Friday, November 06, 2009

Opportunities and shortcuts do not mix!

Great opportunities come not from shortcuts but from the main roads.
As somebody said roads lead to everywhere while shortcut just leads to
one place.

When you are taking a shortcut, you are restricting yourself, you are
putting yourself at a disadvantage.

From studying for AeSI, to learning new software, shortcuts might
help you learn fast but in the long run they decrease your abilities.
They might help you gain a certain short term advantage but are lame
over the long haul.

So seek the long roads. Shun the shortcuts. Study the whole chapers
than just reading someone's readymade notes. Read the main theory than
just going over the back question answers. Use proper menu comands
than relying on toolbars. Extend your tutorials and explore beyond
what it says, than just aiming to complete them.

So aim to travel the main roads, short cuts always by passes

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