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AeSI and Job & other questions


Rahul has left a new comment on your post "Teach and Learn":

1. If modules like DO178B, V&V, LDRA etc are so important to work in Avionics stream then why the hell society still have 8051, Basic Language and all in it's MODIFIED syllabus. 8051 is no longer basic now. Why you people of AeSI Alumni Association don't do anything in this subject ?

2. I've read Himalya Bhaiya's post about a cost effective recruitment process at LinkedIn.. Why you people don't do anything to make it possible ?

3. I went to "Cranes & Software House" in Bangalore.. They told me that it's a 6-8 months course. Does it suit the personality of Aeronautical Engineer to sit jobless for another 6-8 months after degree ? Don't say that do it in last semester. as you must be aware that doing software and giving paper of aesi is a big game. society's paper are not like state board exam.


First of all. AeSIAA members are graduates of AeSI who have teamed up to form a formal association for the betterment of students and graduates of AeSI. We provide a platform. Since each voluntary member of AeSIAA is graduate, we dont remember or seek problem to solve. But if there's a request or issue, we help you to place it before AeSI. So if you have a query, formally write an email to AeSIAA and it will be taken forward. 

2. Recruitment. Each and everyone if us is trying to do a bit of wherever he or she can. But before we can confidently put AeSI graduates forward we have to make sure that the graduates are prepared. So in this vein, AeSIAA is taking steps to build confidence and teach presenting skills though workshops. and seminars This is the most basic need which will lead to better results than pushing an unprepared AeSI graduate to hr.

3. Don't tell me how big a game AeSI study is. But if you need job and that too just getting out of AeSI, start building skills. The knowledge you get in AeSI is just the mass but the skills you build are the acceleration that you have to have to generate any force or thrust. Remember F = m.a ! Unless you have both, job immediately after graduation will be tough. So start cultivating skills along side studying for AeSI.

Hope this answers your questions.



Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Teach and Learn


Let's do it

The best way to really learn something is to teach it to someone.

Well then here's a proposal to each of you guys visiting/reading this blog.

Let's start teaching.

The idea is to create a PowerPoint / video or document on any topic that you are studying and post it online for anyone to read and learn. The doc can be of any kind and on any topic that you choose but with the sole aim to teach something.

The Ground Rules:
1. Create the material focusing on one single topic at a time.
2. It should actually teach. The aim should be that if our grandmother reads or viewed it she would understood the subject.
3. Make it brief.
4. It should be sharable via google docs.
5. Send me the link for the via comments

What's the benefit to you?
1. You will learn the subject better and will never forget it again.
2. You will have the joy of helping someone.
3. You are sharing your insight with the world.
4. You are creating an asset you can have bragging rights about.
5. Creating this will help improve your presentation and communication skills.

So are you game? Are you willing to take on the challenge?

I will create a separate page on this blog to showcase all the material that will be submitted.

As an additionally motivation, the person to contribute the maximum number will get a prize from me by the end of the year.

So let's do it.

Any question/suggestion or comment shoot me an email.

#teachandlearn #myaesi

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Last day to register for AeSIAA's SAM

Hi Guys and Gals

If you have not yet registered for meeting seniors of AeSI and to interact with them in AeSIAA organized Student Alumni Meet, then you have just one day to do so. Registration closes tomorrow.

Visit this link to register now.

You might want to visit this following post titled "how to prepare for aesiaa sam" to get the maximum out of this meet.

If you are going there, please let us know in comments. If you are not able to make it, but have some questions for the Seniors, then send in your questions in comments, I promise to forward them to the organizers for you.

Unfortunately I am not there to see this, but if you are going, don't forget to send me the updates on how you felt and did there!!

Will close this post with the following quote.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Get involved!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last & Final Call for SAM-2012 [Kind Attn: STUDENTS]

Dear Students,

AeSI Alumni Association (AeSIAA) is pleased to organize the 1st Student-Alumni-Meet (SAM) at Bangalore, in association with The Aeronautical Society of India, Bangalore Branch. This event is organized with the motive of promoting interaction between our students and alumni (Student & Graduate members of AeSI).


Alumni Interactions consists of many useful programs such as talks by distinguished alumni and corporate personalities and direct non-monetary help from alumni like sharing their experience in their area of expertise, providing opportunities to students in form of internships, work-visits, workshops, informal placement information talks and many more.

Alumni Talks - Questions about what stream to choose, the growth and prospects in any sector become the thoughts that hound everyone. To help students overcome these uncertainties, alumni are invited to give an informal talk on their respective sectors, enlightening the students about the career choices and what they are in for in that line of work.

