Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What does percentage do to your job prospects?

A low percentage means you are not doomed but you have to work hard in
your first few interviews.

In the resume mention/display of low percentage and the HR manager
will like to wait for some more resumes before calling you.

In the interview a look at the low percentage in the resume will
sprout questions on subjects you studied and question on those topics.

Well that's the technical round, this mention of low percentage in the
HR round will focus on that percentage so they can pay you less than
what is the usual pay.

So you see at all the stages, that mention of 56% or 59.6% will always
raise questions and put biases on your prospects.

So what to do?
If possible avoid mentioning it if you can. Don't highlight it.
Present it in positive light.

Am I advocating being false, no not at all. I just want to highlight
all the things you will face if that percentage stands out on your
resume. So frame your resume in such a way that highlights your
positive points.

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