Thursday, May 30, 2013

Coolest Carpenter Around

Someone rightly said you can't do much carpentry with bare hands!! You need tools. To be good at carpentry you need the right tools. To produce something good, your bare hands aren't just enough.

Same way, as you walk your way to be an engineer, just knowledge isn't enough. Only knowing how the aerofoil generates lifts or solving bending moment problem isn't enough. To be effective as and engineer, You need tools.

So as you are walking towards the path of getting your degree, and if you are in your penultimate semester, start getting those tools.

Tools along with the knowledge that you are acquiring during this phase of AeSI will make you the coolest carpenter around when you graduate!!

Friday, May 03, 2013

Blade Nomenclature Explained.

When I was in AeSI, I had hard time remembering the nomenclature of a gas turbine engine blade. It's very similar terminology and similar sounding angle names always confused me.

When I entered the industry, I found blade is essential and I can't escape it. So I decided to finally learn about it.

A week back, I revisited the topic and with animated gif's getting more common, I decided to make an animated gif to teach anyone or everyone interested in blade nomenclature.

So If you are interested in learning about the blade nomenclature, please visit this page.

Atoms of the aerospace industry!!

It's worth a visit, just to watch the animated blade aerofoil explain its various angles!

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