Sunday, November 29, 2009

Entropy and what it teaches on how to prepare for a technical interview?

I am sure everyone who has studied thermodynamics has heard about
entropy. Everyone of us know what it is? We know all laws related to
it. We can write down the equations to derive it!

But this is not we will be asked in an interview. Consider this real
interview questions on this very topic.

1. What is zero entropy?

2. How many types of entropy do you know?

3. If a mother kisses her baby, does the entropy increases in that

So you see in an interview people are not looking for an exact
definition, or direct equation, but they look for your understanding
of the concepts. They look for the application. They look at the

So how can you prepare for this type of questions?

You prepare for these kind of questions by the techniques already
mentioned in this blog.

Whenever you study a topic, read about then think about the same at
your non study time. Use time for going to you next class to connect
the topic with your life. Ask all sorts of questions to probe a topic
in many different angles.

Discuss the concepts with your friends. Make them more interesting and
challenge your friends to prove you wrong.

The point is whenever you study a topic, don't leave that topic in the
textbook. Bring it out. Connect it to your daily life.

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