Panel Discussion - A panel consisting of alumni, faculty and student representative is invited to discuss on a student centric topic. We wish to hold a discussion on a topic with far reaching consequences. SAM will be a platform for alumni to gather and discuss and debate on topics that matter. Suggestions are precious and we welcome any thoughts and ideas students may have during this event.

Mock interview (through Workshop on Soft Skills )- We are planning this event with the vision that passing out students (during June-12 Session results) can be benefited by experiencing mock interviews by alumni before they sit for their actual interviews.

Please refer the attached documents on take-away for students from SAM & more.....


We seek your participation and invite you to take part in the event on 25Aug, 2012 at Rolls-Royce Auditorium, Bangalore at 10:00am. We hope to have a great event on Saturday and we are also looking forward to more such Meets in future.  


All participating students are requested to register here:

The details of the event can also be looked up on:

AeSIAA Google Group for up-to date information:


There is no entry fee/registration fee. SAM is our first event of this kind and it's a child in the process of growing. So we request you to send in suggestions and feedback aplenty to help us grow and deliver to your expectations.

Warm Regards,

Rakesh Kumar

Hon. Secretary, For AeSI Alumni Association (AeSIAA)

Please join Alumni Association officially by applying for the membership. For further details please visit the Alumni Association web site.
All suggestions can be addressed to
For more options, visit this group at

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Important Information for Delhi Students !

I'm receiving frequent messages on various Social Networking platforms. Few of these messages are :
- It's been 4 semesters, I've cleared only 3 papers. 

- I've cleared 3 out of 4 but with 50 marks. 
- It's my 4th time I failed in Microprocessor & Thermodynamics. 

I'm habitual to see these problems in Delhi but trust me you'll find these problems comparatively less in cities like Chennai & Bangalore. I believe in finding out the solution rather than discussing on the problems.

Before going further I want to very specific that I don't want to hurt the brand value of any Institute but I want people to know the fact.
- Check out an interesting & helpful post "Key to clear AeSI" (Click Here)

- Don't give party to friends if you clear any paper with 50-59 marks. Clearing the paper with <60 marks will never help you in your future.
- In Delhi, You have options to clear Section-A with good marks but for Section-B, I'm sorry but It's not the right place. 
- Many institutes might say you to check the history of institute like There are 10 students who have cleared the degree from our institute or There are 100... But Ask them :
> How many have completed the degree with more than 60% ?
> How many have completed the degree with above 65% ? 
> Who was the teacher when he cleared the degree with 65%, Is he still teaching in the institute ? 

Do Analysis ! & let me glow light on some alternatives.

- Do you know that there is an organization "Institution of Electronic & Telecommunication (IETE)" and Sagarpur, Delhi is the best coaching place for it. 
- Even though the standard of IETE is comparatively less than AeSI but we have some common subjects like 
Engineering Mathematics
> Basic Electronics
Microprocessors & Microcontrollers
- You can take additional coaching of these subjects at Sagarpur and I'm confident that It'll help you a lot.
> In Sagarpur, You'll find so many institutes who are running business in the name of education so Select the best institute before getting yourself enrolled for a particular subject. The fee might cost you around 2000/subject.
Moreover Be aware of Fraud Institutes. Please check a post on it (Click Here).

We are not recommending any institute. In case if you need any clarification on it so you may send an email to Team-My Aesi at 

AeSI AMAeSI Results and some questions

As soon as I saw Himalya post announcing the AESI results, I downloaded the pdf of results. Seeing the numbers, the statistician in me was not able to resist playing with that data.

So with few tinkering and re grouping, I  tried answering these following questions i had in mind looking at the data.

  1. What is the highest no Pass in any subject in section A and B?
  2. What are the top 3 top scoring subjects in Section A ?
  3. What are the top 3 top scoring subjects in Section B ?
  4. What are the top 3 low scoring subject in Section A ?
  5. What are the top 3 low scoring subject in Section B ?
  6. Avionic 1 or 2 which one is more scoring?
  7. Propulsion 1 or Propulsion 2 which one scores more ?
  8. Which elective subject is most and least scoring?
  9. What are the top scores of each subject?
  10. Which subject gets most borderline score in section A/Section B ?
  11. Which subjects are easy and scoring?

Before you look at the data, some usage explanation.

