Sunday, November 15, 2009

2 things you can do today to have a great career ahead.

Following are two steps that you can take today to have a great
career. In fact the power of this steps doesn't lie in the steps but
in applying this two steps consistently each and everyday.

Allot one hour per day to improve your technical skills. Whatever be
your domain, specialization, employ an hour for learning more about
it, tinkering with it and learning.

Utilize the hour to begin a small personal project. Utilize it to
rewind what you know about the tool. Utilize it to create templates.
Utilize it to work on a long term work project.

Dig for problems. That's where the real learning is. Look around
yourself, in your life, in your friends life, in the lives of the
people who are in contact. Find a problem and solve it. This is where
true learning happens.

We all talk about trainings, well this is what trainings are for. Let
them introduce new problems to you. Let them throw you into new
situations. This is where learning will sprout.

Hope you can install this two steps in your mental setup. Once this is
do e, the rest is easy.

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