Monday, June 29, 2009

5 things to do after you get your amaesi results

In this post i write about 5 things, an aesi student should do after
getting his or her amaesi results.

1. Join regular classs.
Tutions and all other bhaiya's classes are good and useful, but don't
neglect the daily discipline of joining classes of any study center
you are in.

2. Whatever be the result just communicate to your near and dear onces.
Yes whatever be the result,communicating with your parents and near
and dear at once as you get the result is the best strategy in long
term as well as short term. Don't delay telling them for a day or
week. Just tell them as you get to know. Put them on your seat and let
them decide how they react. Don't imagine.

3. Forget about the result, move on.
Whatever be the result, move on quickly from it. If you did well carry
the enthusiam and motivation forward, if the results came at a diffent
vector as you expected, carry on again. Learn the lessons, try to
analyze the whole results with fresh and new outlook and get back.
Move on. Life never stops, time never pauses, so take a hard look at
the results, learn from them and then move on. Forget the result.

4. Honestly answer do I deserve the marks I got? Why and why not.
Answering this will help you again look at the processes that worked
for you during this exams and what didn't.

5. Join regular clases.
Well this is how things work out. For the next semester join classess.
Even when you know they are waste join them just for the nugget of
insight that self study and studying from your immediate seniors won't
suffice. Join something that is regular and get disciplined in the

I know the last point is repeated. It's worth repeating. If you just
want one suggestion then take this one and you will benefit the most.

Search the blog for more information on the topics. The search box
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Some thoughts on learning catia or other car softwares

What should be your approach when you begin learning a new software
tool or a new language?

Well different people have different goals and ways to approach and
each will have different merits and demerits. In this post, I will
describe what I do when I begin learning a new language or new
software tool.

The first stage is being a sponge, I read, listen and see each and
every material data I get about the tool or the language. I do not
understand everything but I make it's point that I ran it through my
mind once.

During this phase I read, I get the software do what I understand, If
I don't understand, I read, seek other sources and again sit with the
software. This iteration and exploration continues. Once I feel i am
bored with and covered everything there is to read, I get to the
softwate and this begins the curiosity stage.

Here I am just curious and I poke around, any questions that comes to
mind I try, try it then and there. If I learnt one technique, I try to
apply it in more than one way that I know it can be used. If I learn a
function, I try all the possible limits of that to see what happens.
Most of the exploration happens because I ask what will happen if I do

After this stage I ask for help, I get to see the people who are using
this software, if they are not available, I get some tutorials and
releigiously do them step by step. Once I complete the one tutorial I
don't jump on to the next tutorial but instead begin my poking and
exploration on the model or the program I just developed. Twisting,
tweaking and getting all sort of stuff out of the tutorials. I try
random big small values in all the tutorilas inputs , vary and
compltely ignore the few steps and see what happens.

This is the stage when maximum learning happens.

So these are the 3 stages, I have Learnt all the software I know!!
Hope similar a slight midification of this techniques will work for
you when take on to learn catia or any other cae software!!!


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Friday, June 26, 2009

Learn A software as if it's 20-20

A collegue of mine was recently telling me how they learnt and had the
matlab experience. He was in iit chennai. There one professor, one day
came and said he will give them one test problem and they have one
week's time and all of them have to solve it by using matlab.

Now before that no one had any exposure to that software, they have
never seen it and all of a sudden they have this assignments which
required them to program in matlab to plot the graphs and it was the
only mandatory criteria for the exam. So what do you thing happened?

The whole class geared up and did a quick crash course on the software
by the end of the timeline and everyone had the results ready. From
the professors side there was no restriction for them, they can use
internet or books if they want, all he wanted was the matlab code and
the results. He got all. For the students the challenge provoked them
to learn the software in quick time. Yes they didn't learn it fully
but they got to learnt it so that, if they are asked to do it again
they will be able to produce a result from matlab.

What are the lessons we can learn from this?

Don't bitch around for lack of tutors for a software, even in iit's
it's your initiative that helps you learn, tools come from the
institution but it's the students who have to roll the ball. So accept
the opportunities of learning a tool as you get them, don't wait fir a
teacher or a ready made tutorial!!

This time limit propelled the students to cut the crap and get down to
the core of the software. Since they had results to deliver they
played like 20 20 instead of a test match. So whenever you are
learning a new software tool, Remember 20 20!

That's the fasted way to learn.Concentrate on scoring on each bowl.

For my collegue, as he mentioned, that experience was just the brush
with matlab that he had, but for some, this little exercise stuck and
they went deep into the software to learn to use it more effectively.

So next time you are planning to learn something new, make it a 20-20
rather than a test match!!! Good luck.

5 things not to do in AeSI for AMAeSI exams

In today's post I will discuss 5 things NOT to do when you are in AeSI
and aiming to clear AMAeSI exams. They are from my experience of going
through aesi. Hope they will chart a path for you and you will avoid
them in your journey.