  • Max Mark is maximum marks score in that subject
  • 75% got this means that 75% of the students who appeared in that paper scored more than this.
  • % of 50 represents the percentage of students of total appeared who got just 50, the minimum score to pass.
  • No of pass is the number of students who cleared the subject.
Top scoring subjects in Section A max marks 75 % got this % of 50 no of pass
STRENGTH OF MATERIALS 91 65.3 20.31% 128
APPLIED MATHEMATICS – I 97 61.0 31.82% 110

Applied Math 1 and Strength of Material got the top marks

For me top scoring means not the top marks but the subject that 75% of students got high marks.


Low scoring Subjects in Section A max marks 75 % got this % of 50 no of pass
FLUID MECHANICS 81 57.5 35.71% 70
WORKSHOP TECHNOLOGY 72 59 24.48% 143

MICROPROCESSOR AND SOFTWARE ENGINEERING  got the lowest score and more than 53% of students who appeared got just 50.


Most Popular Elective subject Number


Most scoring Elective max marks 75 % got this % of 50 no of pass
CAD - CAM 84 83 0.00% 3
GAS DYNAMICS 90 64 15.32% 124

Gas dynamics maybe the most popular elective, but CAD-CAM is the highest scorer. Minimum score is close to 80.


Top scoring subjects in Section B max marks 75 % got this % of 50 no of pass
APPLIED MATHEMATICS – II 94 79 4.90% 143
AIRCRAFT STRUCTURES – II 86 67 8.91% 101
AERODYNAMICS 81 66.5 8.39% 143
AIRCRAFT STRUCTURES – I 84 65 9.90% 101

APPLIED MATHEMATICS – II is the top scorers in section B.  Top marks close to 80. And i am happy to see that the core subjects of Aeronautics feature in the top scorers


Low scoring Subjects in Section B max marks 75 % got this % of 50 no of pass
PROPULSION – I 65 50 87.50% 40
AIRCRAFT MATERIALS 53 52.25 25.00% 4
AVIONICS – II 66 56 16.67% 24
PROPULSION – II 68 57 14.58% 48

Propulsion 1 is the lowest scorer. 87% of those who appeared got 50.
Sad to see Propulsion, my stream in the top 5 low scorers.


Most Popular Subjects of Section B Number of pass


Well as you can see i haven't answered all question, that's  listed above. Well that your task, if you are inquisitive, here’s the data.


subjects quartile25 quartile75 count50 mean count countmax max section Percent%50
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 50.00 60.00 106 55.61 308 1 84.00 secA 34.42%
WORKSHOP TECHNOLOGY 51.00 59.00 35 55.81 143 1 72.00 secA 24.48%
FLUID MECHANICS 50.00 57.50 25 54.94 70 1 81.00 secA 35.71%
MICROPROCESSOR AND SOFTWARE ENGINEERING 50.00 53.00 39 51.51 73 3 56.00 secA 53.42%
ENGINEERING THERMODYNAMICS 51.00 63.00 23 58.28 98 1 87.00 secA 23.47%
ENGINEERING DRAWING AND DESIGN 51.50 61.00 36 57.71 143 1 79.00 secA 25.17%
BASIC ELECTRONICS 51.00 59.00 41 56.47 143 1 90.00 secA 28.67%
APPLIED MATHEMATICS – I 50.00 61.00 35 56.80 110 1 97.00 secA 31.82%
INTRODUCTION TO AERONAUTICS 50.00 56.00 35 54.11 92 1 76.00 secA 38.04%
STRENGTH OF MATERIALS 52.00 65.25 26 59.88 128 1 91.00 secA 20.31%
APPLIED MATHEMATICS – II 63.50 79.00 7 71.18 143 1 94.00 secB 4.90%
AERODYNAMICS 55.00 66.50 12 61.19 143 2 81.00 secB 8.39%
AIRPLANE PERFORMANCE, STABILITY & CONTROL 51.00 60.00 29 55.57 117 1 72.00 secB 24.79%
AIRCRAFT STRUCTURES – I 54.00 65.00 10 60.51 101 1 84.00 secB 9.90%
AIRCRAFT STRUCTURES – II 55.00 67.00 9 62.09 101 1 86.00 secB 8.91%
PROPULSION – I 50.00 50.00 35 50.98 40 1 65.00 secB 87.50%
PROPULSION – II 52.00 57.00 7 54.98 48 1 68.00 secB 14.58%
MANAGEMENT OF SYSTEMS 53.00 65.00 19 59.41 140 1 78.00 secB 13.57%
AVIONICS – I 54.00 61.00 2 58.17 29 2 72.00 secB 6.90%
AVIONICS – II 51.75 56.00 4 54.67 24 1 66.00 secB 16.67%
AIRCRAFT INSTRUMENTS 58.00 69.00 1 63.86 29 1 79.00 secB 3.45%
AIRCRAFT MATERIALS 51.50 52.25 1 51.75 4 1 53.00 secB 25.00%
AIRCRAFT PRODUTION 64.00 64.00 0 64.00 1 1 64.00 secB 0.00%
CONTROL THEORY AND PRACTICE 50.00 65.00 4 57.33 9 2 68.00 secB 44.44%
AIRCRAFT GENERAL SYSTEMS 58.00 64.00 2 61.22 18 1 82.00 secB 11.11%
AIRCRAFT DESIGN 53.00 65.00 1 60.31 123 1 83.00 secB 0.81%
AIRWORTHINESS AND AIR REGULATIONS 57.50 58.50 0 58.00 2 1 59.00 secB 0.00%
MAINTENANCE OF AIRFRAME AND SYSTEMS 54.00 61.00 0 57.80 5 1 65.00 secB 0.00%
MAINTENANCE OF POWERPLANT AND SYSTEMS 0.00 0.00 0 0.00 1 1 0.00 secB 0.00%
MAINTENANCE OF RADIO AND COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS 51.50 61.75 3 57.64 22 1 70.00 secB 13.64%
PRODUCTION PLANNING AND CONTROL 59.00 61.00 0 60.00 2 1 62.00 secB 0.00%
PRINCIPLES OF HELICOPTER ENGINEERING 57.00 64.50 0 61.67 3 1 71.00 Elective 0.00%
GAS DYNAMICS 53.00 64.00 19 59.23 124 1 90.00 Elective 15.32%
CAD - CAM 79.00 83.00 0 80.67 3 1 84.00 Elective 0.00%
AIR NAVIGATION 0.00 0.00 0 0.00 1 1 0.00 Elective 0.00%
COMPOSITE MATERIALS 0.00 0.00 0 0.00 1 1 0.00 Elective 0.00%

