Friday, July 11, 2008

What is the future of Aeronautical engineer in India?

Harsha who has completed his class 12 asked about the following questions?

  • What is the future of Aeronautical engineer in India?
  • Which are the best field / industries in India and abroad to grow fast for an Aeronautical engineer.
  • Does additional tag of any management course make any difference significantly?
  • Which are the best institutes / University in demand in the aeronautical industries in India and Abroad?

And here is the reply of Mr. bishnujee singh. The best part of the response is that it eminates so much positivity. I am posting it here so that people searching it can better make use of this information.

Dear Harsh,
Thanks for your mail. Aeronautical Engineering is Interdisciplinary branch where you go on to become specialist as Aerospace Designer/Analyst/Aircraft Maintenance/Aircraft Propulsion Engineer/Aerodynamics Analyst/Flight Navigator & Pilot First officer. These days many Mechanical Engineers/Electrical/Civil Engineer seek position in Aerospace sector due to huge number of Engineers passing out in other branches of Engineering where the competition after graduation is huge.

Aerospace Engineering in India
has seen rapid growth in last few years and its much different from 90s when we graduated out ,then in the present day scenario. Lots of Giants in Aircraft Industry has set up there units in Bangalore and other cities leading to huge number of opportunities.

In India Quest,Infotech,Honeywell,Airbus Bangalore are key players and outside India there are numerous companies like Airbus UK,BAe Systems,Spirit Aerospace System,Boeing & NASA ,Lockheed Martin are key recruiters in this sector.Please do bear in mind Boeing,NASA,Lockheed martin employment restricted to US Citizens & Green card holders,though exceptional International Engineers are hired from time to time. Exceptional category is based on individual professional development after Graduation and not based on University reputation as there might be number of Graduates with same degree.

MBA degree only from reputed places like IIMs & Havarad,Kellog ,Wharton ,Cranfield should be opted for only after 3-5 years minimum experience as very few Management decent roles available for people with no experience.

Some of the best Institutes in India for Aerospace Engineering are Aeronautical Society of India, IIT Kharagpur,IIT Kanpur,IIT Mumbai,IIT Madras,IISc,JNTU,Punjab Engineering College. Please do bear in mind that Aeronautical Society of India's Associate Membership Examination has been Accrediated as British Honours Degree in Aeronautical Engineering which is highest Bachelor Degree standard in Engineering. I am not sure about the status of other Bachelor programmes in Engineering in India. Outside India there are numerous Universities like Cranfield College of Aeronautics, University of Bath, Sheffield Hallam University, Imperial College and many more in UK & ERAU,MIT,CALTech in USA. The list is long one.

I hope the above information helps.
Best wishes !

Bishnujee Singh

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