Monday, September 27, 2010

3 things you have that I missed in my AeSI days.

With time AeSI has changed a lot. And so has the convenience and the
choices for you all. Here's a list of 3 things that I missed in my
aesi days.

1. The online information. Back in my aesi days, google was at it's
nasent stage, aesi search didn't bring anything close to aeronautical.
And aesi's web presence was virtually non existent.

Search now and you will have lot of aesi related stuff online, not to
mention aesi's very own official website!!

2. No community. Apart from handful of seniors in GIE or the
institutes we studied, there was virtually no community of aesians.

Today, aesiaa, ouraesi and myaesi are the platforms that help you join
your fellow aesians.

3. Networking. Back in my days, networking was possible only if we
knew people face to face. Very little interactions existed beyond that.

Now with the explosion of social networks, you and yours truly are
connected in multiple ways.

So the question for you, my dear readers, is how are you using this

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