Monday, January 18, 2010

Things you should decide before taking on training?

Before boarding on any kind of training after AeSI, do remember this.

Training of the right kind is the spring board to future sucess. Any
other kinds are just filling your resume. So select the training
which gives you the right skills, and the right exposure.

And also remember that spring boards need you to jump on them to work
their magic. Just quietly standing on a springbboard won't help you
jump higher. Your effort of jumping on it will leverage the spring's

Same is true with any training. Just doing training without a plan of
action or thought is only a resume filling exercise.

Aim to jump on the platform you have secured. Aim to use the resources
you have at your disposal to build transferable and technical skills.

Use the time and expertise you are exposed to make yourself job-ready!!

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