Tuesday, October 30, 2012

GIE or something else

<p>Received the following comment on one of the post on my-aesi.</p>
<p>"Sir currently am std in bangalore 1st year so i wants to shift chennai my fnds says its better to join in GIE and some of them says hindustan university with perfect labs and........ So it has hostal facilities but in GIE provides best study but not above of them so plz clarify my dout in both of them which is better."</p>
<p>So instead of answering him/her individually I open the question the readers of this blog. Please comment and suggest.</p>
<p>As far as I am concerned I will prefer GIE. The quality of teaching takes precedence to everything else. Although I might be biased. So what are your views. Chip in.</p>

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Skills Development !

Today I read a very nice article in a local newspaper and I'm sure it's going to help us henceforth I'm sharing the conclusion of it here...

There are two ways to get a job

1. Make a very impressive resume in order to ensure that you receive an interview call.
2. Develop skills & apply

Second option sounds difficult but it helps a lot in the long run. I do agree that degree matters a lot however most of the companies give importance to talent.

Here I would like to relate the above said facts with AeSI's life....

I've seen many students in frustration & tension because of having marks less than 60%. I know that 60% matters a lot however it doesn't mean that if you have marks below 60% so you can't do anything in your life. Where there's a will, there's a way and taking tension about marks can never solve your problems.

Let's try the second approach this time

1. Develop skills e.g. software related to your industry.
2. Join Social Networks like LinkedIn.
3. Join groups related to the technology in which you are interested.
4. Be silent and just observe, what people are talking in such groups? What are the real time problems? And what are the solutions?
5. Learn new things every day because every day is a new day in life.
6. Once you feel that you're good in technology, start to post comments, take part in group conversation.

Benefit: There might be few recruiting managers who can recruit you or there might be any technical manager or project leader who can refer you in their companies. Trust me this approach is very effective.

Let's discuss!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Job Opening : Chivaro Technologies !

Please find the below forwarded mail and let me know if anyone is interested else you can directly email your resume to Mr. Kumar at lokeshkumar.c@chivarotech.com

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Lokesh kumar c.g" <lokeshkumar.c@chivarotech.com>
Date: Oct 22, 2012 4:57 PM
Subject: Opportunity with chivaro - Design Engineer - Overseas!
To: "Himalya Bansal" <himalya.india@gmail.com>

Dear Mr.Himalya Bansal,
Further to our discussion regarding the position of “Design Engineer” with catia v5, having expousure on airbus project(Structural) and VPM & PDM tool experience.
Experience – 2 to 5 Years
Location – Overseas
We would request you to provide us some references regarding this position.
Lokesh Kumar
HR Executive

Embassy Icon Annexe | No. 2/2, Infantry Road | Bangalore-560 001, India
Phone: +91 80 4247-4047 | Fax: +91 80 4247 4048
P Please do not print this email unless it is absolutely necessary. Spread environmental

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Job Opening : NAL

Please check the below mentioned link to know more about the recent recruitment at NAL.

Qualification :
BE Mechanical and M.Tech/ME in Aeronautical/Mechanical.
Working knowledge of modelling pacakages.

LastDate :


Surprise from AeSI !

I do remember the time when few students used to say that "AeSI is poor in communication and doesn't do anything." however I wish to share my personal experience with you all which made me realizing a fact that AeSI is the best. I don't know about others but I'm really proud to be an AeSI graduate.
Couple of days back (15-20 days) I've applied for On Job Training through AeSI. I asked within my friend circle that how many days does it generally take to get OJT ? The final conclusion was it generally takes 5-7 months. Alright ! I kept on searching job. Even I got selected in Chivaro Technologies as well. I was waiting for my offer letter. Meanwhile I got a good opportunity from LDRA Technology Pvt. Ltd so I've joined team-LDRA. 
Surprise from AeSI :
Day before yesterday I got a call from Society and they asked me that "You are selected for OJT in CABS. Would you like to join?" Since I'm working in LDRA hence I told the same to the team so that they can consider any other profile in place of me.

