Saturday, October 29, 2011


Family is important. So are friends. More so in the aesi setting we
are in when we all are far from our extended families.

AeSIAA recognizes this and we have planned to unite all our alumni
friends, and buddies on 12th November at DROMI, DRDO Phase-I.

It is Post Dipawali meet... and we call it "AeSIAA-FEST-2011"

For this event we will have cultural programs like singing, dancing,
mimicry, playing a musical instruments and dinner.

Kids of your friends and collegues will perform and it will be a
evening to remember.

For registration, please click the link below...

Fee per participant is Rs. 200

So lets meet on 12th November 2011, @ 6.30PM

Register now and see you there!

Friday, October 28, 2011


That’s how the game is played. You don’t win points for predicting stuff one year ahead. You win points for adapting -Deepak Shenoy

True for AeSI too…

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Which two skills do an AeSI graduate need?

Everytime I do an interview, I keep hiting on these two thoughts.

Get your fundamentals right. Even if you don't have tools-knowledge,
right skills or relevant experience, but DON'T EVER falter in your

AeSI might not have given you much exposure, many hours of hands on
training opportunities, but what it grinds in everyone of us is the
fundamentals. So learn them and internalize them. Remember them.

Get them wrong and you will have a hard time getting a job via an

Second thing is communication skills. Communication is just not
answering what has been asked, but expressing what you know.

It is the biggest differenciator. You might get away with limited
technical skills, but you will falter if you lack communication skills.

So if you have to just concentrate on two things for your future, let
this two to be it!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Announcement of Lecture Series on Data Structures and Algorithms

Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings !!!

It is our pleasure to inform you that AeSI Alumni Association and The
Aeronautical Society of India (Bangalore Branch), is jointly
organizing a series of lectures on Data structures and Algorithms for
the benefit of engineers involved in software and tool development for
engineering. Overall this lecture series is designed to enhance the
functional knowledge of young users in the industry. This Course is
being handled by Dr. Kuntal Das Barman from EADS Cassidian.

Course Duration: Total 6 Sessions of 2hr each on following dates

1730-1930 Hrs   10-10-11
1730-1930 Hrs   17-10-11
1730-1930 Hrs   24-10-11
1730-1930 Hrs   31-10-11
1730-1930 Hrs   07-11-11
1730-1930 Hrs   14-11-11

Venue: Aeronautical Society of India, Bangalore Branch
Suranjan Das Road, New Thippasandra Post, Bangalore-560075

Course Fee: Nil

Registration: Please confirm you participation by sending email to

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