and take deep breadth and  carry on.


In my case lots went through my head while in exams hall but keep it blocked and with cool and calm mind answer everything that u can.


So folks carry on my best wishes for all of you!!


Monday, December 11, 2006

Why learn Fortran?

Well right now my work involves FORTRAN and while browsing through some documentation on WWW I came upon this piece by Mr. Richard Kass and I liked what he said and thought it might be proper for Aeronautical folks to read about this so here we go.


FORTRAN is the dominant programming language used in scientific applications. It is therefore important for physics (or engineering) students to be able to read and modify FORTRAN code. From time to time, so-called experts predict that FORTRAN will rapidly fade in popularity and soon become extinct. This may actually happen as C (or C++) is rapidly growing in popularity. However, previous predictions of the downfall of FORTRAN have always been wrong. FORTRAN is the most enduring computer programming language in history. One of the main reasons FORTRAN has survived and will survive is software inertia. Once a company has spent many people-years and perhaps millions of dollars on a software product, it is unlikely to try to translate the software to a different language. Reliable software translation is a very difficult task and there’s 40 years of FORTRAN code to replace!




Friday, December 08, 2006


Hello guys and gals

Good news...or maybe I should only say news because the goodness depends on individuals. This year’s AeSI AGM has been delayed to 18th Feb. It’s a good news for me because were it on 12th Jan as previously mentioned, I would have not  been able to attend it because of my personal engagements  but now being on 18th Feb. the same date this year when results were announced, I am happy that I will be able to attend it. So guys will meet you there.


Hope lots of crowd do gather in COCHIN which is the unchanged venue!!



Thursday, December 07, 2006

Its and opportunity ...utilize it

During my days in NAL, I observed that many trainees routinely did what they were expected to do and nothing more. They had time and the necessary tools but they either gossiped or went back home early.


This is not the way forward especially for AeSI people being in AeSI should instill in you the quality of initiative. But unfortunately, I have seen in my experience after the initial 30 days the shine from work wears down and people become lazy. Hey its your training days and it your good luck that you got the opportunity, so make the most out of it. I am not suggesting overtime work but utilize the resources that you have access to. Learn from the Scientist you are working for, utilize the library and most importantly seize the opportunity to do new work!  


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Resume -ur first impression

Today got a resume of an AeSI guy and after seeing the resume, its content and structure, even I would not hire the guy. I know the guy so I could picture him to be well dressed and decent but if it were through his resume I saw an untidy, ill-dressed person, ugly in manners. So please guys make an effort to have a resume that’s shows you in good light.


If you are not getting called, think hard your low experience might not be the reasons for getting an interview call instead this seemingly small thing about how you present yourself is.


Résumé’s purpose is to make a first impression so that the person gets a call for an interview. So don’t just-do-it. Take time and thought before you shoot your resume for a requirement or else the dustbin is where they ultimately end up


More on resume stuff in my next post, but till then a bit of advice… first impression DO count!!

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