Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Three simple Resume oversights for a fresher to avoid

Saw a resume today. It was well formated, liked the color. Liked the
content but!!

Yes a big BUT.

It has 3 glaring mistakes or I should say simple oversights!

1. The resume was in PDF format. Cool it may be but HR always likes
things in doc format. That's the norm, that's how resumes are logged
into a computer database by the company. So sent a doc format, not PDF
unless otherwise asked!

2. If you have work experience, and are employed, then don't emphasize
your subjects in the first page of your resume. That puts you back
into fresher bucket who is just oyt of college. You love
thermodynamics, keep it to yourself. Instead promote your work
experience. Highlight your most relevant skill that you used in your
last project.

3. The length of your resume grows with your experience, so if you are
on the runway of your career, keep it short. Unless you are applying
for a post graduate degree in a foreign university, keep the resume
brief. Anything more than 2-3 page is never turned on. Aim to stick
within that limit.

And last of all, your resume is your marketing document, it's a hook
to get that interview, so make it interesting not a thesis on what you

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