Thursday, July 30, 2009

Which version of CAD or CAE software should you use?

Just after posting the previous post on using CAD CAE softwares, i
realized that I haven't tackled the question of which version of
software to use.

There are innumerable software and each have innumerable versions
available. So which one should you use? Is catia v15 better to catia
v10, or msc nastran is better than nx nastran?

I have seen students of aesi fret over version for days. They just
wait for the latest version without begining. They will wait 30 days
in the hope of laying hands on catia v15 than begining with catia v10
that is already installed.

That is wrong strategy. Begin with whatever version you have. In fact
starting with a lower version is better.

Newer version are always invariably easier to use, easier to work
with. And they have layers of abstruction to the end task, hiding
important details that might enable you to learn the process behind
the model.

GUI improves most in the latest version but you aren't learning a cad
or cae tool to judge a beauty content. You want to learn it to enable
you do the design and analysis.

So if you want to learn a software, begin with the version you have.
Lower the version, the more opportunities you have to understand the
process. Lower the version, the higher the chance of making human
errors, mistakes and thus higher the chances to learn. The more
mistakes you make, the faster you will learn!!

So start today. Start now with whatever version you have!!

Be educated not trained!! :)

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Which software to use? Advise to AeSI aerospace students!

In my previous post, I highted 3 softwares that I will recommend to
any propulsion (aerospace) engineer entering the industry. Though I
mentioned three specific softwares but they are certainly not the only
one used in the industry.

Those 3 were the softwares that I will take up if I were a fresh AeSI
graduate today.

Every organisation uses many different softwares. Even CAD, CAE
softwares vary from department to department. And these softwares also
change with each year.

I have seen catia replacing unigraphics and again next year catia
replaced by a brand new cad program in my department. So don't fret
about the softwares too much. They change like governments!

Start with whatever options that are available to you. But be
consistent. Consistent in putting in your time, consistent in sitting
with the software every day. Consistent in learning the tool.

Always remember, no matter what software you use, study or practise,
It's YOU who will matter ultimately in your design and analysis.
Softwares are just the tools that enable you to weive the magic!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Be educated not trained.

In all the software that you will pick up in aesi, aim for education
rather than being trained.

What does this mean?
Education means knowing what you are doing and knowing the why of
what's happening while training is just knowing how to use a
particular softeware.

You don't want to be cad operator after aesi, nor do you want to just
mesh model all your life. So when working with a software learn why
and what is actually happening inside rather than focusing on the how's!

Yes how are important but more stress should be put on the why. Once
you understand why and what is happening, you will easily figure out
the how.

So what can you do?

1. Do hand calculations. It will awaken the concepts of what you are
doing in nastran or ansys.

2. Ask why those innumerable options are there. Just entering values
mechanically isn't enough, know why and what this values represnt in
the whole process.

3. Try non defalult values. Try extreme limit vales in the options and
find out what happens.

4. Aim to fail. Failure to mesh, failing to revolve, failing to
analyze will help you more than success in any of this. Failure will
prompt you to look deeper. This is when you will learn what's going
inside the hood. So fail often!!

So these are some steps you can adopt to be educated in a software
rather than being trained.

So look inside the hood. Don't let the software to be just a blackbox,
where you give certain input and you get certain results. Know what's
happening inside.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Three softwares that I would recommend

Three softwares that I would recommend an aerospace engineer right
now.Specially for those seeking to enter the propulsion industry are

1. Unigraphics
2. Nastran
3. iSight

Yes these are the 3 softwares that keep coming to me each and every
day. So if you are to ask me 3 software I will give these three names.

If I were to pick one now, I will go with iSight as thats closest to
my passion of tinkering and I know knowing how to use that will enable
me to learn everything else in the list.

So take your pick. The list is not important. Your decision to pick
one and following it each and everyday is!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

5 lesson learnt from writing the ebook.

The ebook is ready. I like the way it finally came out. Now all that
is required is to setup the system so that it's available to everyone
for whom it is intended.

At the begining of the task I didn't realize that it was such a big
task. But it turned to be one. Here are 5 lessons I learnt in
compiling this ebook.

1. Plan ahead.
The ebook saw the light because I had planned ahead. I broke the
project into series of steps and I did try to do each one at a time.

For the ebook, the main tasks were gathering the material from the
blog. Organising the material, formating, making PDFs and finally

This were the high level steps, which were furthur broken down to
smaller tasks to get the work done.

2. Get maximum done in the intial push
This was perhaps the best thing I did for this ebook project.

Downloading some selected, related content from 750+ post of my-aesi!
I utilized the initial enthusiasm for the ebook to acomplish this
tasks within days of setting the goal to finish this project.

Since I have limited time and limited access to net, so this motivated
me to push through and I did the first two tasks of getting the
content and organising them fairly quick.

3. Keep off topic when stuck
After the initial two tasks, came the formating and this gave me
headaches. Literally I never thought formating will be so difficult.

I have written countless documents for office but never had any
formatting issue but this was not the case with this ebook.

I was stuck and it is at this stage of the ebook, I had doubts and I
wanted to scrap the whole project.

Here I just let go off the project and let it lay down low in my daily
tasks. I thought of ways to format and tried different formating
styles in word but never touched the ebook. I was incubating ideas. I
was waiting for inspiration. And I didn't wait in vain. Eventually I
did felt like picking the ebook and went with the first formating that
came to my mind.

