Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Momentum is everything

momentum is everything Momentum is everything. Whatever you accomplish in your life in a day, in a week, in a month or in a year doesn't matter, if momentum is missing.

What matters is that you are enjoying the present moment and feel good about it. That's the positive momentum I am talking about.

Right now I love the kind of days I have been spending and in the projects that I am working on. And instead of waiting of January, I have began most of my next years goals or resolutions from now only.

Because I want to enter the next year 2010 with a positive momentum. I don't want it to start with my starting 10 different things on that day. My goal is that when I enter next year on 1st January 2010, I already have the set habits that give me the push towards all the goals that I wish to attend.

So don't wait for January to come and planning things for the next year. Start today. Start now.

If you want to increase your skill sets, join a class today, if you want to learn a new tool, start Reading about it on Internet today. Want to read 30 books in the next year, start today. Want to loose weigh/gain muscles, begin exercising today.

Momentum comes with action. So start taking action TODAY.

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