Monday, November 02, 2009

Website of AeSI alumnus launched

I know i am very late in announcing this but better late than never, so here we go. The website of AeSI alumnis has been launched. Its located at

Here's what Rituraj Shrivastava, president AeSIAA announced.

Dear AeSIians,

It's a pround moment for all of us to announce that first ever website of AeSI alumnus is released and functioning. In its first version, it has all the basic information about AeSIAA. The following features will be added soon in the next version
1. Members Data base
2. Various online forms for registration and different events/seminars organized by AeSIAA, and
3. Email id (example:

I really admire the effort of our vice-president Mr. Lalan singh to drive this activity. He himself put a lot of effort after his office hours to make it happen. I would also like to thank Mr. amit Kr. singh and Mr. Rakesh Patel for valuable support to Mr. Lalan singh.

Once again a great team effort and it's really exciting feeling to go one step closer to our goal!!!

At last, I request you all to come forward with your expertize and support Mr. Lalan and his team to make AeSIAA website more atractive and informative.

Best Regards,
Rituraj Shrivastava
President, AeSIAA

So what are you waiting for take a look at

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