Well it was not perfect but I tweaked and tweaked and got something I

4. Formating is the not trivial
As I found formating is not trivial. This was the greatest lesson for
me. Yes I have authored many reports and document but there was none
that big and as wordy as this project. The reports at office had
tables and graphs and some text sandwiched. But in this ebook text was
the bread. So had to learn few formating tricks!!

5. Chip in daily.
In the initial stage, enthusiasm of a big project sailed me through
two of the major tasks. But as I moved to next stage, the enthusiasm
eroded. The engine stopped.

This is were self discipline came handy. I had set an hour a day for
this project and even when I didn't feel like I have any desire to
work on this project, I chipped on.

I didn't feel like taking up the ebook, but I began tinkering with the
formating with some dummy reports. I began researching on the tools to
convert doc to pdf.

So even when I didn't do anything directly for the project, indirectly
I kept chipping. This not only help me save the project but made me
more confident in word and showed me numerous ways to convert word
documents to PDFs.

This were the lessons I have learnt in writing this ebook. I hope you
will pick up something from this experience.

I am at the final stage of launching the ebook. Do bear with me some
more. Hope you will like the ebook and find it useful.

Divide and rule

In programming the best way to code is divide and rule. The most
efficiet way to develop programs is to split the main tasks into
series of basic steps and then code the basic steps.

This is done by means of developing small functions, subroutine that
can be called from the main program. Same is true for accomplishing
tasks, goals and things in life.

Break your goals, projects into series of steps and then accomplish
the steps one at a time.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

4 ways to have productive work in a sun system.

1. Know the use of semicolon.
2. Know how to write alias in sun Solaris
3. Know how to crease csh file or shell script
4. Know the use of foreach command

Knowing this four things can massively increase your efficiency and
productivity while working on sun Solaris system.

here are some tips of using sun Solaris effectively.

copy recursively in sun Solaris : cp -r foldename/filename
acrobat reader in sun Solaris : acroread filename
remote login in sun Solaris : rlogin computer name
for text calendar type "cal" at the terminal.
"dtcm" shows you calendar in sun Solaris
"sun forum" can be used to chat over sun intranet or network

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Aerospace Engineer's Salaries

A lot of people has asked me this query lately and I have already written a post regarding a month back, and when I saw this latest on aerospace engineer's salary, I couldn't stop myself in posting it here..

here's a US centric outlook and salary structure. Hope this will help. In India, the story is similar and though not as lucrative as IIM's salaries. :)

Aerospace Engineer's Salaries

In 2008 the middle 50% earned between $61,180 and $94,340. The lowest 10% earned less than $49,920, and the highest 10% earned more than $120,760. Median annual earnings in the industries employing the largest numbers of aerospace engineers in 2008 were:

Federal Government: $78,310
Search and navigation equipment: $75,100
Aircraft, parts and components: $76,420
Guided missiles, space vehicles and parts: $73,490

AeSI, Education and AeSI's aerospace eng

A recent mail of bishujee prompts this post. In the mail Bishnujee
asks students and graduate to not to post just the negatives of aesi.
I can understand his concern. There is also positive side of aesi. In
fact, in this blog I have posted writing of many aesi engineers, who
have hailed aesi and it's education.

I do love amaesi and I am proud of it. And I see lots of aesi
graduates do share the similar sentiments.

It's this degree and education that enables me to work for the world
second engine manufacturer. It's with the same education that i see
lot of aesi aerospace engineers doting all the major and minor
aerospace companies of India and world.

Aesi engineers are everywhere from Airbus, Rolls-Royce, HAL, NAL,
ISRO, Boeing, NASA, satyam, TCS, infosys, ansys, Honeywell, GM, GE,
Goodrich, Altair..... you name any aerospace firm and look around you
will find an aesi aerospace engineer!!

From CAD to CAE, from CFD to design, from avionics software
development to performance, every field is covered by aesi. From top
to bottom, aesi enginners are making there mark.

Click on the following links to find all those posts where aesi
aerospace engineer at some point of their career declare "we are proud
of aesi!!!"

Please share your positives experience about aesi here.

As I have already mentioned earlier. Always remember, if you don't
respect your degree, no one else will!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Time, Change and AeSI

Times have change and Internet is been the agent of change.

AeSI is also not immune to this change. This changes began when I was still in AeSI, but out batch has the unique opportunity to see both.

I still remember when we had to call AeSI Delhi, and a harsh voice from the other end, barked at us on the mention of AeSI results. Even as we tried to decipher what to say next, the phone was slumped back and all we got was a dial tone and 10+ Rs bill being printed by the noisy std phone machine. Second call never happened. Now, all we need to do is fire up google and type AeSI June 2009 results and we know if they are out or not!!! :)

Finally when we knew the result is finally out and many have got there results out, we went and called again, feeding money to the std shop guy, this time the chap seating at the other end of the phone line, leisurely asked roll num, registration number... fail, ED pass, rest fail and bang went the phone leaving us dazed!!! This was what happened when I began AeSI...

Now it's much better with results posted on the website ( if you don't know), no need of calling, wasting money and listening to the barks, just launch a browser and get the AeSI results for any roll number you want...

So the next time when you are checking your results, be thankful. Realize how far AeSI has come in this few years. I Hope this progress continues and does go deep into the places where it matters, like transparency in exams, help in placement and support of AeSI graduates...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How I used to setup a study routine for next semester

Setting up a routine was the first step that I took when I was in aesi?

Just before the announcement of aesi results, I used to sit and take
stock of my time and subjects and made a routine for the upcoming

I didn't follow the routine always but most of the time routine gave
me the ability to just begin. It automated many of the decisions I had
to make when sitting to study.