1. Don't skip the in basics
I did this in fluids and though I passed the subject in first attempt,
but I had a tough time when I encountered those basics again in
aerodynamics-1. So remember to cover the basics before you delve
deeper. In mathematics II, basics came handy for me as the paper
revolved around it.

2. Don't forget the syllabus book
As discussed in many previous post, you will automate and streamline
your study schdule if you study a subject with the syllabus book. Not
only syllabus gives all the topics in logical order but it will make
sure you don't miss any.

Further reading

3. Don't skip exams, whatever be your preparation.
This happened to me, I thought I have not prepared well for principles
of flights and so I didn't go to the examination hall. That turned out
to be a grave mistake when I saw the question paper, later that
evening. And that mistake cost me two semester in which I had to study
flights. So whatever be your preparation, don't skip the exams. If
nothing more you will train your mind to be the examination hall.

4. Don't lie about your results.
After the exams don't lie about your results especially from your near
and dear onces. I have seen how students falsedisguise their results
and cause tension and anxiety in them. This lie snowballs and not only
spoils your next attempt but also hurts your near and dear once when
they come to know about it. I have never done this and this had kept
me inso many surprises that AeSI threw at me during my days of AMAeSI.

5. Don't be an island.
Since AeSI has no proper institution, meeting and having lots of
seniors and friends and network is rare. So form relationship. Use
internet, this website, ouraesi, aesi and aesiaa groups to be
connected to the aesi community!! In fact this website and ouraesi
sprang to make sure aesi students and graduates do not remain in an
island. So get involved and connect.

So that's it. Hope you will gain something out of this. Want to
explore the communities I mentioned here, click on the following link


For all posts related to amaesi click the following link.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ten things to do before AMAeSI results are announced

1. Make a list of subjects you are taking in the next semester.
2. Check this semester exams paper and evaluate the marks on each
question that you will give yourself, if you are the examiner.
Evaluate what and how you answered each questions.
3. Make a routine for the next semester.
4. I always advocate setting a lower limit, so set a lower minimum
limit of time that you will devote to each subject daily. Don't be
ambitius, set a minimum limit maybe less than an hour but make sure
you do it each and every day.
5. Get into the habit of making your morning heavy. Do all your
important task in the the first hour of the day.
6. Most importantly set goals for next semester. From studies, to
skills development set some concrete measurable goals for the next 6
7. Form a new habit. Replace a bad habit with a new one. Getting up
early or study a certain no of hour per day could be the habits toucan
try to install.
8. Pledge to use your imagination more in your studies this semester.
Cultivate it. Use visualization to remember all that you have studied
in the last semester.
9. Pledge to Study to be an engineer than study just for exams for the
next semester.

10. _______________________

Number 10 is intentionally left blank for you to fill. Fill it and
follow them.

Have a successful next semester!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Small steps and big rocks.

What are you filling your life with, big rocks or sand?

Big rocks are the important goals of your life, they are the one which
will ultimately fuel your life.

And gravels and sands are just the stuff that you do in between all
the big tasks of your life.

Imagine your life as a jar and answer what will you fill your life with?

# end

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Indian Aerospace News – 21/6/2009

Every Sunday, I will carry a brief round of Indian aerospace news.  I read  lot of Indian aerospace news and share them at friendfeed, but with this weekly post I will summarize and highlight some of them here in this blog.

Bharat Forge's non-auto revenues to grow

Auto-parts' maker Bharat Forge expects 40 per cent of its revenues to come from sectors such as mining, power, oil and gas and aerospace by 2013.

Sahana Sarma, Partner, McKinsey & Company, said the current downturn is a structural break and is the time to ask "'What is the new normal?'."

"Indian innovation is among the fastest growing in the world but with a low level of diversification. India's young population can be a critical asset over the next few decades," Sarma said.

So be prepared AeSI engineer's

IAI Gets $100 Million Contract for HAROP Killer Drones

Officially unveiling the HAROP loitering weapon at the Paris Air Show, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has announced receiving a contract to supply the HAROP Loitering Munition (LM) system to a foreign customer. Foreign sources hint the customer could be India. The contract is estimated to be worth over $100 million.


Tata Elxsi Limited will pursue projects in the automotive and aerospace sectors

Embedded product design and engineering company Tata Elxsi Limited has said that it will aggressively pursue projects in the automotive and aerospace sectors into fiscal 2010. Tata Elxsi’s development centre in Thiruvananthapuram focuses on supporting automotive and aerospace customers for mission-critical embedded software, hardware and systems.Tata Elxsi expanded its Thiruvananthapuram development centre last year to meet scale-up requirements of its clients in these industries.

“We have recently bagged a project in the technology-intensive aerospace and defence domain from a European Tier 1 aerospace supplier. We began our engagement with a pilot activity, which has been expanded into a full-fledged development program,” R Natarajan, VP -Automotive and Aerospace practice, Tata Elxsi said.

