Monday, January 11, 2010

My resolutions for year 2010

Just like past year I will publicly announce my new years goals for 2010. I think publicly committing the goals have positive effect and this raises my motivation to work on them.

In some other post I will discuss how I fared in the last years goals  but for now here are my goals/resolutions for this year.

It's a topic that I have been thinking and trying to implement for the past few days. I began working on many of this goals, before the start of this year so as to enter the year with positive momentum.

So what are my goals for this year?

Continue daily updates to MyAeSI 
Just like the previous year, I will continue the momentum of updating MyAeSI daily. I will strive to be relevant, focussed and helpful with the posts.

Complete 4 BIG projects in this year, 3 month for one project.
Learning shouldn't end after coming out of college. Keeping that in mind I will work on 4 projects.

This projects will be leisure based and will only be done during free time. And some of them might of use to AeSI community.

One for 3 months to create something that pushes my limits and produces something that is valuable to some people. With this goal I want to utilize the little time I have.

Embed the habit of focussed work, daily/weekly plan and deliberate practice in the work flow.

Habits are the autopilots of our life. I want to install this three autopilot habits in my work flow to have greater control over my time. Time is the only resource I have and I want to invest this resource to create a structure on which I can bootstrap all my other goals.

Learn Python
The last goal for this year is to learn python language. This is one of the failed goals of last year. And in year 2010,  I really want to give this goal a serious go.

So this are some of the goals I have fixed for myself for this year? What are yours?

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