Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Study not for AeSI exams

The beauty about AeSI is that once you complete it and you are in the
industry, you will know how you are far ahead of anyone in your office
in terms of aeronautical knowledge!!

From gas turbine essentials to principles of flights, you will be
second to none.

Be it India or anywhere else, what you truly learnt in aesi will
surely be a big part of your success in your career.

So don't just study for the exams, study and learn to be a better
engineer, study to get the understanding, study to apply the basic
concepts and study to win the war!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Statistics and mathematics

Statistics and mathematics are two of the discipline of science. Going
by the way I am seeing things here at my current place of work these
are the two fields that one has take command and ride on.

Probalistic design, and statistical analysis are the the fields that
will boom in aerospace.

So as you go through your studies, take special interst in this tpics
they are the one you might be working on.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Prospect After AeSI Graduation!

Good Morning Gents,
I request all senior AeSI Members who occupying the positions within AeSI and the various branches throughout the country to share the responsibility for Placement for AeSI Graduates after course completion and there Post Graduation programmes in India and outside.There are number of issues you all need to sort out:
1) AeSI is still not listed on Ministry of HRD website .All initiative by AeSI HQ has not been fruitful in this regard.
2)AeSI Engineers should not be restricted to 60% for getting into future employment.There are numbers of AeSI Engineers who were placed with Quest ,Wipro and other places without 60% crietria on my personal request.I see no reason why other AeSI Members who are running the official position in AeSI cannot do same in case they are genuinely interested about welfare of AeSI Graduates.
3)It has been time that AeSI HQ takes up the matter that all Universities under AICTE cannot discriminate AeSI Engineers in there admission policy of Master's programme.
There should not be 60% criertia for PG admission as University/Colleges exams are not following the same assesment criteria like in AeSI program.So there is no question of equivalency of Grades.
4)Its time Members present in India show some initiative to present new generation of AeSI students with Quality Education.The new syllabus is rigorous and needs good training center for student to complete in decent time.AeSI was planning to open its training center in mid 90s and I am not sure what happened to the plan.
I would be highly obliged if all of you show bit of interest in development of AeSI Engineers.
Its not always possible for me in my official capacity  at NASA Goddard Space Center to contact with Indian concern and Institutions due to time difference and busy schedule.
If you guys are holding responsible position in AeSI,please ensure that you are doing justice to same.
All of you guys help in this regard would be very much appreciated.
Best regards


Bishnujee Singh
Chartered Engineer (EC-UK)
Chartered Scientist (SC-UK)
Associate Fellow CASI (Canada)
Fellow RAS(UK),MInstPhys
Flight Science Manager
10362 Jerusalem Road

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

4 function key excel shortcuts that help me in my work

Whatever you use, be it catia, solidworks, UG, NASTRAN,ANSYS ,PATRAN, HYPERMESH or any other CAE software, excel is one of the software tool that always be the one that will be come to you. Maybe for preparing some graphs or presenting the data from the analysis. For my work excel is tool that i use everyday ion my office. so today i would like to share some of 4 function key shortcuts of excel that has made my life easy.

F2 the second most used key for me. If you want to edit a cell value. This is the key to use. Instead of double clicking F2 comes handy to edit those long formulae's.

F7  spell checker. My spellings are bad, even in spread sheet I manage to get many spelling mistakes, so one click on F7 I the best that I can get.

F4 is the most versatile function key of excel. I use it the most. It repeats your last action. So this can be used for many task. Since there no fix action. so its programmable to use any action. If I have to delete a row. repeatedly. I select the row and then right click on it and choose delete. after than any row I want to delete I just choose that row and press F4. similarly if I have to clear lot of stuff from one sheet. I use the F4 key instead of right click and choosing clear contents multiple times.

F11. Most of the time my work in excel involves making graphs of the data and f11 comes to the rescue. just select the data and press F11. You will have the default graph plotted. Since I want a particular type of graph so I always make a default graph and use it every time I need a graph.

Do you have any shortcut keys then please do share it with me.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Learn fortran

In my last couple of posts i have talked about avionics and how knowledge of is essential for avionics graduate. That's true but what is one other language that i'll recommend to all aesi graduates?

As you might have guessed it. Its fortran. Its the language of enginnering! And specially so for aeronautical! Most of the code that's available and is in use is written in fortran. Most of the stuff you will work on will have fortran component in it. If i can say so, fortran is the blood of aerospace industry.

So if you have a chance to learn a language, apart from c, learn fortran. Yes people will say its an old language, yes its old but its the only one that is working in many of the aero softwares!

Monday, April 20, 2009

5 firms all avionics stream graduates should keep an eye on!