Since I had already assigned fixed hours to a particular subject, so I
didn't had a dilemma of what to study next? All I needed was a glance
at the routine, and I knew where my next hour is going to be utilized.

Here are some of the points that you might find useful while making
your own study routine.

1. Decide how much time you have per day. Keep it modest. Early
enthusiasm points that we can should alot the maximum hour available,
but the best strategy that I found is set a resonable minimum hours.
Set the number of hours that you are sure you will put into study no
matter what.

2. After the hours, decide on the subjects. Ponder on the lengh and
the structure of the subjects? Are they all theory or all numerical or
which section dominates

3. After deciding on the hours and the subjects, now is the time to
fit the subjects to the time available.

4. But before that, set the first half hour or an hour, whichever is
convenient to revise what you have learnt the day before. Yes revising
should be a part of your study routine. Begining early will enable you
to keep everything fresh. As the semester will progress the lengh of
revision hour will increase.

5. After the revision hour, set 30 mins a day ( any time you like) to
do exploration. This is the time when you just explore any topic that
you studied that day. It's not study but a time when you can dig
dipper and learn about a topic more deeply. You might want to use
wikipedia or google or a magazine or off course book for this kind of
exploration. This enables you a fresh prespective and keeps the
interest alive.

6. For the Rest of the remaining time, fill in the subjects, mix them
well. Theory with numerical and vice versa. The idea is to keep the
interest alive and not to be burden with studies.

7. Last and the most important point for making your own study routine
is think your week to have 6 days!! Yes 6 days!! Keep one full day
off. No studies on that day. That day is reserved for any hobby,
networking or anything that you are passionate about. This is the day
you test your passion, experiment and just live. An unplanned day
within 6 planned day will help you navigate your study ship to its
correct destination, help you ponder on your progress.

Hope this points will help you write a routine that maximises your
efforts in time for a fruitful next semester.

After this all that is required is execution. So come on execute.
Commit to yourself that you are going to follow this routine for the
next 30 days. And then do it. If you can continue for the 30 days, it
will become a habit.

So after making the routine, commit the next 30 days for following it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Why keeping minimum hour is so essential?

If you are reading this blog for quite sometime then you might have
seen that I encourage setting some minimum hour for any project task
you work. For learning I encourage setting a minimum hour that you
will for studying, same goes for learning a software, and for any
program or work task you are doing.

Why is setting that minimum hour is so important?

1. Because accidents happen.
2. Because initial zeal runs out.
3. Because it's better to have a small success than having a big
4. Because it's about sustaining for longer period of time.
5. Because cruise is more important than takeoff.
6. Because intermittent burst of power are not useful.

As you are getting ready to begin your next semester, remember that in
planning a new routine, set a minimum hour of study than ambiously
setting 8 hours of study.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


However you look at it, in my book, if you are not doing anything, you
are stagnant! If you are standing still, you are roting.

Inaction, staying at one milestone is just like being the lamp post
which street dogs use for their personal business.

My net connection here is in the same stagnant state. It's still off
and i am hoping it will be corrected by the end of tuesday.

Till that time, I have just this suggestion to everyone reading this
blog. Don't be stagnant. Not in your career, not in your life. Keep
moving. Keep learning and march forward. That's what life is all about.

Use ouraesi, my-aesi, AeSIAA

4 ways to use ouraesi, my-aesi, AeSIAA

Answer questions.
Ask questions.
Share something.

If you are not doing any one of these then you are wasting your time
in aesi!

Being perfect and avoid getting stuck

Sometimes trying to be perfect blocks us in making something. While
learning a cad or cae software, remember this. It will save you from
loads of frustration that comes knowing you are stuck.

Getting stuck in search of getting something perfect is stupid,
instead try experiments, keep moving your mouse and try out all the
thoughts you are getting. This is the best utiliization of time when
you are sitting infront of a software. Thinking and only thinking is
just a visicious vortex that will keep you imobile for a long time.

At best try to avoid it and if you stuck in the vortex of non
activity, the best way to come out of it is to begin working. Just
model anything that you see infront of you! Just begining breaks the
ice and continue with the ice breaker for sometime willingly. This
activates the faculty of mind that is again back at charge.

So try this two techniques, when you see yourself going into a slump.
Whatever cad or cae software you work on, avoiding the perfection trap
and just begining are the two things that will take you far.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lull in posting

Why there is a sudden lull in the post? If you are wondering about
this then be assure the posts are ready. The problem is with delivery

The Internet at my end is acting up so posts have hard time escaping.
Hope this issue will be resolved by tonight.

Another reason for slowing down is that I am concentrating my time on
finishing the ebook. Formating and beutification took lot of time.
It's still at the gate but will surely come out by next week.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

AMAeSI result

If you wondering when the results of amaesi exams is going to come,
then don't wonder. It's always been out in august and this semester
seems no different.

If I know aesi correctly then the results will be due in begining of
the second week of august.

So stop thininking about the results, get a copy and plan out your
next semesters routine. Don't wait for the results to plan. Get into
the study mode now. Setup a minimum hour that you will put and start
the walk.

No need to be grand and ambitious in planning but begin taxing now.
Roll the ball and keep the inertia going.

So if you are waiting for the amaesi results, you have two choices.
One is to just wait and watch and the other option is to slowly get
your engines started. The choice is yours.

Begin with a clean slate

As many of you might know google is coming out with it's very own
browser called chrome os.

