Sunday, January 17, 2010

How to study fluid mechanics and mathematics?

Someone just mailed me and asked the above question.

I don't have very specific answer to this since I am far removed from study right now. So guys and gals out there, have your say and suggest your tips on studying this specific subjects.

From my side, I will add this.

Fluid mechanics is a subject that you will be using in your career long after you have passed AeSI, so I suggest that spend maximum time in understanding the concepts. Relate them to your life and make them spring out of the text book.

Source sink, fluid dynamics, viscosity, Reynolds's number are the core pillars of further studies. So while learning understand them well, use your imagination to connect them to your life.

Study with question answer style for maximum retention.
While reading the material, write down small quiz questions on the topic you are reading. They will be used to revise the concepts latter. My tuition teacher used this approach. While going through the topics he made us write down trivial questions like what is source? Give examples of sink? What is the most viscous materials you have seen? etc.

That time we felt, the questions were waste of time, but latter I realized how useful they were for revising the concepts.

For every study session. Spend ten minutes revising what you have already studied. If you have formed those small questions then use them to jog your memory. This ten minutes jogging session not only reinforces the previous studied material but help you begin the next session with a positive momentum.

This three concepts can be applied to mathematics and the other subjects. Just remember, that if you can setup a simple process for your study and follow it consistently, that is more than sufficient to help you tackle any subject that AeSI throws at you.

Good luck!!

If you have some specific tip, do chip in and comment!!

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