As i have already remarked in my previous posts, if someone to ask me which stream has good potential, then i see avionics as the leader right now.

Most of the job openings coming to my mail box are related to avionics, then most of the opportunity i see talked about in office are from this domain.

So when avionics is getting this spicer, i thought of listing 5 companies that avionics graduates should keep in their radar!

Honeywell india
Goodrich services india
Airbus india
Quest global
HCL india

well this are the companies that are having a part in indian avionics industry. I have just scratched the surface, i know you will add more names to this list. So feel free and fill in the names in comments.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wifi and this blog

I have posted entries from this blog from many sources. In the
beginibgg it was cyber cages of chennai, then came the reliance r
world facility, then I posted from mobile phone then gradated to a PC
again. After this leveled up to a laptop and now I have shifted to my
iPod touch. I am uising it as my primary writing device. Withe the
onbuilt wifi capabilities I am thinking of by passing my limited
Internet connection.

I am out of India now so for a week or two I will adjusting the posts
and they won't be as ordered and regular.

Have you found Free magazines?

A few posts back i posted about how to use this blog effectively. I don't know about i fired up my browser and tried few combinations to see what i'll get from the blog and this try brought me couple of blog entries that i did regarding free aerospace magazine on net. It also landed me to the post that points to an online ansys magazine.

Want to see the links?

Here it is

my experiments showed me this links once again. What have you found? Do try!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Next week

Next week my circumstances, my environment will have a drastic makeover. I don't know if i'll have any internet connection, so this is just a warning post to let you know that in the next week i'll have some hard time to post. I'll definely write the post offline and post them when i get a chance. Ok then till that time you enjoy the ipl!

Well this new circumstance and situation will be a new experience for me and i hope i'll have some new fresh respective to share with you.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Keeping reminders

When i was studying for aesi, making time tables was easy, setting time for study was easy, putting in the time also came along. But many a times i missed the goals i set, the tasks i assigned, I felt bad about it latter but it was always that some immediate new thing of some different nature that distracted me. Be it a new movie release or a juicy controversy that emerged from gie.

After a long struggle i discovered that many a times i simply failed to do my tasks because i forgot about them, i never realised i had to do it at that time. The main reason for me was that the constant new distractions overflowed on my task list.

So what's the takeaway message?

Keep reminders. Reminders of your goal. Yes it a simple step but makes a lot of difference if implemented. For my present goal of writing one blog post everyday, i have set my own reminders. Every time i stare at this mobile from which i am writing this post, i see the calendar to do item. Further more, after brushing this is the first thing i do. This two simple techniques has kept me on track of this goal. You can apply this to your own goals.

If your goal is to master catia or nastran, then resolved to practise it first thing that you do when you boot up your system. If studying a subject is your goal, then every morning set 30 mins to study that subject. Make it the first thing that you do in your day.

So you got the idea. So now get going and implement.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Criticism is easy

I was reading a blog, where the person argues about critics and criticism. He says criticism is easy, making and doing stuff is difficult. Critics are abound and doers are thin. So i wondered what my readers are? Are you a doer or critic? Tell me.

Be a doer if you can!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Experiments and tutorials

There are two ways of learning. By experiments or by tutorials?

One involves reading everything about the subject and beinging to do the tutorials and the other approach is getting a basic idea and jump into an experiments.

As you might have realised i follow and vote for the experiment approach. It works for me. Without settling down on theories. I get the basics of what can get me started and jump into the tool to conduct my own experiments.

With the new fem software that i was introduced, i got so many supporting documents. If i had read them line by line and everything, not only would i have made the progress that i have made so far but also would have stuck somewhere because of the jargon. So mine technique was read or browse quickly. Get the basic idea of the steps involved and then begin your own experiments.

For the fem software, i began by modelling a 2d plate, meshning it, applying force and getting the cool coloured contour profile. Learning and experimenting with one feature at a time.

So if you find yourself not making progress in your own tool learning, then try experiments. The cool thing about experiments is they always teach you. Even if they fail, they give you insight of the process. So experiment!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Want to Stay updated on AeSI’s website

Since I am working and I have many other commitments ,my life no longer revolves around AeSI as it used in AeSI days. Its just this blog that has me connected to AeSI.

Today I will tell you a secret that I use to stay updated on what AeSI is doing. I don’t visit the site everyday to check for updates but instead I use a simple url in my google reader which always fetches me the news whenever the official website of aeronautical society of India gets updated.

so here’s the rss link for anyone who wants to stay updated about AeSI and its activities on its website

And for those who don’t know how to set this RSS please follow the link given below

RSS Tutorial - How to Subscribe to RSS Feeds

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Posts in March

Well since I have began writing daily for this year End of march marked my 100 days of the habit, so I wanted to list all the topics that I covered in march. Here’s a list of the things I covered.