Friday, August 17, 2012

Result : June, 2012 Session !

Aeronautical Society of India has announced the result of June-2012 session. Click on the below mentioned link to check the result.

Best of Luck !

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tips to send Job Application via email.

Market Leaders use BrassRing to accept Job Applications, however there are so many entry level companies which accept the Job Application through an email.

The common queries about this application process are :
- What should I write in an email, while sending Job Application ?
- What is the best way to send Job Application ?
- How to develop recruiter's interest in the profile ?
- What exactly does a company expect from a candidate ?
& the list goes on .... Isn't it ?

The first step is to spend time in understanding the company's profile through website. Make a note of it's current projects.

1- Subject of the email :
It helps recruiters & the system to filter profiles according to the job hence selecting relevant subject matters a lot.
> Mention the job code in the subject (if any)
> If you don't know the job code so use subject like "Job Application" etc.. 

2- Greetings & Salutation :
Always remember that First impression is the last impression. 
If you're interested so you can greet the recruiter as well. Example "Greetings of the day !"
Begin your email with "Dear Mr./Mrs. Last Name" and if you don't know the last name so you can use "Dear Recruitment Manager"
> Salutation is always used with the last name. 

3- Introduction :
Begin by stating what job you are applying for. Explain where you heard about the job, particularly if you heard about it from a contact associated with the company.
Briefly mention how your skills and experience match the company and/or position; this will give the employer a preview of the rest of your letter.
Example : 
If the company deals in Unmanned Air Vehicle & you've made a project on it during your academics so mention it. 
If it deals in Antenna & Navigation and you've scored good marks in the Section-B paper of Radio so mention it.
(Mentioning the skills of CFD while applying for a job of "Pilot" or "Avionics Technician" will never help you.)
> It's very necessary to mention Job specific skills & experience. 
4- Closing :
Restate how your skills make you a strong fit for the company and/or position. State that you would like to interview and/or discuss employment opportunities.
Example : 
Looking forward for your positive response and to shake hands with the future projects. 
Looking forward for your positive response and to be a part of team-My AeSI asap. 
Looking forward for your positive response and a long term career with Himalya Group.

Key Points to remember :

  1. An email Job Application should be no more than one page long.
  2. Use a professional font such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri. The font size should be between 10 and 12 points.
  3. It should be properly organized, formatted and spaced so it's readable and makes the best impression on the recruitment manager.
  4. Attach a nicely crafted resume. (Resume differs from company to company. Always remember that mentioning relevant skills, experience, projects and achievements matter a lot)
  5. Include your contact information at the end of the Job Application.