The thing that struck me was how it is doing it. Just like the google
chrome bowser, chrome os is an attepmt by google to begin with a new
slate. They have left all presssumptions behind and are delving in the
operating system with a new clean slate. Just like the browser which
they have introduced few months back.

So what's the takeaway for all of us. See my math teacher at gie also
had a similiar saying, to learn you need to accpet that you are
ignorant. Same way if you want to learn a cad software, a cae
software. Remove all your assumptions that you might have about the

Start afresh. Start with a clean slate. Forget what you know, what
limits you know the software has when you begin learning a software.
Forget everything, clean up your mind of any preconceived idea.

Same thing can be applied for the next semester that will truly begin
once you get the amaesi results.

Forget what you know of a subject, what you have learnt. Start with
clean state, with the syllabus and begin from the start. Make
different connections, different mental pictures for all the things
you learn.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Will you recommend AMAeSI to your friends and family - revisited

Back in July 2007, exactly 2 years back I posted this poll "Will you recommend AMAeSI to your friends and family." and the poll is still going on.

As I revisited it I saw that No is still wining. And I found many interesting comparison that people made about AMAeSI. Chief among them were.

AMAeSI course is like AIDS. and Doing AeSI is like walking in a dark alley with a moving target.

Here are some of the reaction that it has generated for that particular question. Please add your comments at the end of it and tell us what will you say if someone ask you,  "Will you recommend AMAeSI to your friends and family."

SREERAJ said on Jun 11 2009, 02:04 AM:

Indranath said on Jun 04 2009, 09:32 AM:
hi 4rnds I want to study AMAeSI from Bengal inst of Technocrats, kolkata. please tell me that what are the subject I have to take in my 1st semester. there is no practical facility in the mentioned college.

RIYAS said on May 24 2009, 11:53 PM:
Hard work n commitment are essential in our life. Going ahead with AeSI for such people doesn’t create any problem, so I recommend only 2 do AeSI.

Shruthi said on Feb 10 2009, 07:24 AM:
AMAeSI is definitely hard but not impossible like how some other people here are saying! I am currently doing my 4th semester and I have passed 8 subjects of Section A. True u have to work much harder than normal BE or B.Tech students but the knowledge you gain is far more than the others students, that’s why the first 20 ranks in the GATE examinations are usually taken up by AMAeSI students! Hard work and determination. As for Job prospects? The sky is the limit. I recommend if your ready to study hard.

SUDHAKAR DARSI said on Dec 26 2008, 07:22 AM:

KISHORE said on Nov 15 2008, 09:40 AM:

e.ramesh said on Sep 10 2008, 04:45 AM:
Many private engg colleges collecting huge fee, no infrastructure, lack of qualified and experienced faculty even no books in libraries, so this is an alternative and economy for middle class people, do this and achieve your goal through this way, many people benefitted by this way

ramesh said on Aug 08 2008, 05:51 AM:
plz give me details of aeronautical engg. is JNTU,HYDERABAD IS GOOD .WHATS THE AVERAGE SALARY THEY ?DRAW?,,,,,,,,,,,,

Nutan Dev said on Jul 18 2008, 07:30 AM:
I support 4 the peoples' opinion for not recommending AMAeSI, but can anyone tell me then going 4 regular BE in Aeronautics and colleges appropriate for this course. It would be a great favor if anybody does it

trushit said on Jul 01 2008, 11:13 AM:

Aewa said on May 15 2008, 08:52 AM:
If you study this course you will get a thorough knowledge in the field of Aeronautics

rameez said on May 15 2008, 03:20 AM:
I sacrificed my two years just realizing what this course is all about u just lurk in darkness without having anyone to guide, like just shooting in darkness blindfolded

sourav said on Apr 14 2008, 10:54 AM:
I am just frustrated with this course in my 1st year itself. it seems that I have come to hell. a student can't enjoy real college life.

shashank said on Apr 11 2008, 02:56 AM:
Going for AeSI is like going for target who u can see before moving but once u follow that u will lose most important years I can’t tell how many because only few are the ones who achieve that and the one who achieves is on the seventh heaven so try for btech through competitions like IIT , aieee ,uptu etc. best of luck

Jagdish said on Mar 21 2008, 11:27 AM:
well, I have completed diploma in electronics and telecommunication engineering from IETE-Delhi its also a distance learning course like AMAeSI, now let know something about AMAeSI 1. Its is an govt. recognized course but not AICTE approved or UGC 2. Its very very difficult course, and there are few persons who know about this course 3. Its is easy to says 4 yrs degree course but only few body can pass AeSI within 4yrs. 4. this course is for who they doing service like in air force, navy, or other private companies, if you have lower score in 12th or diploma then try to prepare for JEE, AIEEE, and join IIT, MIT, anna university, UP technical collage, punjab university or other top university in India, or you can study abroad for aeronautical or aerospace engg. but keep in mind that try to avoid AeSI for making your future.

