Friday, January 01, 2010

Best of MyAeSI 2009 – Training and skills

To mark the end of this year, for next few posts, I will list out the best of 2009 posts of MyAeSI . The posts will be arranged in the following categories.

  • Study related
  • Training and Skills
  • Career and Job related

This one deals with Training and Skills. Please enjoy the posts

  1. How I learnt ANSYS, NASTRAN or Solidworks?
  2. Take up a Tool early on in your AeSI days
  3. UG
  4. Training is all about your Mentors work
  5. 25 Very Useful Excel Keyboard Shortcuts
  6. AeSI Training: 11 questions to ask yourself before...
  7. Some Tips to learn from Tutorials
  8. When is AeSI training not worth doing?
  9. Software,Training and AeSI graduates
  10. Matlab to start yourself to programming!!
  11. Want a job write a presentable resume
  12. Get proper experience in AeSI training
  13. Stipendiary training programmes in NAL
  14. Catia and solidwork
  15. Transferable skills and core knowledge
  16. Which Programming languages to learn?
  17. Some thoughts on learning catia or other car software...
  18. Three software's that I would recommend
  19. Which software to use? Advise to AeSI aerospace st...
  20. Which version of CAD or CAE software should you us...
  21. Fastest way to learn a CAD software
  22. 7 things to take note while learning an analysis program.
  23. Riding bike and learning catia what's the connection?
  24. Cinema, funcity and NAL training! - What's the connection? 
  25. Two ways to get maximum out of any training
  26. What my learning of excel can teach you in learning other CAE software?
  27. What AeSI graduates should learn instead of CATIA?...
  28. List of 50 common excel worksheet functions


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