Monday, January 25, 2010

Ask or no one will know!!

Two days back I went to a bank and saw two people going from one
counter to other, reading signs on boards. From there looks, it was
clear they were looking for some forms.

They combed the bank floor several times, searching for some forms.
This continued for 15 mins. But they never approached anybody. Neither
of them asked anyone in those minutes.

But finally one of them buckled and asked a person and they were out
of the bank in two minutes with their query solved.

The point is to ask. Ask when you are in doubt. Ask when you don't
know. Ask when you are new!!

Remember this when you are in a lecture class and don't understand
something. Ask. If you don't noone will help you.

Remember this when you are doing training and are stuck in same old
work. Ask. Because if you don't noone will know!!

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