Saturday, November 21, 2009

Clean, Tidy, Consistent and AeSI exams!!

Been to banergata zoo. Enjoyed a lot and learnt few lessons that
relates to the answer sheet that AeSI students will submit in exams.

Be clean and tidy. That's a big plus point in your favour.

Keep your drawing neat, consistent and clean.

Same way answers should be ordered and keep it neat, consistent and

Reflecting back, all the exams I passed and did well had these points.
My drawings in those exams were clean, answer sheets were tidy. And
every questions were ordered and answered with consistent structure.

Why it helped, well let's leave that for some another day. But today I
want to emphasize that be clean, tidy and consistent in your
presentation in the upcoming AeSI exams which are scheduled on 7th
December. (thanks jayakumar!!)

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