So good opportunities for avionics engineer in the next year. Be prepared.


Aerospace investors eye engines for growth

But the main difference between aircraft makers - or "airframers" - and the engine makers lies in their earnings models. Boeing and Airbus tends to earn the most when they sell a plane.

By contrast, engine makers make relatively low margins on engine sales, one Rolls-Royce executive explains.

"The business model of engine makers is very different from other manufacturers," explains Accenture aerospace and defence analyst Damien Lasou. "Their business model is a service model, which is very protective during a downturn."

Put simply; when an aircraft manufacturer buys an engine, it enters into a long-term service agreement with its maker.

Broadly speaking, the original purchase price makes up only about a fifth of the total cost of an engine's 30-year lifetime, according to Mr Lasou.

"Having many engines in service is a guarantee of future revenue," he says.

The same is true for suppliers of any "selectable" aircraft equipment, including anything from radars to tyres, sound systems to aviation electronics, observes Honeywell's Mr Carmassi.

"In the commercial world, it is not uncommon for a product to be given for free to be installed in a Boeing or an Airbus, in the knowledge that it has a 30-year servicing requirement paid for by the airlines," he explains

Read this BBC article the insight. A must read for all AeSI’s Aero-mechanical students!!!

An interesting statistics.

Currently, there are some 55,000 engines in service across the world. GE is looking after some 20,000 of them, hotly followed by Pratt & Whitney, while Rolls-Royce has 14,000 engines in service.

India rocking in Britain

Davies, who was in India for business and official meetings last week, said India and Britain now needed to forge partnerships in new areas, including aerospace and advanced security, to give their business ties a further boost. Davies said he had met with representatives of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) at the Paris air show recently and discussed entering into “partnerships” with India in the areas of aerospace and advanced security, in which Britain had “excellence”.

Yet another sign of India's immergence in aerospace sector or something else?


And to finish all this read this interesting piece from

When I graduated from college with a degree in physics, I moved to Los Angeles to look for work in the aerospace industry. But I got no response to the many résumés I sent out. My time in college began to seem less like an investment and more like a form of consumption--an expenditure of four years and a fair bit of money with no clear economic rationale (though it certainly had other attractions)……..

Saturday, June 20, 2009

One small Tip that will help get maximum

I am writing this post just to tell you one tip, yes just one step
that you can take to drastically increase the usefulness of the

And what is it? What is that mantra of training that will help you get
the maximum out of any training you do? What is one thing that will
ensure that you get a good start in your first job?

But wait, this blog is not about me blogging about these stuff all the
time, today you are invited here to share what you think is one thing
that you will tell anyone if he or she wants to do a training that
will change his or her life.

And to start, I will mention my one thing that will help you get max
out of your training.

Answer honestly to yourself "why you are doing it?"

Just having clear answer to this question can unlock the productivity
reservoir for you. Having a clear goal will set the agenda and lay
down the destination for you. After that your work during the training
is to chart the path to that destination.

Now it's your turn. Do comment on what is one thing that YOU will tell?

AeSI’s brand new website

Something is very right in AeSI now, I don't know who is in charge now but externally AeSI is making progress. Why and how do I say that. well this Tuesday saw AeSI's brand new revamping of the site.
felt great that finally it has moved ahead and incrementally getting good. The designing is shiny and lot more clear.
Though the sections still need some content but its looks good and professional..

check out AeSI's brand new website
change as they say is the only constant and AeSI, at least at the site level has began showing that it is changing. Hope soon this change will be reflected in the burecrasy and on the examinations and student aspect of AeSI...

Here's a big cheers for AeSI India.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Which Programming languages to learn?

In my last post i listed my top 6 reasons to learn a programming
language and i am sure after reading that most of you will wonder
which programming languages to learn? So this is the post to answer
that question.

Any language will do as long as you can use it to accomplish your
daily tasks. I am not advocating that by learning a programming
language , everyone will begin to develop production level software,
all I am saying is learn to program so that you are able to automate
some of your repeated and sandry tasks and work more effecienly!!

So that's it. Learn programming to make yourself effecient, and

You might consider matlab, vba, fortran, c, and autohotkey!!

All of them had their own advantage and disadvantages.

For example matlab is the easiest one to program and it's ability to
plot easily is a huge advantage. While the disadvantage is you need
matlab to be installed, you need the full software license to begin.

Whereas VBA or visual basic for application is always available on all
windows systems. It comes with ms office,catia, solidworks and all
kind of windows based softwares. So you will find it much easier to
get hold of. The disadvantage is that it's limited to windows pc's.

Fortran and C are real programming languages and they have the
advantage of getting free compilers on the net. They offer much more
flexibilty on what you can program. But the disadvantage is you have
to learn the language well and you need a good amount of motivation to
program something productive out of them.

