Saturday, September 11, 2010

Section B Aero Mechanical June 2010 results analysis

Is propulsion 1 is more difficult than propulsion 2? Which is the most difficult subject in Aero Mechanical stream? Which is the most mark getting subject in aero mechanical stream? which is better in terms of mark, aircraft structure one or two?

All this reveal in the two plots from the analysis of June 2010 results, So dig in..

The BoxPlot

aero mechanical amaesi results june 2010

[click the image to zoom]

  • Except P1 and P2, all subjects had highest marks in excess of 80!!
  • AS2 with 91 got the highest marks of aeromechanical  stream.
  • In P1, more than 50 % of the students got less than 52 marks as suggested by the median of P1.
  • AERO has a median (the yellow triangle) of 64. It means more than 50% of the students has got more than 64 marks!!


The Stacked Column Chart

aero mechanical amaesi results

[click the image to zoom]

  • P1 is tougher than P2. No one got more than 70 in this subject. More than 90% of the students just got less than 60 marks in it.
  • Aero has the highest number of students who got between 60 to 70 marks followed by APSC..
  • Among AS1 and AS2 , AS2 is definitely gave more good marks, with some four students getting above 80 and one getting above 90.
  • AM2,AERO,APSC,AS2,MS and AD are the subjects which has produced marks in above 80.
  • Aero is the subject in which maximum people got marks between 70 to 80.
  • P1 remains the lowest scoring subject in this stream followed by P2.
  • Numbers in the box indicates the count of students in that band of marks.


All this reading and analysis will be waste if you are not taking any action.

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