Monday, November 02, 2009

Announcement about After-AeSI career guide to AeSI

Here's an announcement. I am going to release the ebook which I have
named 'After-AeSI, career guide to AeSI' in this week.

The ebook is essentially a collections of blog posts that have
appeared in my-aesi till 2008. I have selected those post which I get
most questions from.

From passing aesi, to interviews, from job search to writing cover
letters, I have tried to incorporate the major philosophy of this blog
in one complete ebook. Hope you all will benifit from it.

I completed compiling the ebook long back, but from laptop breakdown
to irratic net connection forced me to delay the launch. I am hoping
that by the end of this week the book will be available for
downloading. So don't forget to check this

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