Autohotkey. Well, if all you looking is to have a way to automate
windows, get yourself autohotkey. It's a tool that will help you
automate your day to day windows task. It's easy, quick and powerful
for automation of windows. Only disadvantage is you can only use it in
windows system.

I hope, I have wetted your appetite on some of the programming
languages that you can consider.

Have a look on the programming related posts that I have written so
far by clicking the following link


Thursday, June 18, 2009


In my last post about my 6 reasons to learn programming, I missed

Here in my office, there is not a single day when this topic does not
come up in the conversation among the employees here. It's a big deal
and something each AeSI graduate and engineer should pay head to.

As computers evolve and proceses improve there will be more and more
need of automating things. Computers are the work horses that we are
using so much these days and in future their use will only increase,
so will the need to automate most of the tasks. So that's one more
reason why one should learn a programming language!!

Efficiency and productivity from a system can come when it can deliver
the work with minimal interference from us and for that knowing how to
command it effiecntly is the need of the day. For this reason only
pick up a programming language early in your aesi days.

Set some time aside to practise, read and do programming everyday.

You will thank yourself in future!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Backbone of GIE

Today I want to tell you about a lady who had a big impact in my life.

Setting in library, she always used to come and enquire about our well
being. She is Nirmala madam!

The face of GIE. I still remember her smiling face and the encouraging
but firm voice, with which she ran GIE.

As always, she is one of my guiding angel during my AeSI days. A
mother away from home. I have already written about professor krishnan
but little have I talked about the backbone of gie.

Facinating lady, from managing the adminstrations, she is also the PR
of gie. I know many seniors will remember her in the same vein.

This post is a tribute to her. And a big thank you to her for being
part of my AeSI life!!

Blue sky technology

Recently read an article on rediff about what GE is doing in
Bangalore. There I came about this term, blue sky technology;
essentially what it meant there was that GE not only works on the
present engines technologies but at the Bangalore center, it is also
exploring the blue sky tecnologies that are still to come in
production level.

The motivation for them is to find and explore out some material and
technology that will help then build better, efficeint, more reliable,
and cost effective engines.

What stuck with me, from all this discussion was the term blue sky.
Just as I explained in my last post regarding exploring and giving
your curiosity a drive everyday at office. This is exactly what
exploring blue sky tech means.

Yes we work on individual softwares. Some on catia, some on
solidowrks, some on ansys, and some on nastran. That's your job as an
analyst. But the job mostly requires few feature set of that tool and
if you are working on it for long then you might be pretty confident
in all those features, and those features will be a small set of the
sky load of features the software has to offer. So spread your wings
and get out and explore the blue sky.

Delve and find out new features. Learn how to use the innumerable
unusef features. How they work, why they are there and how can they be
used with the task you are doing?

Carry this exploration and I am sure you will come out and will cover
a lot of ground and gain lot of knowledge in that tool.

If GE can do it, so can you and me. So what are we waiting for, let's
spread our wings and explore the vast blue sky!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why learn a programming language?

1. It will make you more productive.
2. It will sharpen your analytical skills.
3. Knowing how to program will increase your ability to understand how
different software work.
4. Programming will unlock another field of opportunity if you found
your passion in it.
5. You can better exploit the machine called the PC.
6. Your mundane and repeatative tasks will happen in jiffy.

These are my top 6 reasons, not necessarily in order, for learning a
programming language!!

Does anyone of them rings true for you then start doing something
about it!!


Tranfereable skills and core knowledge

Often aesi student ask which subject is important or should I do a
particular job though it isn't directly related to my core knowledge
that I studied.

Sometimes they mull over having the correct answer but honestly there
is no correct answer. It depends on you, on what you like and where
you see yourself to be in the next couple of years.

What I can tell and assure you is that whatever you do, keep
developing your transferrable skills. In the long run they are the
ones which will enable you to work effeciently in whatever work you
choose to do.

Core or no core work, transferable skills like communication, making a
presentation, report writing, giving a talk, small programming skills
will always come in handy in your day to day work life so keep adding
them to your skill set.

Unlike the core knowledge, trasferable skills are always important,
whatever be the nature of your work. They are the little nuts and
bolts that will keep your work engine going.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Keep learning with curiosity!!

In my last post I talked about setting up some exploration time to
continue learning in office.

Now if you think more about it, it just means that we need to be more
curious and apply curiosity to unearth new things.

Today while playing with my daughter I realized how she always uses
her curiosity to learn about the world around her. She is 18 month
old. Her actions are curiosity driven. And it's a stark contrast to
what we have as adults. We do actions with an eye on getting some
results. We do it to get to a desired result. But when you are
curiosity driven, you are not certain about the results and you are
just scanning to discover something new.

I aknowledge purpose driven actions are what makes the business run,
and gets the work done. Purpose driven action is essential but it's
always wise to spend half an hour of time for curiosity driven pursuits.

