Thursday, September 22, 2005

Character certificate

14-9-05 10:08 pm

Nothing great happened in Nal today, but had the opportunity to see, touch and dismantle the MGT gas turbine engine's combustion chamber.

It was nothing spectacular as such, a cylindrical mild steel piece about a foot long, 15 cm wide, with copper fuel tubes tangling at one end. But nevertheless touching and dismantling it did was a new and nice xp for me.

As we were doing this, harish, my bench mate at clocter control room,  remarked when i blurted out "what I'm doing here with this screws drivers and wrench". He replied, candidly, "The work at clocter before the computer is for the technical certificate and this one is for the character certificate!" Liked he point of view and how true.

Well, I'll continue this things keeping a balance on this things.

And  today i paste  and reread it, i realize that  this will also  help me learn about the various instuments  of  my  trade, even today, i ws re-introduced to  vernier Calipers!!!  

A fatal mistake

Well  as  you can see this  one i am posting  late  but this one is the day of the big  mistake,  lets  read it, even i have forgotten it.
9-9-05 10:18 pm

Well today did a big blunder at nal before my boss. I was drawing the curve of impeller blade but somehow my coordinates didn't matched.

It was a matter of same. I felt bad that i did such a mistake and haven't even realised that i did it.

There is one another thing, in all these days i didn't even see the things i was supposed to see.
This was not the only thing, i also saw that i was not at all resourceful and went to my boss without results. Now i have o make it an habit that i have to complete the task as soon as it it given.

This impeller design took a lot of my time which it shouldn't have. Lesson learnt from this episode was put work before your pleasures and personal work.

Approach sir as quick as you can. Interact and update him daily, tell him where u are and what u are doing.

And the biggest lesson is to minimize mistakes. At all cost minimize this silly problems. As i did today with the design, do a systematic check, eliminate all doubts. This is the way forward.

A good point that i learnt today while working on solid works about how to solve a problem is to eliminate all the lines little by little, with patience and systematically and finally you will know where is the wrong.

In all my work in clocter I'll do this and make sure that from now on errors are non-existent!!!

What's up

I haven't began that project report not even today. That's bad. But i was busy.

And before i dig into that let me tell you about 3 things i have to do from now on in clocter.
I need to do programs with basics.  Reading them only won't help, i need to get dirty and try my hands in it. I will use the graphics features of it and make myself comfortable in it.

I will also take bold steps in sir's program and try to emulate them.

Graphics, programming is good but programming the programs of my field is the challenge and this is what I'll learn here.

Another thing is about solid works. I tend to forget things so I'll make it a point to visit its tutorial by doing an example a day everyday.

I need to proficient in it     and nothing but practice will make it work. I don't want to be like prasanth, as he forgets things in solidworks when this is his base and he is doing this all the time.

Anyway, in matlab i will learn the programing part and simulink. Read and practice here is here again.

After a long time

6-9-05 11:30pm

Today was an ordinary day for me. did nothing extra ordinary, though the presence of a certain ms king from Imperial college london was the highlight of the day.

All the day,today went in decorating the clocter,the place of my work. Every department of propulsion division opened its stall there, show casing its acheivement. What benifit it would bring to NAL, i don't have a way to know, but i guess this exercise gave the divisions to poIish there creations and maybe a reminder of how little, how small there contribution is.

Talking about contribution, don't know which department of propulsion division is the most fruitfull. Will find it.

AeSI rule has changed

Hi  there, 
Well here's  a news from AeSI. I was not able to categorise the news on whether it is bad or good  due  to  lack of information. It  concerns the reappearing rule.  So here is the basic  text  of the mail sent to GIE by AeSI. Concerned  person note and the rest  of  us, lets  find out "Is it  good or bad news!!!"
The Governing Council has approved following update in the Rule No. 7 in the Rules for the Examination. This concerns options for students to improve scores in various subjects, comes in force with immediate effect, and now reads as follows:- "A student desirous of improving his/her score in any subject in which he/she has already secured a pass mark, may be given one extra chance to take the subject examination, and the higher of his/her two scores in the two attempts will be considered as his final score in that subject."
as  always

Why was i busy

Sorry  for  the  delay, i was busy and the attached  file is  what i was  busy on. This will be also an experiment to see if i can post  photographs  in my  blog via email.
Well if  you  can see the image, its an compressor impeller, i was busy  designing it and the image is the result. Please do  leave comments on what  do you think of this.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Been bit lazy....

Hi  there,  i  have been bit  lazy in updating this blog. Well thanks to  my new PDA that i have acquired. It  has been eating away  my  time and the fact that  i write so  much in it, it  made me forgot that i have to make them online too.
Well  3 small posts are in the pipeline, one of  which deals with my  brief experience with the MATLAB.
Its  a  cool  software and more i will post in my next  post.
Well as for the things i have learnt at  CLOCTER.  I can  now  declare that i can use SOLIDWORKS and i am now  actually  good at it.
Oh almost  forgot, one of the blog post  waiting to be posted is about my  first impeller design!!!!  OK  then see  you  latter.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Be very precise what you want to do.

Bishnujee  is  a  guy  that  mails in ouraesi club regularly and  i have one more quote from him and that i think is great and very motivating  it  is  "Be very precise what you want to do " and am i precise?
I guess i am but will need a little fine tuning. Will think of this  and make a mail.  

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Update on OURAeSI

As  of  today, Ouraesi membership  has swelled to 528 members and  no one would be more happy to  see this club flourish than me. Back in may 2002, when i first conceived and rolled the club out in the cyber space, i have this aim to reunite all the aesi'ans and to  give them a platform to interact.
Well, let this post be on what i was thinking when i initiated the club, Well in those day, i was new in chennai and had loads of question on which stream to choose, what is the best way to study flights and etc. and I found the available resources and people too sparse. And moreover my introvert nature was another hindrance to come forward and ask  someone new, so that necessity  gave birth to OURAeSI club.  Here i would like to  state that  this club was stated by me but the real driver were all those  people who joined this and drove it to where it is now. I can't  thank much to the support of Thean mani, Gururaj and Anshuman, who  gave tremendous support and inputs to make this club to what it is now.
I am glad OURAeSI club is there and i am happy to know this will remain and will flourish as  we come and go. 

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