Cheers !

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

AeSI invites entries for Essay Competition.

Aeronautical Society of India is inviting entries for HAL & PHL essay competition - 2012.

HAL Essay Competition
Subject :
i) A revolution named HAL for the next decade  

PHL Essay Competition
Subjects :

i)   Safety Management System in India-Preparedness of Operators & Regulators
ii)   Air Medical Transportation challenges in India

Important Points 

- Best Entry on each of the four subjects shall be rewarded with a cash prize of Rs. 5000/- and a certificate.

- An Entry should not be more than 3000 words, and be submitted in three type written copies. Author to  provide his/her name , address, date of birth, employment status/parent organization, telephone/fax nos., and email id for further communications. Also one Passport size photograph of the author is to be enclosed along with each entry.
Last date for receiving the entries is 30 Oct. 2012. Results of the competitions would be announced by 15 Dec 2012.

Contact Details
Aeronautical Society of India

Friday, August 10, 2012

Initiative Vs Result !

I've read this comment somewhere at AeSI Alumni Association's official page at LinkedIn
"I got a problem for my Visa for germany. Those german people were very confuse after seeing my Aeronautical Society degree certificate and finally they they did not approve me Visa. 
It is really paining, even after finishing degree we are unable to get par from its black patch and always get stuck here or there." by Devendra Rathore.

Henceforth I've taken a little initiative to promote the brand value of Aeronautical Society of India and posted the below mentioned information on several groups including "Hire an Avionics & Embedded System Team in India"

Result of this initiative :

I'm sure that the list will go on & in the future, there will be more companies which will know about Aeronautical Society of India and it's brand value. It's just the starting & we have to travel a lot. Expecting more people to come forward to shake hand with such initiatives. 

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Life of a Avionics Trainee !

We are habitual to read A as in Apple but now I shall tell you how this Apple become Avionics.
We all know the taste of an apple. Come let's taste Avionics this time.
I'm sharing the real life training experience of an avionics student and due to confidentiality, I'm not sharing his name & the laboratory name where he is working as a trainee.

Hi Bhaiya
I’ll try to make it feel like a story instead of a report, I think it is a better way to make people understand by telling them a story along with a moral instead of making them feel that it is some kind of a report.

After trying very hard for 6 months by pulling strings ,repeatedly begging people ,I finally got the chance to do a project at **** in autopilot. So I’m happy and at the same time nervous , about how thing are going to be in  **** , such a big organization and such scholar people, and I’m just a puny aesian who have just a little knowledge about control system.
Some how I reached there and meet my mentor , the profound scientist in autopilot.  The first day he said I’m a very busy person ,I’m not going to give much time. You do what ever you can , show it to me , then I decide what to do and rest. I agreed. The division of **** I’m in , I didn’t knew that they only make missiles and have no interests in aircrafts. My mentor said draw me the control forces and the moments of a tail control missile , that was the first question. I have studied about aircraft for the 4 yrs but I have no knowledge about missiles, so I said I don’t know about missiles, but if u want I can draw you the control forces of an aircraft. He said ok, but I need the diagrams for missiles. He gave some books and said read this and come prepare tomorrow. Now ,how to draw the control forces diagrams of a thing which is complexed and unknown to me in one day. Still I read 2 , 3 chapters and went the next day.
That day I figured out what are the types of missiles, how they are classified,and so on.
Next day I went and I showed what have I done, mainly the diagrams of cp aft of cg for stability and the basic control surface movement from the book he gave me the previous day.
He saw the thing and said, no I don’t want this, just tell me how do you control a tail control missile?.
I was speechless and breathless. I shot few blank arrows ,nothing happened though and then I turned the page where there was a diagram of statically stable missile with cp aft of cg. I said the criteria for statically stable missile. He asked how do you control an unstable missile?
Again I went blank. He said studying one or 2 chapters won’t do study the full book. I was thinking how was it possible in a day, still I said sir can you me more books I can’t understand from the previous book. He gave some more books, and I said I will come back after I finish these, he said go.
I started reading those and got nothing, ‘cause they not the basic books and so I turned to check what aesi have suggested for rockets and missiles . I got SS CHIN there and started with that.  The book was meant for the basic and I was happy.
I drew the control forces diagram along with the transfer function and went to him. He again asked me the same question how to control a unstable missile , I said it not possible using a single control surface.
He said tail control missiles have only one control surface, then he himself told me the answer which I knew but I thought that was not  appropriate ‘cause you won’t get a proper stability using it, as there will be oscillation, but he said that is different but basic is this.
So that happened and next task he gave to  design a 2 loop configuration of a missile pitch , yaw and roll autopilot and determine the gains. I thought I came here to learn it and he Is telling me to design it,wow.
After looking here and there in various thesis and algorithms which I didn’t understand  I drew a design and showed him. He said I told just close the loop no compensators are needed, ne never said anything like that previously ,but still you can’t tell him anything. He said just close the loop and check the root locus, nyquist ,bode plot of the plant and the closed loop system. I asked , what should I checked for?
Then he gave the the design criteria’s , like the gain margin, phase margin, overshoot, settling time and others. He asked what datas are you using I said no datas, just the examples given in the books. He said come and use my thesis data .i was thinking who is a bigger **** me or he? I wasted my whole week looking here and there and now he is talking. Still i’m going to get his data tomorrow and start over again.
So what is the moral
-Know about the company you are aiming for.
-Complete the literature  of your project and select a area of work before entering the company.
-Get a good mentor.  