It was a "WoW" moment for me. Even though many people said that it takes generally 6 months to get OJT but I got the same within just 20 days.

Add-on to it I've noticed many changes in AeSI which clearly indicates that we are on right track. Here I would like to thank & appreciate AeSIAA who is working continiously to promote brand-AeSI.

Conclusion :

Nobody is perfect but we can move/grow towards perfection by improving ourself and by learning from our mistake. If I want to blame anyone so I can find million reasons but now It's time to appreciate what AeSI is doing ? I'm proud to be an AeSI graduate and I always respect my degree.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chop that resume...

The most important tasks for a resume is to make a good impression and to keep the mystery alive enough to get you a call for interview.

Don't reveal all in the resume. Keep something for the actual play. Insert keyword but leave out the details. Paint the picture but don't reveal the entire canvas.

Entice the reader to get to call you. The best resume is the one that elicits "interesting" in the mind of the reader while reading it.

So what are you waiting. chop your resume. Spice it with relevant keywords aimed at the specific requirements and wait for the telephone interview call.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Static Analysis | Dynamic Analysis | Unit Testing | Code Analysis Discussion

Since I've joined LDRA Technologies Pvt. Ltd as Technical Marketing Assistant hence I recieved few queries like :
What LDRA does ? and what its focus is ?
What is the role of LDRA tool suite ?
How these tools can help you in achieving zero defect software ?
and so on ....
Henceforth the answer is here ....

Whenever a company develops any software application on which people’s lives depend than it becomes very necessary for the developers to achieve zero-defect software. In order to achieve it, we use static analysis, dynamic analysis, unit testing etc.

Readers of this post might be interested in knowing what do I mean by static analysis, dynamic analysis and related terminologies. I'm sure by reading below linked articles you'll be able to understand the meaning of such terminologies.
@ AeSI Students : Even if you look at Job Description of recent recruitments, so you'll find few terms like basic knowledge of DO-178B including Level A, knowledge/experience on LDRA tools etc. Henceforth I strongly recommend below mentioned articles to be read by all Avionics students and recent graduates.
If you would like more information concerning the LDRA tool suite else if you want to know how such tools can perform static and dynamic analysis or unit testing than please take a moment to complete the following form. (Click Here)

All the best !

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

M.B.A. || M.S. || M.Tech

I have learned the below mentioned things in this week. I hope you’ll find it worth tracking also do let me know if you believe in a different methodology or if you want to add something to it.

1. There are two ways to run a business either be a follower or a leader.
2. If you are creating new possibilities so make sure that you are the one who drives first on the road which you have created and always ensure to be the leader.
3. If the market is growing at a speed of x and you are growing at a speed which is less than 2x than it means you’re not a market leader.
4. Database management is the most powerful tool which drives any business. We can say that the pillar’s strength of any product based company depends on how good database do we have.
5. Adopting pull methodology is more powerful than the popular push
method. It’s better to have it if you want to sustain in a growth oriented
market and for the long run.

From today onwards I’ll share my weekly learning with you. We have a tradition of doing M.Tech. or M.S. after AeSI however I would like to tell
you that one can also do M.B.A. after AeSI. If you would ask me to comment on career prospective after M.B.A. so I’ll say that most of the companies are facing shortage of engineering management profiles. Couple of days back my friend who is working as a Technical Recruiter in a MNC was trying to find out few profiles (B.E.+M.B.A.) but he wasn’t able to find out any such profile. I tried to refer any profile but unfortunately I didn’t find a single profile related to engineering management.

Do what you like and like what you love.
All the best!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

Why should I learn programming language 'C' ?

A : Hey, What are you doing in Bangalore ?
B : I’m working as a Software Engineer.
A :  Is it so ?
B :  Yes, I’m working in ABC Group.
A :  But, You’ve only learned basics of embedded. Isn’t it?
B : Yes, I’ve worked on AVR platform and on Atmel’s Atmega 16 micro controller.
A : Have you made any project as well ?
B : Yes, I’ve made projects like line following robot, traffic light and to display various patterns on LCD.
A : Don’t make me fool, You’ve made a project of traffic lights so How can you work on any aircraft related project? How will you relate traffic lights and aircraft?
B : Wait, Let me explain !
A : Sure, & also explain me that why should I learn programming language ‘C’ ?

