Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Why learning stagnates and how to mitigate it?

Last night I read an interesting concept 40-30-30!! It's basically
states that in everything we do or learn, 40% is the actual labour,
30% is experience and skills and the last 30% is risk.

If we combine all this 3, we can be masters of the craft. We can
acheive results which are beyond our self imposed limits!

Most of the time, we fullfill the first 2 slots but never take the risk.

We search for tutorials of catia/nastran and practise all of them
religiously. But never do we cross the boundary of that tutorial.

We fail to mix different lessons. We miss to go beyond what they
teach. We follow but do not push beyond what is taught.

This is why learning stagnates after a while. Tutorials are there to
start you on one path, it's upto you to take the lead and explore
beyond the tutorials terrain.

So the point here is, in everything you do, learn or experience make
it a point to cover the last 30%! Take risks, try new approaches, new
methods, new experiments!! This is where the seeds of mastery are

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For more info on 40-30-30 concept google the term 40 30 30

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