This is the story of a student who is in Section-B of Avionics and waiting for his final result. I hope by reading  it you'll understand what is the job of a trainee ? What one does in internship ? and apart a real example of the quote : "Where there's a will, there's a way."

If you have something to share which can become a lesson to learn for others, so you're welcome.
Please contact team-MyAeSI at

Strategy to clear Principle of Flight exam.

I'm noticing frequent messages/posts from students & teachers seeking advise regarding strategy to clear/teach Principle of Flight. Candidates are worrying a lot because AeSI surprised everyone by last year's question paper. Isn't it ?

I remember my old days when my grand father used to narrate stories of Ali Baba & Shek Chilli to me. Even though I don't remember the stories which I read in my book but I remember each & every story shared by my grand father.
I do understand that being a student, reading the history of flight will make you sleep but I'm confident that if any teacher will narrate it like a grand father so you'll remember at least 60% of it in the examination hall.

1) Say your teachers to be grand father and narrate the history of flight as a story to you once in a week.
(I'm sure it'll help you to answer unexpected questions.)
2) Principle of flight is a subject where the way you answer does matter a lot.
- Make diagram in every reasoning.
- Don't forget naming each part of the diagram.
- To the point answer will help you in getting more marks.
- Rather than answering continuously in a paragraph, make points and answer accordingly.
- Use flow charts, graphs and other methods to answer in a better way.
3) Collect all modified syllabus question papers of Principle of Flight, Write all reasoning in a separate note book. & Practice it as many times as possible. Don't practice it orally, Try to write and check it yourself.
4) Truss : It is very important & simple as well. Devote a week for this topic & practice as many questions as possible. It is a part of the paper where you may get full marks.
5) Give examples in support of your answer.
6) Many students follow tradition of not preparing for "Aircraft Systems". But the reality is that it is the most easiest unit of this paper. Use your available resources & have a better command on Aircraft Systems as well.
7) Follow the above 6 points without failure.

Besides it don't forget to check "Key to clear AeSI".
In case if you want to add-on something, so comments are welcome. Let's discuss !      

Job Openings !

Please find the below mentioned job opportunities. 

1) Infotech Enterprises Limited is conducting walk-in interviews at Bangalore on (Sat & Sun) i.e. 11th & 12th August'2012 for Engineering requirements.

9:30am to 2pm both the days.
Venue:The Infantry Hotel, #66, Infantry Road, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore - 560001.Contact Numbers: +91 80 2559 1800/6890/2281, 9246372722.
Click Here to know more about it.
2) Openings at TATA Elxi Trivandrum: Anyone with 3 years of experience in Avionics domain.
Contact : Rajith Nair (08129922676)

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Key to clear AeSI !