Uncovering the new features of a software, than only using the known
features should be a part of our work life. Known features of catia or
solidworks will help you get the work done, but uncovering new one
might help you in long term. So keep exploring.

Invest a few minutes of your time in this pursuit, be it catia or be
it solidworks or ansys or nastran or any other CAE software!!

Set aside the time and stick to the task. Explore. Remember it's a
curiosity driven exercise and you don't have to create something, just
learn. Be a child!!

3 things to do when you feel dull

Lay down give yourself a full rest, this might be a signal from your
body to take rest.

Visit back. Get back to the drawing board and study your goals, read
and remember why you began them in the first place. See the big
picture behind all the tasks that you do.

Crank. Decide on a task and begin cranking. It's like the old rusty
handpump you see in some movies set in a village. Crank, at the
begining all you will get is junk but after a while of doing the task
you will find that the rusty water is leading the way fresh water to
come out.

This article is the result of such cranking that I did just to shake
of the inertia I was trapped for last two days.

Hope this help in case you find yourself in such a condition.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Indian Aerospace News – 13/6/2009

From this post, every Sunday, I will carry a small round of Indian aerospace news.  I read a lot of Indian aerospace news and share them at but with this weekly post I will summarie and highlight some of them.

Times of India reports

Chandrayaan-1 has become the only space craft orbiting the moon after the mission by Japan ended on Wednesday night. India attained the unique status at 11.55 pm when Japanese mooncraft Kaguya crashed on the southern side of the moon. Isro officials said on Thursday that India rocketed into this ununsual position following the crash of Kaguya. "With the Chinese and Japanese moon missions having ended, Chandrayaan—1 is now the only operational spacecraft orbiting the moon,'' said a senior Isro official.

Another report about ISRO

Japan and India plan to launch their first joint space research project this year, an experiment in growing plants in zero gravity, a Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency researcher said Friday. The two Asian powers are set to launch a small and unmanned Indian-made satellite in October, carrying Japanese laboratory equipment, that is set to orbit for about one week at a height of around 600 kilometres (370 mile

Yet another proof of ISRO’s growing reputation.


The Tata Group and Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp. today completed an agreement for Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) to manufacture Sikorsky S-92(R) helicopter cabins in India.The first cabin is scheduled for delivery in late 2010 from a new greenfield facility that TASL will construct at Hyderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Domain B reports

Airbus officials have spoken about the need to open new production lines in the United States and India. While the Airbus move to establish facilities in the US would be an attempt to tap into the lucrative defence market, the move towards India would certainly serve the commercial aerospace manufacturing sector and come as a massive fillip for local companies already engaged in aerospace outsourcing work

And what does this mean, more jobs opportunities for aerospace professionals.

And quote the week…

Sikorsky Aircraft Corp President Jeffrey P. Pino.

"India's aerospace market is poised for significant growth, and we are thrilled to have the opportunities to support that growth and to tap into the capabilities of India's highly skilled aerospace workforce."

A Look Ahead.

The Paris Air Show will open on Monday under an uneasy pall, with plenty of reasons for gloom. Visit Paris Air Show 2009

Catia and solidwork

These are two cad software that i have extensivled covered in this
blog. I became aware of them only when I was in my last semester of
aesi and only saw solidworks for the first time when I joined NAL and
actually used catia 6 months latter.

I have worked with solidworks to design and cad model India's first
mixed flow compresor!

At present, I don't use any of this software. And I am doing fine in
life, in my career. So what the point in all this

The point is do whatever software that comes your way, because
ultimately many more software will flow in to your life. It doesn't
matter what software you get in training or what project you work on.
The point of software is they are just tools to an end. They are good
to have but they only work when you can apply them.

So whatever you are doing don't be bothered about these tools, there
are many and you don't have to learn all of them. Just carry on the
ones you enjoy and work on.

In the end it's your knowledge, wisdom and judgement that will matter
not the tools.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Few catia solidworks tutorial related po

In my last tutorial related post, I wanted to add some links to some
of the vedio tutorials of catia and solidworks that are sprinkled
across this blog. So this is a post to find those few posts.






3 things after exams

1. Learn a foreign language
2. Teach yourself programming a language preferebly c and fortran.
3. Read a book per week.

These are the three things that I will answer to any aesi student who
asks me what can he do for his professinal development during the
summer vacations.

And all of these are possible if one commits to put one hour daily on

Try it.

Last semester I made a similar post regarding what to do after exams,
find it by clicking the following link


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A quick update on the ebook that I promised

A quick update on the ebook that I promised I will bring out. The
project is still on and daily I am chipping at it.

The ebook is tentatively titled "After AeSI - career guide for AeSI

Basically it's 100+ page long and will include selected collection of
tips that this blog has to offer. It's a compilation. It includes tips
from section b to training to resumes cover letters and jobs. I hope
you guys will like it and it will be useful to aesi graduates and

As the chipping continues you can browse and read
all the aspect if things happening with AeSI!!