Here are the answers/explanation of the questions asked by A.

1. Have you observed a green and red color light at the tip of the wing and which keeps on blinking?
2. Have you observed the green and red color light on the belly of helicopter?
3. Have you noticed that once pilot achieves decision height so landing light automatically turns on?

Let me tell you that these lights are used as an indication and warning light and play a vital role in  landing at zero visibility. They also help in decision making like it helps a pilot to understand the direction of another aircraft. Click on the below mentioned links to understand the importance of such external lights. Approximately 99% of such lights are controlled using an embedded system.
Basics will always remain the basics irrespective of the fact that whether we are working on a F1 car or a F16 fighter aircraft. Have a look on major electronic device like a calculator,  microwave, washing machines, digital camera, display unit on AC buses, ATM machines and so on… They all are getting smarter day by day. This smartness comes from a microprocessor, an operating system and a program embedded in these devices. You’ll be surprised to know that these programs are written in programming language ‘C’.

Even though now a days we have automated tools to do programming and to help programmers to make an error free & high quality program so that it can be certified at the most rigorous levels yet if you don’t know the basics of programming so you can’t work on automatic tools as well. Developers of sophisticated applications such as those utilized in avionics, high-speed trains, nuclear reactors, automobiles and medical devices use such automated tools for automatic software development and to pinpoint programming errors.
Take any example starting from the automation of aircraft gate to critical navigation & auto pilot system. Everywhere we are using embedded system and thus it’s very necessary for an Avionics student to be familiar with programming concepts.

An open advice to all avionics students.
- Learn C, C++, Matlab
- Work on at least one embedded platform if not ARM or PIC so at least AVR.     

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Attractive Resume - Tips from the Horses Mouth.

Someone just sent me this tips that were sent to him by some recruitment consultant. These tips on resumes building come direct from horses mouth. They do it for a living, and it pays to keep them in mind next time you are mending your resume.

Any resume needs to be written in such a way that it can attract your potential employer. So, if you are in search of a job of your dream, you need to be very careful while forming an appropriate and attractive resume that can catch the attention of your potential employer in not more that 60 seconds. Take a look at the following ‘keywords’:

a) Use the word “Successfully”:
Every potential employer likes to hear or see the word “Success” in a resume or during the job interview. So, while highlighting your skills, it is better to use the word “I successfully…” in describing your achievements and responsibilities.
b) Use the word “I applied”:
Using the word “applied” in your resume can describe your working nature and skills. But the point to be noted here is, using the word “applied” shouldn’t mean, why you have applied for that post. Instead the word “Applied” should be used to describe your skills.
c) Use the word “Team Player”:
In a resume you need to use the word ‘team player’, while describing yourself as a person who is very communicative and enjoy working in a team. If you use this word in an appropriate way in your resume, your recruiters will get the feeling that you are a good team player, who doesn’t have any problem working in a team. This particular word will also describe that you are very good in interacting with others.
d) About your past “Achievements”
As every employer likes to analyze your past performances, you can highlight your past achievements in point wise. It doesn’t have to be your past performance only in your professional life, as you can also list out something if you would have achieved something really worthy in your academic life or your personal life which can be shared in your list of achievements till date.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

3 simple tips to upgrade your soft skills

There are hard skills and soft skills. Both are needed to be successful in any endeavour. Building each of this skills is the sure shot way to excel anything you do.

So here are 3 simple things you can immediately do to build your soft skills.

1. Start reading. You can't experience everything by yourself, and books and other literature introduce you to whole new world and experiences. So start reading. Make a habit to at least read something for 30 mins everyday. Don't count reading newspaper,blog posts as reading. Dedicate the time to read something lengthy.

