Friday, January 05, 2007

I am proud to be aesian - gem of OURAeSI

Well I am reproducing a mail from my friend anupam goyal who just got into HAL. He was always the talkative fellow among us. And has a way to talk straight. That’s the reason I am reposting the mail in this blog, because he so right. Many of us who have come and joined some organization have the similar feeling and the line I like the most is “"I am proud to be aesian". And its rings so true.

Believe me coming from anupam, it’s a compliment. So folks be proud in whatever you are doing. Study hard and the sky is limitless for you all…..

The letter follows…………

Dear friends
Happy new year to all of you!!!!!! And its great pleasure for me to inform you that i have joined hindustan aeronautics ltd (HAL) as management trainee along with 6 other Aesians.
this is i think the first time that hal has taken so many AeSIans together as management and design trainees. and i think it is the great opportunity for us to prove that more of us shud be taken and AeSIans are lot better than others.and we have started the process as i have written this in our feedback form that more of aesians should be taken rather than taking hundreds of mech and electronics engineer.
and also from now onwards i wud like to share my experience with all of u specially the youngsters and the people who are about to past as life of an AeSian after graduating. this may give u some of the idea what lies ahead when u pass out.

it has been 3 days since we have joined and HAL is providing evrything a fresher cud ask for.we are to be imparted one year training at various places like IITs IIMs and so many places. we are provided excellent rooms in guest houses and provided food and transport etc during our training.the first 3 days from jan 1 2007 have been all introduction and induction programs. and here while interacting with so many regular college people i realised that we society students are much more superior than them in terms of knowledge. thge questions asked by them like what is difference between "aerospace aerodynamics and aeronautics" was sure enough to make us laugh. and first time i can say that "i am proud to be aesian".
i will continue narrating my experiencing as we move on and i wud just like to add that dont feel inferior as we are better than everybody. and always say i am proud to be an AeSIan.

anupam goyal

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