The tentative date for the release of the ebook is with the mext 30
days!! Hope I can make this deadline.

Explore- a simple and effective way to continue learning while working

From the days of my training in NAL after my last AMAeSI and to this
day I am doing this ritual.

Everyday in office I set 30 mins in which I just explore. That is my
exploration time. In my exploration time I just take up any software,
topic or something of interest related to office work and just tinker
with it.

Sometimes the tinkering is based on the previous thing I saw someone
do in the software or it might be a general excel dummy plots or just
eyeing the online helps of different softwares. But everyday, without
fail, I do my exploration.

What has it done for me?

It has taught me catia, ansys, solidworks, unigraphics, excel, vba,
macros, sco3, javascript, vbscript and many more software and languages.

This exploration has polished my excel, powerpoint and word skills.

While in NAL, this exploration was deliberate and consumed more time
but the habit formed in that phase stuck and I am still reaping
rewards of it.

So if you are doing training, or just joined work. Set up a daily
ritual for your workdesk and devote 15 to 20 minutes to explore
whatever fancies you on that day.

Here are some basic tips that you need to keep in mind.

1. Setup a time that is it can be first thing in the morning or just
before lunch or just before tea but set a time.

2. Now since this will not be an urgent thing, and office environment
throws so many unexpecterd tasks, you will forget it easily so set up
some reminders. Have your desktop wallpaper remind you. Or configure
your outlook to remind you to explore. Post a note underneath your
lunch box to remind yourself. Whatever you do the main idea is to
remember to do your exploration.

3. Thirly do something that is relevent to your work now or in future.
Don't just get on net and surf. Try a new excel trick you learnt
recently or try a new command in catia or simply browse through the
ansys manual. If you do it with a learning attitude you will always
take something valuable out of this experience.

Well that's it from my side and if you impliment it in your work life,
do share your experience here. I would love to hear from you.

Trust your instincts

Good words for anyone feeling confused about joining AeSI, about choosing stream for section B after AeSI exam results.

Note to myself from youth curry

It's really that simple.
And here's a tip for all those who wail but "I don't know, I don't know what I like". Hell, you don't.

But you do know what you DON'T like. List that down and make sure you are not entering that field of study. Believe me, no degree is as valuable as the application of mind and heart that you bring to the table.

To sum up the 'note to myself' for this season of admissions and decisions: Trust your instincts.

If your mind is confused and unsettled, listen to your body. If your hands go cold, your head feels heavy or your stomach wobbles - it means NO WAY JOSE.

Now go out there and conquer the world!

Need more advice search this blog.

This is blog about aeronautical society of india, about aesi members and companion site to the ouraesi club. Here I post what I think and feel about the ouraesi club,AMAeSI, aesi, aeronautics and aerospace. This blog began in december 2004 and since then I am posting tips on studies, amaesi  exams, results, resumes,coverletter, interveiws, solidworks, catia and anything remotely related to aesi!

Trend on aerospace hiring- some thoughts

I haven’t seen this myself , but this recent mail from Mr. Bishnujee was something that I wanted to post here.

Dear AeSI Engineers & Students,
I have been noticing that this year there has been steep decline in
Aerospace hiring for new Graduate graduating out from various Indian
Universities.I was checking on MIT,Chennai website, out of batch 41
under Graduate students in BTech only 9 have been hired with DRDO in
Aerospace Engineering role . Others have failed to secure any Aero space
position.Hiring rate for Aerospace position discipline with them is
21%.Similar was the case for IIT Madras whose listing for 2008 when
conditions were more favourable only 7 out of 20 registered that is
only 35% showing were placed in Aerospace Companies after completing
BTech in Aerospace Engineering in 2008. I believe it should be similar or
same trend elsewhere too. Seems to effect of recession in Aerospace
sector is showing up in hiring trend of Indian Aerospace Companies.
Hopefully things should be better in future and there is no need to
panic about the trend

Best wishes & good luck.
Bishnujee Singh


As Bishnujee said, no need to worry, just study hard, get good marks and build up your skills, opportunities will come your way!!!

And if I may add, improve your communication skills. This is one thing that can help you excel in any work that you choose to do in future.

Read more about this here

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

my-aesi over the years

This is how my-aesi, the blog about AeSI is progressing over the years.


It began with my transformation from section B to training then to my first paid job, then to my marriage.

Lots of stories behind this graph.

And the following brick chart, charts the progress of my this years goal of posting each and every day.



So far looks good. Thanks for reading!!!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Confidence should come from preparation not from question papers

Confidence should not depend on the number of questions you solve or
on the question papers. It should come from the fact that you
understand all the concepts that are in the sylabus and you know how
to apply them.

Confidence should grow from your base preparation and not from solving
question papers. Study of question papers is recommended to get
familiarity with the type of questions and knowing the pattern that
you can expect.

