Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why not to go to AeSI Alumni meet?


  • Because you will meet old friends? So what's new. You meet everyone daily?

  • Because this a networking opportunity that you can miss? You have many mores to attend.

  • Because you hate AeSI?

  • Because you hate people who are in AeSI?

  • Because your are a student and don't feel its worth it?

  • Because you feel this things are just gimmicks?

  • Because there will be no job mela?

  • Because you don't want to waste a Sunday?

  • Because its lame to meet families of fellow AeSI.

  • Because you are a loner and don't need anyone help?

  • Because you will look stupid being the lone person there?


Well these are some of the genuine reasons that you might have to miss the AeSI alumni meet. If they are there then shun them right now. And join us.

The meet is no gimmick, its a real opportunity for all people involved or connected to AeSI to genuinely meet fellow AeSI’ian in an informal setting.

Its all about the community. It a BIG large picnic that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Its an opportunity to meet, see and hear different people in AeSI. its an opportunity to network with fellow AeSI.

Its a fun opportunity to spend one Sunday doing fun things than sitting in front of TV.

So guys and gals, if you are in and around Bangalore on Sunday the 10th of January, then just mark your calendar and be part of this meet and be prepared enjoy a day with everyone.


Don’t be afraid, the resort looks cool and a whole day of family and non family fun is guaranteed.

So start your new year with this event and dismiss all those imaginary reasons that you might have for not attending AeSI alumni get-together.

what are you waiting for? click this link to register online. and lets get together!!

Please pass this message on to others who might not know about it.

Cheers, see you there!!!

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