Monday, October 26, 2009

How to answer interview questions?

Recently there was a recent walkin and I heard many Aesi folks went to
it but many fizzed out in the technical rounds after clearing the
test. So Here are some thoughts on how to give answer interview
questions so next time you are better prepared.

Start with a bang.
Always begin the interview with what you know, start from your
strength that is the bang I am referring at.

Don't answer what is asked but answer to lead.
Answering and answering properly are two different things in an
interview, so answer intelligently. Remember you are the leader in
your interview, so answer in such a way as to lead the next questions
to your area of strength.

Basics should be clear. Explain from that point onward.
Whenever your are asked a question, begin from basics, lead the
interview from there. Explain the basis and answer the question than
just giving a one line answer. Interview is not just about the correct
answer, it's more about the thought process that went behind that

Be confident. Go to the interview as they need you not you need them.
Be confident but not be obnoxious.
State the truth but always in positive light.

Interview is just like a tiffin box. Each compartment has separate
dish. This is how you should present yourself. Don't give every thing
at once. Separate the stuffs and present it best. You might know a lot
of things but successful interview is all about presentation. The
better way you present yourself and your skills, the better your
chances of getting that job.

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