Nirmala said on Mar 18 2008, 07:31 AM:
I am confused. Are we talking about aircraft maintenance course or AME as popularly known? Is AME good to pursue? Pl. advise.

rajesh said on Feb 19 2008, 09:32 AM:
It is the worst course because of this course so many students waste their valuable time & money. don't believe this course it is just like AIDS this course will spoil your career & my suggestion is to continue the regular course. please don't believe this course. because I am one who is suffering by this course from 1ST semester. after joining this course I have realized that this course is having no value at any cost

Debabrata Bhowmick. said on Jul 18 2007, 08:05 AM:
I just cant recommend other for we know its too tough to clear all the papers within 4yrs..even we r not satisfied with our paper checking,question pattern, so AICTE approval degree is better. at least they can complete their degree within 4yrs. so just forget about AESI.

ramzaan said on Jul 11 2007, 12:53 AM:
I kindly suggest to any one don’t come to this course for aero engg u go to IIT’s or isro started new college ....... do your best in 12th n try to crack iit jee or aieee........ otherwise go though any regular course its cheapest course but u have to face lot of problems n have to spend min one yr more to join t our job so if u have that DUM then only dare to do it!!!!!!!!!!

sunil wani said on Jul 10 2007, 07:44 AM:
AMAeSI qualification is very good better than any other college and univercity courses.

kamanasish biswas said on Jul 08 2007, 09:50 AM:
no I'll never recommend this course to any body. the time usually, its take to complete the course is horrible. then comes the % of marks. its always better to go for regular engg. college at least then one will be eligible for everything.

Suprabh said on Jul 07 2007, 07:41 AM:
No I will never recommend it to anyone A regular BE has more recognition and opportunities than us. We also don't have vivas and assignments.

dhanya said on Jul 07 2007, 07:41 AM:
In this fast changing world demanding very skilled & experienced workers i doubt about the job opportunities for this course.

mohsin said on Jul 07 2007, 02:49 AM:
Though we are struggling like anything but only few people know about this course. there are no campuses nothing.... most of us either go for PG or non pay vote is NO...

jagan said on Jul 06 2007, 07:16 AM:
hi friends most of the members say that AeSI is the future. But in order to sustain in the field of aero we need the degree. Nowadays getting AeSI degree within time is being dream, more we are being exposed present student trend in colleges. so, I will vote for no, any how the standard of AeSI has no competition in India.

basant said on Jul 06 2007, 02:39 AM:
I do not think I would ever do that! its better to pay a sum of money and get a degree in aeronautics from a private engg college rather than slug it out in the dark alleys of AeSI. After all that we have suffered I strongly recommend that do not join AeSI. Being in AeSI u seem to miss the charm of doing regular B.E Degree. It takes time to get the required respect in ur work place too.

Jacob said on Jul 06 2007, 12:51 AM:
I will not recommend AeSI to anyone. A regular BE has more recognition and opportunities than us. As Mr. Kishore has correctly pointed out, this is the real world. The effort required to complete this course is not worth it. The brilliance required to complete this course could be utilized where one can get some good results. Though you gain something but you stand to loose lot more than you gain.

Roop kishore said on Jul 06 2007, 12:12 AM:
No I will never recommend it to anyone, I’m not saying that this course is bad but the whole process of this course is nothing but a torture, and these r not my words this is from someone who holds a responsible position in society itself. well in my words, the society authorities r just for namesake,whenever we try to communicate with them they abuse us, well apart from that when u somehow complete it, then starts real problems, no recognition, unpaid trainings,treatment like an uneducated laborer. a graduate from any regular college will be given better salary for the same post but not to us. the process most of the time takes so much of time that we after completing it end up somewhere else, coz in this whole frustrating and long journey we loose our passion and energy , we forget y we joined this particular course and we in end satisfies with whatever comes our way, coz there r people waiting for us to complete, they r dependent on us, n they have almost lost hope on us. so if in the end if we r going to satisfy with anything then y opting for this torture. go to any other college and feel the college environment , coz I really feel that in this whole process I missed this important thing of life. some people may not agree with me but all this I have personally experienced and I can tell u the names of so many students and graduates who r going through the same n heading towards satisfying for anything. so I will never recommend this course for anyone.

Ravi said on Jul 05 2007, 11:45 PM:
From missing college environment point of view, by not having any stipulated time duration, from percentage of marks scored and for many other reasons it's not advisable to do this course.

Paras malviya said on Jul 05 2007, 07:45 PM:
Go for University Driven BTech from Panjab Engg College or MIT, in case didn't qualify for IIT BTech Aero Degree. But just don’t do AMAeSI.

Arivukkarasu.M said on Jul 05 2007, 11:08 AM:
first I would suggest regular colleges because we are missing a lot in AeSI like practical classes.those who are very well interested in aeronautics but unable to join in colleges can join us.

Manish Chauhan said on Jul 05 2007, 10:19 AM:
If you are looking for positives from this course then....I would like to say that I have developed qualities like HARDWORK,DEDICATION,SELF-CONFIDENCE during AeSI....and these are enough to excel into the field....I don't think one develops such qualities during simple B.E.

Sudhir Joshi said on Jul 05 2007, 09:23 AM:
I suggest to join the regular College first but if not able to join (due to some circumstances) then it is better to join the Course specially AMAeSI. As Students learns a lot in Engineering College : New opportunity,Campus environment, Regular Practical , Interaction......

sukhbinder said on Jul 05 2007, 07:01 AM:
Unless the society as such doesn't change I am very reluctant to recommend AMAeSI to anyone let alone friends and family. Examination and transparency is the most needed in AeSI. Or it will just remain the money generating wing of AeSI!!!

Rohit Kumar said on Jul 04 2007, 09:47 AM:
I would suggest students to take up this course simply because of the fact that its the course of the future. Aerospace industry is booming in India and we are short of aeronautical engineers.

Prasath said on Jul 04 2007, 04:55 AM:
AeSI students need to complete with in stipulated time. due to longer time period students are suffering to settle.

