Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How to accelerate your GATE preparation?

Gate 2010 exams are nearing and by now you want to accelerate your
gate 2010 preparation. You want to push through the syllabus and get
more out of your study time.

Then here's a simple but effective technique to accelerate the pace of
your learning.

For this to work. You are required to have read the topics at least
once. You need to know what is where and what is what of the gate

The technique is to "take open book test" once you have covered some
topics or part of the syllabus!!

Simple but works everytime.

Gather 4 textbooks or question papers of your chosen subjects and
randomly take a open book test.

Atempt the questions without seeing the book. If stuck, try hard to
remember the answer and if no success then only see the book. Ater
seeing write down the answer without peeping at the answer again!!

Do it enough time and you will see how much you can cover in shot span
of time. Do it with all the topics, do it several times and you will
see how testing yourself, this way, increases your learning capacity.

Why it works I don't know! But it works. I have used this countless
times in my studies in AeSI!

And while selecting questions randomly, don't read the question you
are selecting. Just think of some random numbers and answer questions
against those numbers.

Hope you will at least give this simple exercise a go. Go test for

And best of luck !!

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