So don't base your confidence on question papers but base them on your

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Training with pay or without pay

The essense of training is to get yourself honed with the skills that
are needed in the industry!! So even if it comes without pay one
shouldn't be so worked up with this. An unpaid training with good
technical work is much better than a paid one with nothing to do!!

For my case, I was still in the last semester and was awaiting for the
results of last semester that I initiated my training. With help from
friends I knew I wanted to work for dr ramamurthy and I was lucky that
I got selected by him after a round if technical and personal

At that time he needed my programming skills and I was looking for
working on the interesting projects he was involved in. I was
specially interested in the small gas turbine project and the design
of India's first mixed flow compressor. It was my own initiative that
made it possible that I was able to work on both of them.

And the first six months I was with him, I worked on unpaid basis and
then I was offered to work on paid basis which I acceted and worked
there for the next year or so. Now in all this thing, I knew what I
wanted to learn and slowly and steady positioned myself to be a part
of those projects.

Initially I was just involved on the programming work, but in the side
I began picking up solidworks and as my mentor saw my skills he
assigned me on the mixed flow compressor design project. Similarly I
wanted to try out the stress software so I began tinkering with it and
this again caught notice of my mentor and I had the pleasure of
working on the critical speed calculations involving ansys.

So what's the take away from all this

1. Always seek and grab opportunities for training be it paid or
unpaid. The main question to ask before joining one is 'will the
training make me industry ready?'

2. This is your training so don't limit yourself on one software, one
project. Learn and move on to others. Learn and pick up new skills.
From catia, to solidwor

3. Your mentor might not know all your skills, nor will he have the
time to ascertain those. So expose them to him. Show him your
interest, ask him questions regarding them and find ways you can use
those to some project work of his.

4. Do the best in the work that's assigned to you. This is the work
will set the kind of work you will get from your mentor. Do be the
best in them.

Well these are some of the things that has helped me get the best out
of the my training and I hope this will do similar benefits to you.

Confused. Broken. Fragmented.

Confused. Broken. Fragmented.

Don't let this following phases describe your knowledge of what you
have studied in AeSI!!

Study with an understanding that you will need the knowledge that you
are studying. Know for certain that the knowledge of stress strain,
cycles, performance, gas dynamics etc. is not only needed for passing
the exams but will come handy once you get into the industry.

Most of the people I have met have fragmented and broken knowledge. So
whenever you are dealing with a topic make it a point that you learn
and understand the core concepts of it. Learn it in such a way so that
you can explain it coherently to someone or apply it when need arises.

Recently I had a similar experience and thanks to aesi, I had that
topic crystal clear eteched in my mind and out of the blue I was able
to convey it to a group of professionals the core of it and as I
perceived this simple act of mine uped my standing.

So pay attentions to the topics you are currently studying, don't
think they are only for the exams, learn then and understand then as
you might have to teach them.

Make a resolve now while still in aesi, that whatever you study, you
won't have it broken or fragmented!!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Enquiry regarding Aesi solved question papers!!

Recetly i got an email from someone with the following enquiry!

Sir, as you said you have studied in GIE, can you tell me if we can
get aesi notes and solved Aesi papers from there.

Sir gie is the place I have studied for my aesi, and no the place
didn't gave me aesi notes or aesi solved questions but it provided me
the far greater thing tgat is the knowledge to answer those question
for myself. It enabled me to prepare my own notes and improve on the
once I got along the way.

So my dear friend search for not the solved papers of aesi but instead
seek the knowledge. And if you are seeking quality knowledge, better
understanding and a good depth in aesi syllabus then head to GIE.

If you are seeking previous years question papers, then gie is the
place for you. Get them from there, address email and contacts of gie
can be found by clicking on the following link


And if you want to look at the lively discussion on the best study
centers for aesi then click the following link


Stipendiary training programmes in NAL

Following is the general information regarding training at NAL. Please visit the site for more information. Hope this helps.

The stipendiary training programmes for Diploma / Graduate / Post GraduateTraining Programmes

Applications for one-year training programmes at the Diploma, Graduate (BE/BTech/MSc/MCA etc) and post graduate (ME/MTech/MPhil only) levels are invited.Click here to access application form.

a) These programmes are designed to induct fresh Diplomas, Graduates and Post-Graduates in different disciplines to get an exposure to the various facilities and S & T developments and to take part in the ongoing R & D programmes of NAL. The duration of the stipendiary training programme is for one year.

b) NAL provides special opportunities to the reserved categories of the society. Among the programmes designed for them is the Dr. Ambedkar Trade Training Programme, exclusively for SC/ST candidates with ITI qualification in different disciplines.

Sl No. Training Programme                      Qualification  Stipend in Rs.

