Monday, December 31, 2012

Magnifying Glass or a Sieve which one you want to be this year.

Confronting us from every turn, flowing from every imaginable source, information defines our world.

From facebook, twitter, newspapers, TV and many varied sources, we are bombarded with information, every minute, every hour, and every day. When information is so abundant, the need of the hour is not to miss out but to choose what to focus our attention on.

To figure out what is the place for all these sources. What is important and how it fits in your goals?

So for the coming year, resolve to do just that. Focus on what's important. Restrict the information overload. Concentrate. A concentrated mind magnifies impact. A scattered mind like a sieve retains nothing.

And before I close for the year end, Thank you all for reading the blog and wish you a brighter and better new year ahead.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Life without Aim !!!!

Day 1 :
Someone from an University called me and asked guidance about Avionics. He said that he is doing research from last 7-8 years but he is not able to connect with right person who can help him in converting his vision into reality.

He told me that he meet with engineers of various DRDO laboratories but didn't get any response. Add on to it he also told me that he looks forward to connect with right person in the industry who can support his project and give direction in a positive way.

Day 2:
After my AeSI Alumni Association's meeting, I meet him. We ordered fresh juice with sandwich and our discussion started. I was very excited to meet this person and to know more about his research. Trust me he was very energetic and I was able to see a "Can Do!" spirit in his face.

BUT suddenly my expectations turned into ashes.

Based on his projects, I found that he is very much interested in Aircraft Navigation, Instruments and related Avionics. I asked him if you love Avionics and want to make your career in Avionics so why are you doing internship in CFD ?

He replied that my college told me to do the same.

I don't want to name such universities but yes, I know 2-3 universities in North India where I have noticed similar education pattern. Irrespective of the area of interest, students join some softwares and after finishing the course, they realized that it's nothing to do with my area of interest.

Conclusion : Let's walk together and help the industry. Whenever you see something wrong or fraud anywhere, Stand and raise your voice. Be United !!! 

God bless all

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Karnataka Aerospace Policy 2012-2022 !!!!

Government of Karnataka is committed to develop the aerospace sector in order to project it as the aerospace hub for Asia over the next 5 years and as a globally recognised aerospace and MRO destination by 2022.
The karnataka Aerospace Policy 2012-2022 will be implemented in two phases viz. near term - Phase 1 (Growth Phase 2012-2017) and a medium term - Phase 2 (Consolidation Phase 2017-2022).

Phase 1
  1. Attract investments to the tune of US$ 4 Billion in Aerospace sector.
  2. Provide additional employment (direct and indirect) to 40,000 persons in the next five years by a process of inclusive development.
  3. Increase the contribution of Aerospace sector towards enhancing the share of industry in the State's GDP from 28% to 30%
Phase 2
  1. Attract investments to the tune of US$ 6 Billion in the Aerospace sector.
  2. Provide additional employment (direct and indirect) to 60,000 persons in the next five years by a process of inclusive development.
  3. Enhance the contribution of Aerospace sector towards increasing the share of industry in the State's GDP from 30% to 32%

Advantage Karnataka !!

Karnataka can score a high on every sphere of ecosystem of aerospace and defence industry, hence it can rightly claim to be the Aerospace Capital of India.

What are the key factors which are attracting so many Aerospace companies to Bangalore ?
Investment Opportunities in Karnataka.
What will be the role of Karnataka in the next 5 years for Aerospace ?

Answer of the above questions is hidden in the below mentioned links.

A Video on Advantage Karnataka

Automobile & Aerospace Sector in Karnataka

Advantage Karnataka Brouchure

Source :
Global Aerospace Meet by Society of Indian Aerospace Technologies and Industries
Karnataka Udyog Mitra

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Six Techniques for DO-178C Compliance !!!

Good Morning !!!

Kind Attn : Avionics Students, Avionics Graduates.

Right after AeSI's exams, you'll be giving multiple interviews in various companies and my knowledge says that most of the companies ask few questions related to DO-178B/C, Software Testing and Programming Language - C.

Next month I'll share few online ways to practice for the technical round with you. Meanwhile if you are interested to learn about the techniques for DO-178C Compliance so you can register yourself at (Click Here) and watch the webinar today at 2:30 PM (India).

In case if you miss this opportunity, so you can also watch it later at (Click Here).

Few months back one of my friend has given an interview for the position Software Trainee Engineer (Contract) at Confidential. I'm sharing "Skills Required" for such job profiles.

Email Subject : Written Test for Software Trainee Engineer at Confidential

Skills Required:
1. Good programming concepts in C language.
2. Good communication skills, innovative thinking & good learning ability.
3. Good to have skills like LDRA & Unit Testing concepts and ADA 83/95.

Cheers !

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