Sunday, September 26, 2010

What my daughter taught me today?

Yesterday, I was at the derbyfeste all day. It's was my daughters day
out and she throughly enjoyed the day.

Except the first hour.

In the first hour as we gathered around the show, she was
uncomfortable. Perhaps overwhelmed by so many things happening around
at the same time.

But as the day progressed she opened up and she got involved. Her foot
tapped with the music, hands clapped as others clapped. Eyes widened
to see what's happening. This is when the real enjoyment began for her.

Why am I talking about it here in this blog?

Because here's the lesson I learnt. Involvement springs enjoyment.

If you aren't participating, nothing will be good. Our participation
is the real source of joy. The event itself becomes less important.
The core is how we connect to the event.

Remember this, next time you are at a boring party, uneventful seminar
or mind melting technical symposium. Your involvement is everything.

Side note:
Talking about events, there are two events specifically meant for aesi
folks, soaring glider competition and SEMAA technical seminar. Be
sure to register and participate!!

Registration for soaring ending on 30th september 2010 and for SEMAA
on 8th October 2010

So hurry visit now!

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