Saturday, November 07, 2009

How AeSI fails you?

Here are some of the things AeSI throws at you to fail you. Knowing
them will help you navigate your AeSI journey without bumps.

By concentrating on one topic? Syllabus is vast but during exam time
we see 70% of questions coming from one section of the syllabus.

By following a completlely different pattern of questions. For years
same pattern of topics are repeated and all of a sudden, the focus
shifts and the pattern of questions changes without warning.

By asking wrong questions in the wrong papers? Take flights question
paper, some questions in this mostly borders on the subjects of
propulsion and structures subject.

By surprising you with the easiest paper? Most of the mathematics
questions that I have faced, I was surprised twice how easy they were.
I practised all the tough questions and did them again and again but
in the exams I found the simple ones which stumbled me.

By making the paper lengthy? Some papers, especially with papers like
workshop technology, rocket propulsion, etc. questions are set such
that if they aren't answered correctly they become lenghtly and
completing the papers in time becomes a challenge.

By asking the same questions for 4 consecutive semester. In propulsion
2, I saw same three questions coming in 4 consecutive semesters. It
was as if AeSI wanted to get those questions engraved in it's students

By creating a sense of excitement or resentment. Sometimes the
questions are so ridiculously simple and sometimes so very out of
place that you want to burn down the question setter. This is what
aesi question setters frequently aim at. Exciting you to such a point
that you mess up at the examination hall.

Well these are some of the surprises that AeSI has thrown my ways in
my journey of AeSI. All you need to do is figure them out and be
prepared for it. As art of war dictates, knowing your enemy is half
war won. So remember this ways how aesi fails you!

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