Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What do I do about the gaps in my resume ?

Question: What do I do about the gaps in my resume when I traveled or couldn’t find a job etc?


Answer: Talk about them well. A gap is really bad if you spent your days on your sofa watching cartoons. But if you watched cartoons to prepare for your next career move into children’s programming, then you sound focused and driven. Same TV, same sofa, two different stories.


People don’t want to hear your life story. This is good news for people with sofa stints. In almost all cases, you learn something during a gap. Tell a great story about what you’ve learned and where you’re going, and your gap won’t get center stage. Leaving out details is not about lying; it’s about telling good stories.



This is what got my attention today. It sounds interesting. Well in AeSI some of us have to answer a question of this kind during the interview. So thought of sharing this suggestion with you all.


I think that is a good suggestion, so for those who are studying, apart from the study you should also begin doing something. Maybe you can learn some CAD or FEA software. But always do something that will help you in future. But be cautious, AeSI is a full time study job, so don't neglect your studies.


Other things that you can do while studying is look for competitions arranged by various education institutes and AeSI and participate in them, also if you have access to computer learn the software’s. You don't need high end catia to begin; you can always begin with excel and ms office. They will come handy when you enter the work arena. They are as useful as any other.


Improve your communication skills, written and spoken. One can do away with less technical knowledge but communication skills are the ones which you must have to succeed in today’s world, so hone them, cultivate them early....



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