Sunday, November 08, 2009

Some thoughts on my-aesi

Many students of aesi email me asking for all sorts of things. Some
ask me advice on specific books, some on how to study maths, some on
how to pass workshop technology and many more.

Well I try to answer this questions as well as I can and as time
permits but most of the time I feel that half of the questions are
already answered on the blog. And this was very reason I added the new
google search functionality in the blog so that older posts are easily

In many earlier posts I have already covered how to study mathematics,
how to study wt? How to study propulsion I, II etc. Well all this
posts were written from what I was learning at those times. All came
from my personal experience.

Now since I am not connected to aesi as a student, I post more on
topics that encircle aesi but are not specific on study techniques.

I hope a existing student start a blog that deals with these issues.
He/she will be more current and will have richer experience to share.

As always I am thinking loud, what do you think?

visit and give search a try. It won't
disappoint you. Cheers

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