Did you find anything that you missed?

Enjoy!!!! Any comments or suggestions or post idea!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Avionics is the hottest stream in terms of job opportunities

Avionics is the least mentioned stream of this blog, but right now seeing the trend its the hottest stream in terms of job opportunities.

What's good about avionics stream of aesi is that when you opt for it, you lay a foundation on a path that you want to follow in future. Aero-mechanical stream and other streams are there but what avionics offers is a track that you can utilise for skills development.

When you opt for this stream, you are sure you have to have knowledge of c. So learning c and having an interest in electronics for you becomes a must.

The path for a fulfilling career means that if you want to be good in this field you need to have this skills. You need to love embedded systems, you should love electronics. You craze about the controls and semi conductors.

So you get it. The opportunities make it hot but its your passion in the above mentioned stuff that will make it great for you.

Someone said, follow your passion. This is what will fuel all the abundance that you desire!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Embrace your limits

As regular reader of this blog will know, my mobile is dead and i have little access to net. This has put a limit to the kind of post i can post here in this blog. It cannot be bigger than the text field of my old mobile. The links are not coming correctly and i have no control over the formats.

But this limits has given rise to some unexpected benefits, like now i post whatever i have in my mind. Previously i thought writing just a small post on the link for aerospace news was a waste but i did it in my last post. Another benefit it has done is that i got so many small posts ideas that i'll share with you in some of the up coming posts.

Yes i do miss the big posting and writing from my laptop but till this limits are there i'll continue to enjoy them. So what are the limits that you are facing right now, why not take advantage of them, why not turn them to something positive. So embrace your limits

Thursday, April 09, 2009

One resume tip that will help you land a job

Today i want to share one resume tip that has the potential to land you to a job. Yes just one tip, if followed can fetch you the interview call.

I have already talked about various tips no resume writing and sending, but there's one basic thing that can make sure you are called for the interview.

All you need to do make your resume two page long and keep only the stuff related to the job requirement.

Yes this is the only thing you have to do. Make your resume fit in two pages and keep only the relevant data. And take my words this works. The focussed resume has magic in it and if its done right, it will never fail in getting you an interview call.

Why it works? Will theorize on it in some other post, but for now try this when you send in your resume next time.

Try it!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

My first test upon enterning the aerospace industry

My journey into the aerospace industry began with the training at nal. I was assigned under dr. Ramamurty of clocter division of nal.

In nal, my first task was to write a program or otherwise calculate the overall configuration of a micro gas turbine that generated 10N of thrust.

I guess this task was a test that my mentor put me through to test my gas turbine knowledge and programming skills that were listed in the resume he had. I successfully did my task and the c basic program i built for the task is still alive somewhere in my harddisk.

So what's the point. The point is you will always be tested when you join the industry. Be it at the training stage or in the floors of corporate.

So keep yourself updated and be prepared.

This was my experience, what about you? Have you faced any challenge? Do share in the comments.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

One link to stay tuned to indian Aerospace news and events

Someone recently asked me to share links of some of my fav blogs. Well that's one topic i want to cover in some up coming days.

Today i want to share a link of mine that i maintain and follow to keep track of things happening in indian aerospace industry.

This link contains the relevant aerospace news and events of indian aerospace industry.

hope you find it relevant and useful.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Will you choose earth science as your major in m tech after aesi? Ask the reader

Today i heard something about someone from aesi. He passed aesi and was working in a reputed aerospace firm in bangalore. While at his job he appeared in gate exams and got through to one of the IIT's!

There in iit he got earth science as his major! The guy in question has already made his choice, but i want to put the questions to my readers what would you have done in similar situation?

Would you select earth science after aesi? Do share your comments. I would love to hear about it. I keep my response reserved until the next post.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

MSc Engineering at Sheffield Hallam University Vs Other UK Universities

This is an email from bishnujee, it answers a frequent queery that i
get. So here you go.