1 Project Post Graduate Trainee (PPGTP)  ME / M.Tech       12000

2 Project Graduate Trainee (PGTP)           BE / MSc / MCA  9000

3 Project Diploma Trainee (PDTP)             BSc / Diploma     6000

4 Dr. Ambedkar Trade Training Programme    ITI                2000

Project Assistant Programme

Applications for experienced candidates (1 year or more) under different categories are invited for NAL's project assistant programme.
Click here to apply online

Appointment of PAs on a contract basis purely temporary in nature for a duration not exceeding 5 years. Selection is against the notified vacancy in the project. Candidates can move from lower to higher level subject to performance review by committee appointed by Director.

Sl No.     Designation         Qualification                 Stipend in Rs.

1    Project Assistant – I  BSc / Diploma 1st class   8000

2    Project Assistant – II  MSc / BE / B.Tech       12000

3    Project Assistant – III  MSc / BE / B.Tech with 2 years experience or ME / M.Tech 14000

4   Project Assistant – IV   Ph.D   20000

5 Project Assistant – V Ph.D with 2 years relevant experience 25000

Project based temporary engagement
on contract basis

Sl No.    Qualification         Stipend in Rs.

1  Below SSLC                  4000-6000

2  ITI / NAC                     5000-9000

3  BA/BSc/BCom               7000-9000

4 Diploma                        6000-10000

5 BE/B.Tech                    9000-12000

6 ME / M.Tech               12000-14000

CSIR Diamond Jubilee Research Interns

CSIR has introduced a new HRD initiative – The CSIR Diamond Jubilee Research Interns Awards to be implemented in all the CSIR labs effecting from April 2003. The aim of the scheme is to induct 30 young Interns to work in the R & D environment to imbibe the spirit of enquiry and learning through participation The selection of candidates is done newspaper announcement followed by interview by a committee.

Qualification BE / MSc with 1st Class: all relevant branches with a stipend of Rs.7,500/- per month for a period of two years.

Junior / Senior Research Fellow / Research Associates

CSIR has instituted a large number of CSIR Fellowships (selection through competitive test) to encourage qualified young scientific and technical manpower to be grown and utilised for the cause of science and technology research in the country.

Qualification     Emoluments in Rs.

Junior Research Fellow  MSc with NET or BE with GATE    14000

Senior Research Fellow MSc / BE with 2 years Research experience or ME M.Tech  15000

Research Associates Ph.D or ME / M.Tech with 3 years experience 16000

Project training for students of  ME, M.Tech, MCA and MSc of all Universities

The students are required to carry out project work as a pre-requisite for completion of their degree. Project of interest to NAL are given to the students so that while students are exposed to the latest technological developments, NAL too benefits from the project work.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Simplest and effective technique for acheiving your goal

Doing the impoartant thing fast is one of the habits that I have
formed in the last couple of the weeks. Setting goals is ok. Aiming at
them is okay but if you don't have the discipline to work towards
them, then they are just waste.

So for the last couple of days I have made it a motto that I will do
the most important thing first. This single practise has resulted in
lot of rewards in my life. The goal I am working on is still far away
but the steady regular progress that I am making is a glowing reminder
and motivator.

So what is it that I did? For the coupe of weeks, within the first
hour of waking up I work on the task that is related to the most
impoatant goal of my life. I get up and instead of thinking what to do
next I begin at the already assigned work. There's no delay. I have
trained my body to getup and do the job first day in the mornng.
Every evening I set mself a specific task that will propell me near to
the goal.

So the take away from all this is if you want to get to your goal and
if it's important enough then make it a priority. Give it the first
hour of your day. If you don't think you have time , get up early.

So the simplest and most effective technique of acheiving goal is to
giving it the first hour of the day!!

Try it. It realy works!!!

Recipes tell you nothing. Learning technique is the key!

Recipes tell you nothing. Learning techniques is the key - Chef Tim

A wonderful quote that I came across today and it's so true for anyone
learning catia, solidworks, nastran, ansys or any CAE software.

Tutorials tell you nothing, learning the technique is the real deal.
No matter how many tutorials you do for catia, if you don't practice
the techniques outlined in the tutorial, you will never learn anything
solid. The mastery doesn't come from the tutorial but from the
practice of the techniques outlined. Tutorial is just the tourch
showing the way, real learning happens when you explore the path that
it showed.

So if you are hunting for the next catia tutorial or vedio tutorial of
solidwork, ask yourself have you travelled all the paths unearthed by
the previous tutorials? If the answer is yes then get some new onces
otherwise get back to the old and learn!!

Previously in this blog I have written a post on how to use a tutorial
effectively, please do find it by clicking on the following link

And read all about tutorials on this blog by clicking on this link

Best of luck for the amaesi exams

I know I might be late but anyways here's wishing you all the best for
the exams. May you rise and shine.

Always remember whatever be your preparation, however you revised, the
only thing that will matter during the examination in the exam hall is
your mental discipline. So be alert and positive.

Understand what the question is asking and deliver that.

Best of luck and stay positive during the exam!!!

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