Wednesday, November 04, 2009

NAL's pasteboard is window of Indian aerospace

NAL Pasteboard ( is the
webpage i visit to get a glimpse on what is happening in Indian
aerospace scene. Although its primarily highlights NAL's activities
but by doing so provides the flavor of Indian aerospace industry.

Form Highlights on new Ramjet / Scramjet propulsion research to new
composite wings, From ISRO's launch vehicle test to GTRE's engine
screen test, NAL reflects all the major projects working in Indian

I have been reading it since 9 years!! And as far as i know, this is
one page that gets updated every week. After this the other Indian
aerospace page that gets updated is ISRO's website.

This page is a must for any student of AeSI who is desirous to get
training in NAL or any other labs and organizations.


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