Saturday, December 25, 2004

Gate preparation

Preparation for gate has started. It should be by strategy and that will
help u get high score. Doing everything is not important but knowing what u
know better than the next guy

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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Well this time of the year is very crutials for aesi' student members. Exams are are here and every day, every second id crutial and decides the course of their life for the next 6 months.

The review of exam is that all the papers are easy but have pattern change. The questions are not what they used to be. They are rearranged, emphasis on certain chapters has been shifted, new type of problems and questions are being introduced...

so the tension is there and the excitemenat goes on and i quite agree with kishore that it is good for the students as its shows somewhere up in the society building someone is thinking of improvements and the papers are not just ad hoc :)

well got to go now exams here...... remmeber..... will post latter

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

6 tips to remember during exams

1. Do all the stuff. Don't get depressed during the exams. Even if the question paper is unexpected, way different than you had imagined. Stay focussed. According to Mr. Natrajan sir. Take a deep breath, Relax yourself and then begin doing what you can with the question paper without thinking anything else. You will find as you go the paper is not that difficulty as it seemed at first. remember its all in your attitude.

2. Be neat and clean with the paper. Live lot of white spaces and a combination of blue black pen for heading will enhance the acceptability of your answer sheet as it shows that you were serious about the paper.

3. Handwriting though not very important but it should be legible and recognizable. You don't want to frustrate the paper checker with lousy illegible handwriting.

4. Choose questions wisely. Not only is accuracy is important but you must choose the question that will require less time. Examination is all about checking your mental abilities and the choices you make will decide how far you score. Sometime a simple question is lengthy but you have a choice of a tricky question which will be short. So if you have the confidence that you can do the tricky one go for it. Time management as well as your confidence in topics should enable you to decide on the questions you want to attempt.

5. Concentrate on the paper and nothing else. Don't think of any other thing. During the exams its only the exam that matters, don't speculate of make scenarios in examination hall. You are their to write an exam and do just that. This way you will avoid silly mistakes.

6. And Most important thing is to read the question carefully and understand what is asked and then answer it. You are supposed to answer what is asked and not what you know. So while answering do remember this.

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Four things to remember for effective revision.

   Revision is important part of exam preparation and after completion of syllabus every student does this. Some do it many times , some just manage it one time before the D-day. So which ever group you are in, this tips from my own experience will surely help you and increase revision effectiveness.
1.  When revising make it a point that u do it thinking that this is the last time you are revising before the D-day. This helps as it accelerates you and your minds takes extra effort to remember the stuff that you read and works better as it removes the sense of monotomy that comes while revision. If you can truly believe that this is your last revision then your mind reacts favourably and achieve more.
2. To keep the matter fresh in your mind, repeat the thing in mind after you have done the revision. Remind yourself what you read. Don't  go in to specifics and don't  torcher you mind just remember what you can and most importantly relax and do it.
3.  Another step that I use while revising is the use of a copy and pen and I begin explaining the stuff I read. This way I teach myself and this works fine for me as I cover all the important points and also notice what are the places where I need more effort.
4. More the time that you spend thinking of the topic you have read and what it means to you in the big picture, the more easily u will remember it so after the detail do look into the big picture and  revision time is the right time to do so.  For example reading and learning about cam and how to derive velocity, acceleration is great all great  but when you see the whole picture as to where the thing is used and why the calculation of this acceleration and velocity is important, you will truly grasp the subject and your interest will be piqued and which in turn will translate into good memorisation and understanding.
so  this  are some of the tips I use.  Use them and all the best.

6 lessons from this semester

1. Always revise what Sir has taught in class. The more you revise the more  u will grasp. And this semester I am more confident on the topics that I had revised than the one I neglected. So don't  forget to revise what you learnt in class and do it within 24hours of the class!
2. Out of the seven days a week always set one day for revision. This is the day u will revise all that you have learnt in that week. This is important as this will classify all the information you were collecting all week and will give you a proper broad perspective of things you have learnt.
3. revision is not only of the theory but also of all the numericals. Don't neglect them. Only seeing won't do. Do it on paper. You are not here to save paper so do it on paper and with pen just seeing it won't do any good.
4. And always be at par with the things that are going on in class. That is don't lag behind on what the faculty in class is doing. Stay with him. If you missed a topic, work hard give some extra effort and study along with him. This helps tremendously as you will see in the end of the semester you won't have to run fast to cover the topics.
5. Keep a log book of the things you have learned or the topics that you have studied and covered so that  you can revise it latter by seeing that log. This also helps in boosting you confidence to see all the topics you have covered at one place. So maintain it. Its sometimes boring but  very useful tool of motivation and revision.
6. And above all stay focussed. I read somewhere and it applies her too. Passion can motivate you towards your goal, its only hard work that will yield it. So work hard. There's no substitute to it.

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