Monday, January 25, 2010

How to maximum out of the current job opportunities?

If you are registered to a job site like naukri or monster, you might
be receiving a flux of opportunities. It seems aerospace hiring is
getting lot of attention this time.

So what are the steps that you can take today so that you don't miss
the opportunity!!

First thing is update your resume. Add all the new skills you have
learned,add the new projects you worked on. Then upload it to the jobs

Now look at the resume you just uploaded and on the requirements that
are availablee on the job site. Match which requirement fits closest
to your profile.

If you find one then concentrate on those requirements and brush up
all the relevant topics of that project or skills required. If it's
catia, brush up that project where you used catia, take up the
tutorials of catia and dust your knowledge of the tool itself.

If you don't find an exact match of requirements for your skills, look
for the skills that can be easily built. Look for the skills that you
are also interested in but don't have yet.

Apply for that requirement anyways. And along with that develop a plan
to study/add that skills to your profile by working on some task
related to it for a hour or so everyday.

The main point of the post is act. Act now. Either the requirements
will match you or you make yourself to match the skills. Doing nothing
is not an option. So getup and roll the ball!!

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