Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How to prepare for basic electronics papers of AeSI?

I recently got this mail from someone. Printing it here for your

If you have any suggestons for him then do put it in comments.

Hi sir I am a student of AeSI

Dear Sir
I have a problem with basic electronics. My exam is in December. so
i have small time for preparation of exam. Dear sir i am well prepared
for digital electronics but i am not prepared for rest of electronics
even i don't know a little bit about rest of electronics. May i have
your little attention please. Would you like to tell me how to prepare
for rest of electronics? How much time i should read the electronics.
If you are going to help me. I'll be very thankful to you for this."

Well as I told in my previous post, I am not connected to aesi as a
student now so my advice on how to study this subject is very limited.

But I think I know a resource which will give you the neccessary
techniques to study more effeciently and get more out of your studies.

Go to it has lot of useful
techniques like autopilot schedule, fixed schedule routine, quick
study technique, quiz and recall methods and many others useful and
effective study techniques

I am sure this blog is one thing that all students of aesi should
follow. Check the archives of this blog and more importantly apply
them to your study routines.

Hope this help.

And if you have any study tips regarding this question then do tell us.

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