Sunday, September 12, 2010

Section B avionics Stream June 2010 Analysis

Which stream is better in getting marks, avionics or aero mechanical? Does Avionics 1 gets you more marks than Avionics 2? Which is the best marks earning subject in this stream?

All these and more is revealed… so dig in.

The BoxPlot

Avionics june 2010 Amaesi resuts


  • The first thing that strikes is none of the core avionics subjects had got into the 80% band.
  • 79 in AGS being the maximum marks in core avionics subjects
  • Median(the yellow triangle in the graph) for AV2 and AI is 60.5 and 64.5 respectively. This means more than 50% of the students got more than this marks in this subjects
  • MRCS has the lowest median of 53, meaning 50 of student appearing in this subject got less than 53!

The Stacked Column Chart


Avionics june 2010 Amaesi resuts


  • The first thing to notice is the numbers. Observe how low they are except in AM2, APSC and MS which is because these subjects are common with various other streams
  • The low number indicate less people take this stream in section B
  • Among the Avionics 1 and Avionics 2, AV2 seems to be doing good as it has got more students passing in the band between 60 to 70.
  • AI also shows the similar trend of more people being in 60 to 70 marks band.
  • AV2,AI and AGS are the only core avionics subjects where some students have got more than 70 marks.
  • AI is the best scoring subject in core avionics subjects as close to 65% students got above 60 marks.

If more interested, study the graphs yourself and you will find more insight. Hope this helps you in your strategy to study for this semester!!

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