I've received the below mentioned email from a student. I'm replying it here so that the reply can be accessed  by all the deserving candidates. I believe that students will find it worth following.
I *****(***** Student member of aesi of section A .
I hav just cleared 1 paper in 3 semesters.
Can you help me how to clear this papers as soon as possible.
actualy m not getting the key to clear out this papers.
Please help me i dunt want to waste my upcoming semesters.
Reply soon.
Yours faithfully,

1) Use social networking websites and ask seniors about recommended books for a particular subjects.
2) Make sure that you have at least 5 years question papers with you.
3) Spend a week, doing analysis on question papers and make a strategy accordingly.
- Which topics are very important ?
- Which topics are important for objective ?
- Which topics are important for long questions ?
- Which topics are important for numerical ?
and so on ...
4) If sources are available, so attend regular classes. Make proper notes.
5) Once you complete a chapter, Solve all the questions from last 5 years question papers.
6) Make a separate note book for objective questions. (It is very important & helpful as well.)
7) Discuss every topic within your friend circle. Let's have quiz and the below mentioned game.
- Make a group of 6 students.
- Collect 5 rupee per student.
- Plan a topic for the quiz.
- Play the game.
- Winner will get a Cold drink worth rs. 30.
8) Complete the syllabus before 20-30 days from the exams.
9) If possible, so make notes in your native language for reference purpose. It will be very helpful to revise everything before exams.
10) Study on regular basis.
11) Follow the above 10 points without failure.

& the very important thing is :
- Use diagrams, Flow Charts, Graphs to represent your answer in a better way & to get more marks.
- Rather than answering continuously in a paragraph, make points and answer.
- Believe in the lessons of Swami Vivekananda
"All power is within you, You can do anything & everything."

Cheers !  

Monday, August 06, 2012

Soft Skills !

It's often said that hard skills along with education can get you an interview but you need soft skills to get shortlisted.
Isn't it ? Let's discuss why these behavioral skills are important and a lot.?
Mr. X did his M.Tech from IIT-Chennai but he still could not get the job of his choice during campus placement. It's because he lacks in soft skills. These skills include communication, listening, negotiation, etiquette etc. Even though they are behavioral skills which can't be taught but it can be developed through continuous training. Where there's a will, there's a way. So let's find the area of improvement, work on it and start making impressions in front of others.
Etiquette matters a lot in terms of creating impression among your team leader & business managers. Let's take an example Mr. A & Mr. B both are working with Jet Airways as a technician and are eligible for promotion. Mr. A got promoted where as Mr.B is still working as a technician. What do you think about the possible reasons for the same. According to me It's because Mr. A is good in soft skills.
These skills are very important. It is about how you stand, wait in queue, manage your time, respect others and a lot. These are noticeable factors but for others these are important. It will also benefit you in the long run. Even in small talks like saying your greetings makes a world of difference while creating an impression.

(People from Switzerland has a fabulous habit of greeting others in written communication, even they used to tell others about the weather of their city while sending any mail. & Trust me It really impressed me so many times.)
Let's start it from today because someone said that doing something is better than not doing anything.
Make a habit of proper Hand Shake with your business leaders, project managers, team leaders and seniors.
Make a habit of greeting others even in written communication.
Develop leadership quality along with the habit of creating new possibilities.
Try to find source of light even in darkness.
Have strong communication & behavioral skills.

Cheers !

How to prepare for AeSIAA SAM

AeSIAA student alumni meet is an opportunity. Opportunity to showcase yourself in a way you like to showcase to a recruiter. Its an opportunity to test the waters before entering the industry. Its an opportunity to to upgrade your behavioral skills.

(If you haven't registered for it so far,do so now by visiting this link )

So how are you planning to do this. What is your game plan? If you are watching Olympics then it should be perfectly clear to you that without a plan, any medal is out of reach. Same is true with life.

Plan ahead.

Focus on one genuine advantage you have. Keep it in the forefront. Let that make you shine.

I have said this innumerable times here, its not about you. Show what you have for them. Align your skills and talent to showcase how you can help.

And last and most important, your attitude. It defines the altitude you can attain. Positive, helpful and learning attitude can take you a long way.

Some specific do and don'ts

1. Be professional.
2. Keep a posivite attitude.
3. Learn from everything.
4. Know why you are going there.
5. Make a list of questions you want to ask. Strike out all but keep 3 main questions, you think no one will ask and are important.
6. Research your target companies and domain to know the current trend before hand.
8. Don't ask questions that a simple google search can answer for you.
7. Be a sponge. Soak every bit of input you can.
8. Don't sell your lament story. It never works.
9. Appearance and first impressions matter.
10. If you have a portfolio of work. Take it with you.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Green Signal for Indian Aviation.

It's the perfect time for Indian Aviation to launch towards victory. Mr. Ravi Dighe, Head of Aptech Aviation said that India has an order of 400 aircraft for the next decade. It will have an investment of approx $30 billion. This will throw up opportunities of 19,000 cabin crew, 24,000 technicians and 36,000 ground staff.