Dear AeSI Engineers & Students,
I believe since many of you from AeSI must be slightly confused with
choice of UK Universities based on there reputation and past
record.There are some excellent Universities like Cranfield
University,Queen's Mary University ,University of Western
England,Bristol,Salford University,University of Sheffield.During last
few years based on Graduate hiring trend,I have noted that newer
University like Sheffield Hallam University which was few of British
Government owned University came into existence in 90s has been doing
pretty good on job after Course completion than some of the highly
rated University.There are some reasons behind it because when course
work was started as Approved Further Learning Programme (CEng) for BE
from AeSI & other Indian Universities ,it has full practical nature
and extensive Industry based coursework content instead of traditional
book work type of assignments & course work followed by traditional
Universities.Students in such
programme are quite mature at design,stress when they Graduate out
due to coursework nature.Each Student work individually as well as
part of team and develop on there own product & project,extensive
presentation skills and very high design and stress lab programme
groom them for career in Stress Engineer & Design Engineer.That is the
reason why MSc Engineers from SHU have captured jobs much ahead than
traditional reputed UK Universities who has still been sticking to
traditional coursework and studies.Please be advised that Cranfield
University newest MSc as Further learning programme might be falling
into same bracket .
Already SHU has 3 AeSI Engineers on its campus who have graduated out
with there MSc programme.
I hope it helps in guiding prospective AeSI Engineers.

Best wishes

Bishnujee Singh
Chartered Engineer (EC-UK)
Chartered Scientist (SC-UK)
Associate Fellow CASI (Canada)
Fellow RAS(UK),MInstPhys

Saturday, April 04, 2009

How to use this blog effectively

As i am writing this from my mobile, so i have 5000 characters to tell my story.

As you know i've been writing about this blog since 2004 and ever since i am panting about aesi, amaesi, exam tips, results, study tips, nal, training, catia , nastran, ansys, cad, fem , resume, cover letters, requirements, interviews, gate, aerospace. The point is after about 630+ posts, its hard for anyone to find what is relevant for them, so i'll show you an url trick by which you can quickly find what you are looking for in this blog.


this is the url you can use to search for stuff in this blog. I have written on innumerable stuff during my journey of aesi so just replace the last word and search the blog for anything that you want. It can be about gie, about natarajan sir, nal, training. It will be all there.

Hope this little hack wil help you to get more of this blog. Thanks for reading.

April blues

I have already anticipated that posting in april will take more
discipline, but now it wil also need more resource. I use airtel
mobile for my net connection. And today morning my daughter felt my
mobile was bit dirty so she threw the mobile in to the washing bucket,
thus limiting my net access. I don't know how long the nokia service
center will take to re ignite life in my primary phone. Till then my
old 6270 will be my mode of getting to net.

So what does this mean for you the readers. This means you will see
small posts for sometimes and formating and links will be absent.


Friday, April 03, 2009

AeSI's new website!!!

Have you visited aeronautical society of India's website lately. Well I did it today and pleasantly the sites design has changed...loved this design. Its more professional and the included flash slideshows are much better. The website is crisper but lacks all the contents that it should have.

Although you can find prospectus and all rules and regulations for AMAeSI out there.

you can find all the application forms related to associated with the AeSI

Just a reminder AeSI's official website also include the syllabus for AMAeSI for section A as well as section B!!!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Before you hunt for Catia, Nastran, UG, solidworks, ANSYS etc training centers

Getting pretty good at things is merely a first step, but one that you need to take in order to be ready to spend the money to get great.

This is a quote from a recent post of Seth Goldin titled Why aren't you (really) good at graphic design?

Now what does that mean. Essentially what he says is that self learning should come before you shell out some money to the institutes. Before you hunt for Catia, Nastran, UG, solidworks, ANSYS etc training centers.

This applies more to AeSI students as we lack the facilities that graduates from other institutions get by default. With labs and dedicated tutors these things come as part of the curriculum. But for AeSI, your initiative is the weapon.

And you know what? Getting pretty good in catia, nastran or any other software, programming language is the matter of sitting with the software one hour each and every day. IF you can discipline yourself to put in that one hour.... your are on your way to be pretty good at that software.

Net is an abundant source. Google's technology is there then what is stopping you. Put in that hour.

Once you have done this you will not have much doubt to choose which CATIA training centre or NASTRAN training centre to go to get great in that software!!!

Subscribe to AeSI by Email

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  1. TATA Nano can Help You in Your Studies!
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  3. Take baby steps to enjoy the journey.
  4. Some Tips to learn from Tutorials
  5. Energy, Interest, and Time.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Explore or stagnate

Exploring is one of the best thing that i do in my work. Be it excel, the new fem software or the fortran language. Whenever i am bored or don't feel like work i begin my exploration.

It usually begins with a question, sometimes the question is silly and sometimes it relevant, but whatever it is, the question sparks the exploration. I try whatever solution i can think of, whatever comes to my mind. This way things lead each other and if all i do i just don't get the answer i am looking at then i get to net.

The net always has some answers, which always leads to some more questions. After a while either i get the answer i was looking for or learnt something new in the process.

Being stagnant none of this will happen. No new insight will come, won't learn anything new.

So don't be stagnant, keep exploring. Keep tinkering. Keep moving.

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