N.Srinivasan said on Jul 03 2007, 11:30 PM:
yes it is true what Uma Maheshwar said . Many of the students r suffering badly as I am one among them . It is better to go to the regular college scoring high percentage completing within a fixed period and can apply for all colleges for higher studies.

sadasivam said on Jul 03 2007, 12:31 PM:
Not necessarily. By doing AMAeSI one can aim going for a PG in a short period. He will the so called environment there. Even otherwise there are lot many opportunities now in airline sector on maintenance.

Uma Maheshwar Y said on Jul 03 2007, 07:28 AM:
I suggest the students to undergo regular college environment. By doing A.M.Ae.S.I, one has to miss many career opportunities.

So tell me Will you recommend AMAeSI to your friends and family?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Indian aerospace news – 12/07/2009 edition


GE India, the $2.8 billion industrial giant, plans to invest $6 billion till 2015 in medical systems, services and IT tailor-made for rural India

Also, GE, the parent company, is looking at making India the sourcing hub for aerospace parts and healthcare products and is in the process of developing a supply chain for this. Read more here

GE Aviation, one of the world's leading manufacturer of jet engines for both commercial and military aircrafts, is looking at sourcing $100 million of aero parts from India…… read it here


In the first segment of his study of the Chinese and Pakistan military programmes and their impact on India, M P Anil Kumar, a former fighter pilot of the Indian Air Force, noted how China's military space programme could pose a threat to India. In this concluding piece, he looks at India's muted plans for space warfare.


TATA Advanced Systems and Sikorsky Aircraft ink pact for cabins

Sikorsky Aircraft Corp, a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation recently completed an agreement for TATA Advanced Systems Limited to manufacture Sikorsky S-92 ® helicopter cabins in India.
The first cabin is scheduled for delivery in late 2010 from a new Greenfield facility that TASL will construct at Hyderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Read more here

HAL to Manufacture India's Homegrown Saras multi-role aircraft

Despite a recent accident which claimed the lives of three pilots, and its expensive price tag of $8 million, India’s homegrown multi-role “Saras” aircraft will still be acquired by the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Indian Navy, reports India Defence Online. The prototype of the Saras aircraft was being developed by the Bangalore based state-owned National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL) had crashed recently and claimed three lives and no official reason was cited. The inquiry commission appointed by the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is yet to give its report on the Saras crash.


read this 

Girl who fell from the sky and lived

and this interesting article on

Manufacturing: The long road from coal and steel to high-technology

Measure and store – one tip to have productive office life

Anything that is not measured is going down the drain.

Well tell me how are you capturing the things that you are learning on a daily basis.

Working in office environment is a learning experience and each and every day you are learning something new. Sometimes the thing we learn is huge and some time its just little small bricks that add up to a wall.

In my own office life, I have seen I pick up small shortcuts, little un-mentionable details that make my work life so easy and productive. This small details are the cements that hold the big piece of our work and projects shine. So are you recording them?

Do you think your mind is keeping all the small things that you are learning?  what is your way of registering the things that you learn. how are you making sure that all this tiny nuggets of wisdom that help you complete one project after another are not slipping down.

Our mind is fickle, it registers and the big stuff and it will only remember the things that come to us repeatedly but will tend to slip on the small stuff that helped us complete the assignment, so don't entirely rely on your mind to remember all the small details of your work. Make sure you have a system or place to capture the stuff.

For me its a little text file where I record the little nuggets of inputs. its simple, its on my desktop and every time I learn something small or significant and something i want to remember, I pop up the file and add it there.

This simple but effective technique has saved me hours of work, increased my productivity and enabled me to impress my colleagues...  Yes since I record all the small things I learn, its always comes handy when any colleague of mine has any problem in his assignment, I always find something that can help him..

Since its a text file has the advantage of moving around and I can use it in any location that I work.

So how are you capturing your learning. Don't let them slip by... get them in somewhere before they fade away because of non use...

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Follow your passion

I am in uk right now and one of the most useful thing that I have
observed and learnt here is that people here are passionate about
something in their life.

Just an hour back met a 48 year old guy, who has the passions of
bikes. He literally loves anything on two wheels. He came to our house
and picked up a bike that needs repair. He came driving 10 miles just
to get that bike and repair it for free on the coming weekend.

I know a friends mentor who is passionate about hot air ballons, and
sky diving. He is 50+ and still pursues his hobby passionately.

A guy from office is passionate about riding bikes and he drives
Hardley davidson to work. Recently he broke his arm while setting a
new speed record of 150 mph. Really impressive an brave attempt.

So what's the takeaway in all this. Look at yourself and work on your
passion. Even if you have a day job that isn't interesting step up and
utiize your non office hours. Do something useful on things that you
really like.

For these people the day job don't end their life but it begins after
office when they start on their passion. So if your day job doesn't
reflect you, create that reflection in the hours after office. Don't
let time an execue, follow your passion.


As I mulled in my previous post that coming up a post each and every
day is difficult. But in that post i failed to mention the best way i
overcome it.

I overcome it by just starting. Yes even if I don't know what to write
on what topic to write I just begin. I begin with whatver thought that
comes to my mind at that time, I don't cut my thing, nor do I judge, I
just write.

Most of the post that I like in this blog have come out because of
this practise of begining.

As Nike says just do it. It's the best mantra to push interia back.
Just begin doing it.

Similiar technique can be applied when you don't feel inspired to
study, to practise the software tool you are learning or simply do not
feel like taking up your work assignment.

Whenever you find yourself in such a situation. Just start. Don't
think just begin.

I don't know why it works but it works and after the initial thrust
everything comes out good.

Don't just read it. Remember to try it.