2. Show initiative. Demonstrate responsibility and enthusiasm for your job or assignments by striving to go the extra mile. This starts by finishing work without constant reminders from your supervisor. Doing tasks without being asked by someone else. Looking around, seeing what needs to be done, and doing it. This will not only help others but will help develop your technical skills.

3. Build relationships. You aren't living on an island, so start building relationships. Seek ways to be of some help to your network. Bring your helping hand out. Keep in touch. Network to connect and help.
These are three simple steps that you can immediately implement and slowly with regular consistent use acquire the most sought after softskills in any field you are in.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Associativity of Operators !

"Doing mistakes while learning/practicing  is better than doing mistakes while doing real projects" Isn't it ?

Today I was practicing the basics of programming language "C" and I found that I wasn't able to do simple mathematical operation (+,-,*,?). I studied the same again and henceforth I'm sharing it here so that readers of this post can strengthen their skills in associativity of operators.

Before reading ahead I would like you to answer the below mentioned question honestly as a comment.
What will be the output of :
  • 3/2*5
  • 3*5/2

Associativity of Operators

The hierarchy of commonly used operators in programming language “C” is shown in the below table.

* / %
Multiplication, Division, Modular Division
+ -
Addition, Subtraction

I’m giving an example here which will let you understand the need of studying associativity of operators.
Example : 3/2*5
As explained in the above mentioned table, operators / and * have same priority and hence which part of this expression is to be executed first ?

Option 1
Option 2

Note : 3/2 is equal to1 because by default the system will treat it as an integer. Even though we have BODMAS concept in mathematics but in case of programming language, it’s very important to understand the concept of associativity.

Question : Which option is correct Option 1 or Option 2 ?
Answer : It will be executed according to the associativity of operators. 

Explanation : Associativity of Operators

Reference : Download Appendix A – Precedence Table from internet or refer Page No. 692 of Let Us C (Seventh Edition) by Yashavant P. Kanetkar.
Note : Ambiguous means “having more then one meaning.”

According to the Appendix A both operators / and * have left to right associativity and according to the table mentioned below only / operator has unambiguous left operand and henceforth operator / is performed earlier.

2 or
Left operand is unambiguous.
(not having double meaning)
3/2 or
Right operand is unambiguous.
(not having double meaning)

Even though the same example is mentioned in Let Us C book at page no. 36 but I’ve tried to glow more lights on it so that one can understand associativity in a better way and I’m confident by referring it, you’ll be able to do stepwise evaluation of the below mentioned expressions.

Assume H to be an integer

Assume H to be float

It's always better to be a student i.e. open to learn new things.
Have a happy programming !

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Learning from Security Officer at reception !

Couple of days back I went to give an interview in a company. My interview time was 1700 hrs so I reached there at 1645hrs. Henceforth I was waiting at reception and was reading newspaper. 

Things were smooth as I was very much confident about my selection. Suddenly security officer called me and requested me not to lock the legs over the other. I was speechless but it was a great lesson for me to learn. 

I started observing his activities and suddenly I noticed that another candidate stepped inside for an interview. He said to the security officer, "Good After Noon ! bla bla bla...." and the officer replied "Good Evening sir ! Please have a seat." I was again shocked to observe that even the security officer was aware that after 1600 hrs, it's Good Evening not Good After Noon. 

I gave interview with full confidence and when I came back, I started reading about "Leg Gestures" and found that It is an indication of being reserved, nervous and defensive

I'm sure that you'll not do the same which I did during an interview i.e. locking of the leg one over the other. 

Moral of the story : 
Body language matters a lot irrespective of whether you are inside an interview room or waiting at reception.

Friday, October 05, 2012

A new story


Once someone makes a decision about your resume, it's almost impossible for you to persuade them that they were wrong. No amount of persuasion can make them change their opinion.

The alternative and the opportunity that you have is to encourage the non supporter to look at new information and make a new decision. Give them a new angle to look at you. A new perspective. A new you. A new story.

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