Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Truth is somewhere in the middle.

Getting a low percentage will ruin your career and low percentage
doesn't matter much if you have the right experience. These are two
extreme points on getting low percentage marks in AeSI

But in real life, both of these views are wrong and the truth lies
somewhere in the middle.

Now on which side this middle is inclined to depends on you and on
your attitude.

If you take this positively and march forward in acquiring the right
skills, you are on your way to success. And if you take this
negatively, you are sure to face stumbles all through your journey.

To think of low percentage as road block is a mistake. They are more
close to speed breakers. They slow you down. They trip you if you are
not carefull but never are they road blocks.

Just as there's no path that's without speed breakers, same is true
with life. We learn to climb them than avoiding them.

That's the same attitude we need to take regarding AeSI's

Am just thinking aloud, what do you think?

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