# end

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AeSI's AMAeSI study center in north india

Creating content for this blog has been a touch job. It's easy
sometimes but other times it's just a pain to think of something to

Writing is easy but coming up what to write that holds me, but as
always as with other blogs, I get ideas on things to write from my
wonderful audience, and from the mails I receive on my posts.

Lately there were few mails who asked me about aesi institute that
they can join in northern part of India. Some have a job and for some
it's not an option to come down to south.

Institutes in dehradun, from my personal experience, I know are there
for the money and only money.

So can anyone who has experience on the institute of north India share
his experience or thoughts in the comments, so people searching for an
aesi study center in north India will benefit.

Please do take a moment and write about it here in the comments!!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Tips on How to Answers Interview Questions

Two weeks back had  good slide show on some personal interview question and how to answer them. Its still there at this following link.

While reading the tips on how to answer interview questions, I noted down the main points, and here they are for all of you to ponder on. you will see how many of them are similar to what I have always advocated in my-aesi blog

  • Your CV will be your best companion in interview, so identify your skills and match them with the requirements
  • Stop your answer at the right place to provoke the second question you want.
  • Why do you want to change? For better prospects in terms of experience, exposure and earnings
  • Understand the requirements of the job. Identify your skills and match the two
  • Do I have to meet all the requirement? Understand the job requirements properly and if you meet most of the requirements, you can say that you meet most of the requirements and you will be happy to learn whatever you don't know
  • For the salary: If you have to give a figure, mention a range rather than the exact figure and don't keep the range too broad.

Read more about interview, resume and coverletter  by clicking on the links.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Indian aerospace news roundup – 5/7/2009 edition

Every Sunday, I round up the Indian aerospace related news and present few of them here in this blog. This weeks editions

Recession and student trends

With the global recession hitting the Information Technology (IT) industry hard, there seems to be a heavy flow of students towards B.E./B.Tech. courses in mechanical and civil engineering this year. There is a run on seats in polytechnics too for diploma courses in mechanical and civil engineering. If students in the past few years preferred a degree in engineering to a medical degree, the situation has reversed now. Medical and paramedical courses, and also veterinary courses in Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University are in great demand.

Prof. Mannar Jawahar, Vice-Chancellor, Anna University, Chennai. , argued that India and China had not suffered as much as the U.S. in the current economic downturn.

MiG-23 become new lab rats

Russian-made MiG-23 fighter jets, phased out in March by the Indian Air Force (IAF) after nearly 30 years in service, haven’t entirely outlived their utility. The aircraft are being converted into laboratories and workshops for aeronautics students.

“Displaying the jet in the lab excites (students) than showing (it) on a computer,” says J. Chandrasekhar, chairman, department of aerospace engineering at Amrita School of Engineering near Coimbatore.

Teaching of aerospace or aeronautical engineering has advanced from textbook drawings and dummy models to three-dimensional computer graphics, but the course has for long been restricted mainly to the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore and some Indian Institutes of Technology.

Over the past few years, though, increased demand for aeronautics engineers has encouraged several colleges to add the subject. In just the past three years, at least 20 colleges in Tamil Nadu have begun offering aerospace and aeronautics courses, says A.K. Natesan, chairman of Excel Engineering College in Tamil Nadu’s Namakkal district.


Indian space science to help in Mars exploration

“Earlier, several questions used to be raised on developing country like India getting into space science. But, our scientists have proved critics wrong and played a significant role in scientific advancements of the country,” Rao said, hailing the successful indigenous Indian space missions. “Today, we have reliable Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle and Geo Stationary Launch Vehicle for launching our ownsatellites into space. These are used for communication, education, agriculture and other purposes. Indian space science has proved that we are second to none in the world.” U R Rao, Physical Research Laboratory's governing council & former chairman of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

Read this beautiful account on what it means to go to moon.

Because our endeavours into outer space have given us more than just Teflon and Tang. It has given us water purification systems, smoke detectors, high density batteries, athletic shoes, flat-panel television sets, food packaging and freeze-dried technology. It has lead to the invention of self-righting life rafts, of the fire resistant material used by firefighters, and of radiation insulation. Earthquake prediction systems. Breast cancer detection. MRI machines. The portable X-ray.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Range and Endurance - How to Finish Project Faster?

Range and endurance. Though both are important, but you cannot have
both of them at the same time.

Range means getting the maximum output for a given amount of
motivation, while endurance means being at the work for the longest
time. Range means being productive at constant rate but only for a
small stretch of time, while endurance is putting in the minimum work
for a longer time.

When one begins a project, whatever that might be, she should shoot
for range. That is get maximum done at the start. And then change gear
to get maximum endurance, that is doing little bit everyday by putting
in the time for long. This is the stategy that one should adopt while
study, while learning a software tool or in working on a job assignment.

In my recent project, I took advantage of the early enthusiasm and got
the first prototype ready within two day. I used my motivation as the
fuel to propel the project to a certain point where I can now shift my
focus from getting something done to perfecting what I have built. So
most of the task I will have now can be done by just putting in some
time into the project each and everyday.

Shift your focus from range vs endurance to range and endurance and
you will get things done faster!!!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Easy stuff or difficult stuff!!

Both of them are important, both have their own value, both can teach
you valuable lessons.

Doing easy stuff gives you the motivation, energy and spring you to
bounce back. While doing hard stuff enables you to learn new things,
helps you keep active and help you to challenge yourself.

So always mix hard and soft stuff. Have hard and easy stuff in your
life. A healthy dose of both is essential. They will increase and
perpetuate your knowledge. So how do you apply this in your studies,
training, and job.

