Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Live like a sprinter, not a marathoner

Studying or learning any tools or working for an office assignment, it
always better to be sprinter than a marathoner.

Giving your total attention to your immediate task for the short time
and accomplishing something is much better than sitting on the task
for whole days and weeks and doing a marathon!

I knew a close friend of mine who was a marathoner. He used to study
all day, had a book with him always. I knew he wasn't as productive as
we saw his day dreaming while having a book in his hand.

There was this other guy who was a sprinter. He studied few hours but
he was focused in those hours. We rarely saw him sitting at his study
desk all day.

All day marathons may be easy but it's the sprinting that brings
better results.

So are you a marathoner or sprinter?

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