Friday, November 27, 2009

Build a foundation

Build a foundation. Build a core. Build it when you are in aesi in
your last or second last semester. In training. In your very first job.

These are the times and places when one should build his/her
foundations. This is the time when basic building blocks are laid.

For me in the whole of the last semester I improved my c skills.
Everyday I aimed to write one c program. Everyday I explored a c book
for at least 30 mins

Similarly in training, apart from the work assigned to me, I expanded
my knowledge base in all the software tools available to me. Everyday
one hour was devoted to learn something new.

I am using none of those softwares now, nor the c programming language
but still the foundations, the concepts, the skills they imparted me
are helping me in my daily work today.

The wide base that I covered in my initial years is helping me grasp,
learn and build up on that foundation.

So if you are at this stages, buckle up and start laying a solid, wide
foundation. Don't worry what software you learn or which programming
language you choose, the important point is to start doing it everyday

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