Saturday, November 14, 2009

What does myaesi mean to me?

What to post and what not to post? I don't discriminate much. I post
whatever I am capable of and whatever I feel will help students,
graduates and the AeSI community in general.

Sometime it's study tips, sometime it's tools, sometimes interview,
sometimes job search. The length and breadth of the topics I cover on
this blog is vast and i always hope that somebody, someone is
benefiting from it.

My primary goal from this blog is to give back whatever I have got
from so many nice people out there. It's the work I do for the AeSI

Hope my little effort does make a little positive change in what aesi
is. I would love to hear about your experience with myaesi! Tell me
what you feel myaesi blog lacks, has and can aspire to be.

This is an open question to you all out there. I hope you take 2
minutes of your time for replying.


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