Thursday, November 19, 2009

Revision time for AeSI exams

AeSI exams are upon us. In next few days exams will be the primary
attention of an aesi students life.

It's so intriging to see how like a major sports event, the attention
of the whole aesi shifts to exams during this time of the year.

But does anyone know when aesi exams are actually starting. I have no
idea. I am hoping perhaps someone will fill me in with this information.

Meanwhile it should be revision time for you guys and gals.

Revision is all about review. It's asking question on what you have
already studied. It's giving yourself a short focused quiz on a
particular topic. It's about doing numerical problems randomly from
various topics without looking at the answers. It's about checking
your understanding of the topic.

So go revising. Idealy this should be the bulk of your study time.

I have been ranting about revisions a lot in this blog, find more by
clicking this link

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