In studies always make sure you are studying something new everyday
and revising something that has been studied. Revising is easy just
rehearse what you have learnt in the previous day. This mixes the
whole routine and helps you get more out of your study time.

In training, the same core principle applies, add new skill and
explore the already known skills. If its catia, then pracitise the
same old loft but find out about the cloud point import. Similarly in
hypermesh do Old and new stuff together. This will help you get the
best of the software. And learning will be much more rounded.

In job don't remain stagnant, stir things up weekly, make a
presentaion, develop a company specific tool and basically take
initiative at new things while contributimg towards the daily work

So mixing hard and soft has advantages and if applied inteligently can
earn you successful degree, fruitful training and a sparkling career.

For reading more tips on career do click the following links.





Saturday, July 04, 2009

Tip to get out of slump - clear the desk!

Clear the desk. One of my frequently used technique is to clear the

Sometime I see my productivity at office snow dive and there's nothing
I can stall this fall. Even if I remember the tasks to be done, I
still don't have the enthusiasm to chase those.

It's at this time that I take the time to clear my desk, organize my
inbox, clear my drawer and fill my dust bin. Almost all the time this
simple exercise has set me to the right mood. Everytime it has
provided the extra thrust that recharges and increases my altitude. I
get back to my goals and tasks of the day re-energized and recharged!!

So whenever you are facing a slump, try cleaning things up. Start with
your work desk, email and organize. Even in studies if you feel stuck,
leave the task unattented and fuel your enerigies to organize.

Friday, July 03, 2009

IIT Mumbai, IIT Kanpur and AeSI graduate

Lot of buzz in the aesi group about how IIT Mumbai and kanpur has
decided take aesi graduates for the m tech. programs.

Really a good news. Previously they either didn't consider aesi
graduates or they put an additional criteria of two years of work
experience. But this is the first time an aesi graduate has been
offered a seat. But one thing aesi students and graduate have to keep
in mind is get a top gate score.

All this happened because the gratuate student who got the offer was
in the top rank. So the lesson learnt from all this episode is get a
top rank and people will abolish the false walls and barriers that are
put in your way.

The high rank dissolves everything. Good marks, execptional skills and
great communication will always doors for you.

So what are you waiting for; make the effort!!!

Get the Game Playable as Fast As Possible

Get  the game playable as fast as possible.. this is the exact thing that I want to tell anyone who is interested in learning a design or analysis software. Reading and learning shouldn't be the bulk of it. You have to make sure you  get to the basic design stage as fast as you can.

Begin delivering.
When I began learning solid works, I was playing by making cubes, glass, bowl etc but as soon as I got the sense of the things. I went straight to my design team member and asked him to give me a real life data for me to play around.

He was generous and he gave the coordinates of a centrifugal compressor he cad modelled. And I began cad modelling a real life compressor model. Had lot of hiccups on the way but was finally pleased with what I made. On hindsight, I know that my approach of getting to play with solid works as fast as possible was the trick that propelled me latter to be a part of the design team of

so whats the take away in all this..
Set a minimum amount of time that you will just do the exploration. Make this commitment before you begin on a software. Once you have fixed a time. then half it and carry on with this constrained target. Once you complete the knowing the software. Jump into to play with some real thing. if its catia, get your hands dirty of some real project, if its hypermesh, get a real life model to mesh.

This is the best way to accelerate your CAE tool learning. Nothing will teach you better than working on some real problem. No tutorial will stretch you that a real problem at hand can. So if you are sitting to learning a new CAD tool like catia, solid works, ANSYS or nastran, just remember to get the software playable as fast as possible.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

How to pass aesi?

Lot of people ask me how to pass aesi.

And the answer is you pass aesi by hard work , by determination and by
getting up daily.

Yes getting up daily and devoting your first hour of your day on
revising all that you have read the previous day is key thing that can
make you pass aesi without much effort.

Ask my mom, and she is an ardent fan of getting up earlier and
devoting the earlier hours to the most important thing of your life.
This could explain the morning habit that he induced in us. Her
technique is simple but it works if it's put into practise consitently.

So why not apply it in your life for the next 30 days. For the next 30
days pledge to get up earlier than you usually get up and apply the
hour to the most important task of the day.

Try it for a month and you will not regret the new habit that you will

Indian aerospace news

Quick update on Indian aerospace news

Last week's indian aerspace news weekly feature got cancelled. What

Lack of plan was the main reason that did it. This week also I expect
it won't be coming out on time, as I have plans for travel and
Internet connection is not as steady as I had in India.

If are missing the India aerospace news, please feel free to follow
for all the latest updates on Indian aerospace news.

The key to getting things done!!

The key to getting things done is to remember them.

In all the goals that I am working for, I have noticed that my major hurdle doesn't involve in doing the actions assigned to the goal but to remember the goal. Some of the slipups that have occurrd have been because of this tendency to either forget the goal or letting the goal go out of the horizon.

Goal is the destination and if you need to steer your aircraft to that destination, you have to constanly correct it's course along the way, you can't live it alone or it mind end in an ocean.

So keep your goals infront of you all the time.

Make them as your wallpaper of your computer and mobile.
Keep them on the mirror.
Keep them in your wallet.

Just make sure you are exposed to them more than once everyday. This has worked for me and will work for you.

Try it!!

Good Website For Applied Aerodynamics

Looking for a good eBook for aerodynamics, then forget the eBook. Here’s one good website specially for applied aerodynamics.... please visit it by clicking on the following link

Its good!!! Hope this helps!!!

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