Friday, November 13, 2009

Some Aerodynamics Interview questions

So you have studied aerodynamics in AeSI? Then imagine you are in an
interview right now. Answer the following questions that arose from
your mention of aerodynamics in your resume.

1. What is Aerodynamics?
2. What does solution of Aerodynamics problem involve?
3. Why understanding flow pattern is important?
4. What are two main ways of studying the aerodynamic of a vehicle?
5. What is CFD?
6. Where are results of cfd used?
7. What are the 3 ways Aerodynamic problems can be classified?
8. What is External aerodynamics and internal aerodynamics?
9. On what do the mathematical equations describing the fluid dynamic
depend on?
10. On whose names are Navier-Stokes equations are named after?
11. What does Navier stoke establish?
12. Why navier stokes equation is important?

How did you do?

Well the point of these questions and many others that I have listed
earlier is for you to realize that the landscape of interview question
is very vast. And only way to cover all these topics is by studying to
understand than just studying for exams.

So study to learn.

Next post I will post some of the answers so check how many of you
were close.

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