Jet Airways is also planning to launch aviation academy with a total investment of Rs. 1 Crore. It will be the second domestic airline to foray into the aviation education segment after Kingfisher. I'm very sure that it will help a lot to meet future's needs.

According to the data available with the stock exchange, the holding of foreign institutional investors increased in all three domestic air career Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines & Spice Jet. Click Here to read the complete story.    

Introduction of Air Mantra, Airbus's order of Indigo Airlines and some above mentioned facts clearly indicates that It's a Green Signal for the Indian Aviation to launch towards victory.

Cheers !

Friday, August 03, 2012

HCL Technologies Ltd. (HCL) is #1 service provider

HCL Technologies Ltd. (HCL), a leading global IT services provider has been ranked as the #1 service provider by Zinnov, a leading globalization and Market expansion advisory firm, in their latest study titled ‘Global R&D Service Providers Rating (GSPR) 2012. 

As per the 2012 rankings, HCL is rated as number one across three industry verticals – Aerospace, Automotive & Consumer Electronics.

Click Here to read the complete story on official website of HCL. 

Cheers !

Meet SAM from AeSIAA

Take it from me, if you have studied honestly in AeSI, you don't need any help in technical aspect of your professional development .

But this isn't true for behavioral development. From the very way AeSI is structured, one gets good at the subjects but a gap remains on other aspect.

In an attempt to bridge this gap, AeSIAA is organising a student alumni meet in Bangalore.

From Avionics to Aero mechanical Aesi students, anyone is invited. Since this event is first for AeSIAA, please make sure you make to it and take full advantage of it.

For more information. Get close to this poster. And visit

What are questions?

What are questions?

Old readers of this blog will recognise the theme mentioned in the screenshots.

We at myaesi believe in this.

Please read and follow.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Embedded in Space !

Embedded Technology, it sounds a common name in today's era but has a deep meaning and millions advantages. Have a look of this picture and try to understand the role of embedded in space operations.

It helps in investigating various conditions, clues about possible past life and a lot.
Cheers ! 

Voltage Vs Current !

Question : What is Voltage & Current ? Explain in a very simple language to understand definition.
(It was a question posted in Electronics For You's official page at Facebook.)

Even though there were so many answers to this question, but the answer with maximum likes and posted by Tanya Sharma, (Management Coordinator at Electronics Society of India) was really impressive.
Answer : Just think about water system at your home. You've a water tank. Isn't it ? Water pressure depends on tank size. When you open the valve water starts to flow. You can control the water by controlling the valve.
Similarly in Electronics the tank is voltage, water is current and the valve is resistance.

It's what I call creativity in technology & thinking out of the box.
Cheers !

Silent Killing Of An Engineer And Baking Cakes

I received this following late night email. It was a long email, i have truncated it for privacy reasons.

Reading this i felt sad. But the point raised in this rant email were very genuine. Before we go forward, please read the following.


It's been more than 60 days, I'm sending my resume to different companies, approaching various project managers and business leaders of aviation & aerospace industry. I used to ask my friends who are recruiter in various companies about my resume and seek advise for modification to attract. I've used the all available sources like the recommendation letter, power of written communication and a lot........... Finally at last it's what I call the silent killing of engineering attitude and an engineer. I am still up because someone says that winners don't quit and Quitters don't win but each day I go to bed, I used to cry and pillow becomes wet because of the limit of my patience.


I think this is an universal stage that all AeSI graduates, no almost all graduates pass through. The stage when resumes do not fetch interviews and networking never pays.

After being in the industry, i have these following suggestions to everyone currently in this state.

1. Keep working. Career building is a marathon and not a quick sprint. Your career is like a train. You cant run it on a paved road, it needs tracks and they take time to show up. 60 days is not long enough.

2. In the beginning, it pays to be an aircraft than a rocket. Taxing on the runway is must. Rockets just dont last after their initial thrusts. Go slow. Build up the speed than shooting straight.

3. If a resume isnt working. Sleep on it. Change it. It might be missing the hook.

4. Build demonstrated skills. Skills that can be demoed. Skills that are out there on internet, for anyone to verify and check. Skills that make you stand out.

5. The greatest thing a graduate can do at this time is to build his or her skills. Aim to be the best in your domain. The most important component to skill building is putting the time to learn your craft. Unless you do that its near impossible to shine.

I am learning to bake cakes and i have ruined so many cakes in the process. My major mistake is taking out the cake too early. Not respecting the baking time.

Building a career and getting it on track is similar. You need that baking time.

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